Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lots of great stuff today

I wish all the people who lost their health insurance, their doctors and/or their jobs due to Obamacare would send a letter to the White House, with a copy to the Washington Post and to a conservative site like NRO or the Daily Caller to keep the Post honest. ~Bob

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Marine: Slain Nevada teacher Michael Landsberry calmly gave others time to escape
Excerpt: Almost everyone on the playground sprinted away from the boy who had just fired a pistol at his schoolmate. Not Michael Landsberry. The 45-year-old math teacher calmly walked toward the gunman as he crossed the basketball court. ... Reggie Landsberry said caring for others was something he and his brother learned from their father, who served in the Marines for 22 years. Michael Landsberry, also a veteran of the Corps, was "just a good all-around individual," his brother said.

Great Column: Hating Government Is the Real Hate Crime. By Daniel Greenfield 
Excerpt: Chris Matthews, MSNBC’s own Wise Latina, began his latest attack by denouncing Ted Cruz’s racism against “Browns.” Cruz had told a San Antonio audience that it was good to leave D.C. and come back to America. “This isn’t a casual reference,” Matthews declared. Like Freudian psychoanalysts, MSNBC psychoracialists know that there are no such things as casual references. A misplaced comma can reveal unspeakable hidden depths of racism and does every time Rachel Maddow or Chris Hayes run short of material.

Good Column: Black Mobs And The Coming Race War. By Thomas Sowell
Excerpt: One of the reasons for being glad to be as old as I am is that I may be spared living to see a race war in America. Race wars are often wars in which nobody wins and everybody ends up much worse off than they were before. Initial skirmishes in that race war have already begun and have in fact been going on for some years. But public officials pretend that it is not happening, and the mainstream media seldom publish it at all, except in ways that conceal what is really taking place.

Race-Hustling Results: Part II. By Thomas Sowell
Excerpt: Among the reasons why they should not is the fact that being offended is one of the tactics of a race hustling industry that is doing more harm to Indians and other minorities than any name is likely to do. Some people are in the business of being offended, just as Campbell is in the business of making soup.

INTERPOL Chief on Evolving Threat of Terrorism: Is an “Armed Citizenry” Now Necessary?
Excerpt: "Ask yourself," he added, "If that [mall attack] was Denver, Colorado, if that was Texas, would those guys have been able to spend hours, days, shooting people randomly? What I'm saying is it makes police around the world question their views on gun control. It makes citizens question their views on gun control. You have to ask yourself, 'Is an armed citizenry more necessary now than it was in the past with an evolving threat of terrorism?' This is something that has to be discussed."

Empowering the Eloi: Head of Interpol Says, "Arm civilians." By Michael Walsh
Excerpt: It used to be only right-wing nuts who argued that an armed society is a polite society. Now it’s the head of Interpol: Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble said today the U.S. and the rest of the democratic world is at a security crossroads in the wake of last month’s deadly al-Shabab attack at a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya – and suggested an answer could be in arming civilians.

Obama gave $400M to the B-team of incompetent bunglers that created HealthCareDotGov. But he'd know EXACTLY who to arm in Syria.

Americans are spending more time reading health plan cancellation notices than Democrats spent reading #Obamcare

Americans Losing Faith in Obamacare: New polls suggest it's not just tech glitches endangering the health-reform law, but also a crisis of confidence. By Kate Pickert, Time
Excerpt: The recent government shutdown may have distracted some Americans from the bungled rollout of Obamacare, but a new Pew survey shows many people are well aware of just how bad things are for the law’s new insurance websites. Forty-six percent of Americans polled on Oct. 9 to 13, while the shutdown was in full swing, said the Affordable Care Act’s online insurance exchanges were working “not too well” or “not working at all.”
Doctor choice in Obamacare? Not so much. By Tami Luhby, CNN Money
Excerpt: Premiums and deductibles may not be the only surprises awaiting Americans shopping for health insurance on the Obamacare exchanges. Some folks looking for coverage may find themselves restricted to more limited doctor and hospital networks than their peers outside the state-based exchanges enjoy.

Ingredients to Successful Health Care Reform
Excerpt: Medicare currently requires huge intergenerational wealth transfers to stay afloat, yet it still teeters on the edge of insolvency. The Affordable Care Act will greatly expand these transfers. These laws demand that younger, healthier Americans overpay for insurance so that older, sicker (and often wealthier) Americans can underpay. Programs must be structured to assure long-term viability and must not impoverish the young to pay for the old.

Study: 15 Percent of US Youth out of School, Work. By Philip Elliott, Associated Press
Excerpt: Almost 6 million young people are neither in school nor working, according to a study released Monday. That's almost 15 percent of those aged 16 to 24 who have neither desk nor job, according to The Opportunity Nation coalition, which wrote the report.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Man in the White House. By Robert Spencer 
Excerpt: When the State Department announced early in October that it was cutting hundreds of millions in military and other aid to Egypt, it was yet another manifestation of Barack Obama’s unstinting support for the Muslim Brotherhood, a support that has already thrown Egypt back into the Russian orbit. The aid cut was essentially giving the Egyptian people a choice between Muslim Brotherhood rule and economic collapse. Nothing else could have been expected from Obama, who has been a Brotherhood man from the beginning.

Murdered Christian Children: The Price of Obama’s Pro-Brotherhood Jihad. By Raymond Ibrahim 
Excerpt: Last Sunday, the Church of the Virgin Mary in Waraq near Cairo was attacked during a wedding ceremony, leaving four dead and many wounded. According to Dr. Hisham Abdul Hamid of forensics, two of those who were murdered were Christian children—two girls; two Marys: 12-year-old Mary Nabil Fahmy, who took five shots in the chest, and 8-year-old Mary Ashraf Masih (meaning “Christ”), who took a bullet in the back which burst from the front. (Like Jews in Iraq, Christians in Egypt are not on the approved liberal victim list of people they are supposed to care about. ~Bob)

Important: A Miracle and an Outrage in Washington. By Caroline Glick 
Excerpt: The immediate victims of Iraq’s unyielding rejection of Jewish national liberation were the Jews of Iraq. In 1950, the exodus began. By the end of 1952, when the government shut the remaining Jews in, 124,000 Jews had fled Iraq, mainly to Israel. Forced to abandon their private and communal property, their possessions became hostage to the regime.

Good Column: The Book of Lies Tour by Privileged Bill Ayers. By Mary Grabar
Excerpt: After admittedly bombing police stations and government buildings and spending a decade in reasonable comfort on the run from the law, Bill Ayers earned two graduate degrees in education in record time, immediately obtained a teaching position in his hometown of Chicago, and swiftly rose up the tenure ladder to “Distinguished Professor.”

Documentary Shines a Light on Honor Killing. By Bruce Bawer 
Excerpt: Banaz wasn’t so lucky. At age seventeen, her parents married her off to an illiterate chap, Ali, who was “literally just off the plane from Iraq” and whom she’d only met once. From the beginning, he routinely beat and raped her. When she complained to her parents, they took his side. 

Excerpt: Last week Deadspin ran six sentences and a picture under the headline “Philip Rivers Is An Intense Weirdo.” The final two sentences about the San Diego Charger quarterback were blunt: "And he’s also about to have his seventh kid. There are going to be eight people with Rivers DNA running around this world." Ah yes. How “intensely weird” it is for an NFL player to be having his seventh kid. Except that it isn’t weird at all for an NFL player to have his seventh kid. It’s only weird for an NFL player to have seven kids with his one wife.

Suicide bombers, gunmen kill 28 in Iraq
Excerpt: Gunmen and suicide bombers driving explosives-rigged vehicles launched a wave of coordinated attacks in Iraq’s Anbar province overnight, killing 25 police and three civilians, officials and medics said on Wednesday.

One killed in Bahrain explosion -police
Excerpt: A teenager was killed late on Tuesday in Bahrain when a bomb he was holding exploded in his hands while he was trying to carry out an attack, police said. (Allah Akb...oops! BOOM! ~Bob)

Obamacare Snake Oil: As broken promises pile up — “Lower rates for all!” — the Left rolls out new sales pitches. By Charles C. W. Cooke
Excerpt: Obamacare, recall, was sold with a specific set of political promises: The new regime, advocates insisted, would reduce the deficit, cover the needy, and reduce total health spending — all while lowering the premiums of those who were already insured. Back in 2007, when Obama was running for the Democratic nomination, he introduced what was then an embryonic proposal with the quixotic assurance that, “if you already have health insurance, the only thing that will change for you under this plan is the amount of money you will spend on premiums.” Then he adumbrated what would happen to the “amount of money” that Americans would “spend on premiums.” “That will be less,” Obama told anybody who would listen. (Some of us were smart enough to know it was a lie. Alas, less than 50%. ~Bob)

Must Read: Top Ten Obamacare Disasters to Come: Obamacare’s digital issues are just the beginning. By Grace-Marie Turner
Excerpt: But eventually, software can be fixed. Obamacare’s epic policy flaws can’t. The problems increasingly are going to be up close and personal, as people see for themselves the impact it has on their lives and pocketbooks. The top ten debacles to come:

Liberal Denial on Climate Change and Energy: A new poll reveals conservatives are the open-minded ones. By Jeremy Carl
Excerpt: While politics affects both parties’ prescriptions for energy and the environment, a look at the data suggests that Democrats and liberals are far more likely to have their ideological blinders on. In our poll of 1,000 Californians, Democrats and liberals were more likely to give incorrect, highly unlikely, or intensely ideological responses to a set of basic questions about energy and environmental policy than were independents, conservatives, and Republicans.

Excerpt: Most of these concerns were not about whether digital technology is a good thing. Of course it is, or can be, a very good thing. But the track record of top-down, politically imposed solutions is abysmal. And when you add vast amounts of money to the mix, chaos is inevitable. Great Britain went through a similar, though more modest, exercise and recently concluded that the whole thing was a failure, but only after spending some $12 billion.

Don't Forget Obamacare's Electronic Medical Records Wreck. By Michelle Malkin
Excerpt: Dr. Nicholas DiNubile, a Philadelphia orthopedic surgeon, has a timely reminder for everyone encountering the federal health care exchange meltdown: "If you think signing up for Obamacare is a nightmare, ask your doctor how the EMR mandate is going." ... But distracted doctors are seeing "more pixels than patients," Dr. DiNubile observes, and the EMR edict is foisting "dangerous user-unfriendly technology" on physicians and patients.

Syrian Christians turning to Russia for protection
Excerpt: About 50,000 Syrian Christians want to apply for Russian citizenship. In a letter to the Russian Foreign Ministry, they said that they were not planning to flee Syria, but if threatened with physical elimination, they would pin their hopes on Russia as the guarantor of their survival. Analysts think that despite the difficulties their request may involve, it won’t go unheeded. (Obama and the rest of the Western criminocracy is holding a gun to their heads. Putin is going to bat for them. I'm talking about Christians, a group once persecuted in the USSR. Yes, Putin was a KGB agent. He may even have killed people in the past. We don't know. But recently, the US has been very hesitant to take asylum applications of one particular group: Christians. Yet the entire Western world has been importing Muslims at an alarming rate under the flimsy pretext that they are in danger in their homelands. Then they settle in enclaves throughout the West and collectively raise the rates of rape and violent crimes, organize Sharia enforcer groups, organize marches demanding that Europeans or Americans accept their religion and some even return to their homelands to commit horrendous jihad attacks on innocent people. Think about it: If you were a Syrian Christian and had seen your fellow Christians butchered, and you had been denied a visa to the US, would you not consider requesting asylum in Russia? --Don Hank)

Nigeria Says Kills 37 Islamists in Air, Ground Assault
Excerpt: Nigerian troops killed 37 Boko Haram Islamist militants in combined air and ground strikes on one of their bases in the northeast, the military said on Tuesday. The offensive on Monday targeted a camp in the remote area of Alagarno, a military statement said.

Suspected pirates caught in joint naval operation
Excerpt: A counter-piracy task force commanded by a Royal Navy officer has caught a group of Somalis believed responsible for two attacks in the Indian Ocean. Pirates had exchanged gunfire with a super tanker on Friday 11 October before attacking a Spanish fishing vessel three days later. (Better story if there had been a drum head trial followed by hanging nd burial at sea. ~Bob)

U.S. Agents Launder Mexican Profits of Drug Cartels
Excerpt: Undercover American narcotics agents have laundered or smuggled millions of dollars in drug proceeds as part of Washington’s expanding role in Mexico’s fight against drug cartels, according to current and former federal law enforcement officials. The agents, primarily with the Drug Enforcement Administration, have handled shipments of hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal cash across borders, those officials said, to identify how criminal organizations move their money, where they keep their assets and, most important, who their leaders are

Philanthropist on trial for laundering cartel money
Excerpt: An ex-Carnegie Mellon University trustee was accused Monday by a Texas federal prosecutor of conspiring with a romantic interest to launder half a billion dollars for a Mexican drug cartel. Marco Antonio Delgado is being tried in El Paso on money laundering charges. Prosecutor Debra Kanof said in her opening statement that Delgado discussed a deal with Lilian De La Concha, an ex-wife of former Mexican President Vicente Fox, at a meeting in Mexico City. (Just doing a charitable deed for say, 5%. --Barb)

Excerpt: “The indictment pending against Zambada Niebla claims he served as the “logistical coordinator” for the “cartel,” helping to oversee an operation that imported into the U.S. “multi-ton quantities of cocaine … using various means, including but not limited to, Boeing 747 cargo aircraft, private aircraft … buses, rail cars, tractor trailers, and automobiles,” writes Narcosphere’s Bill Conroy. (From April 2011, but back to 2004 (and assuredly, before that); political party does not matter. --Barb)

Dems to go on offense on taxes
Excerpt: Congressional Democrats want Republicans to sign off on $50 billion worth of tax increases to eliminate the sequester’s automatic spending cuts. …Democrats say they would not accept any budget deal unless it includes tens of billions in new tax revenue. Their opening bid is $1 in new taxes for every $1 in spending cuts to offset the cost of ending sequestration for domestic and defense discretionary spending programs.

Sebelius: Obama didn’t know about website problems beforehand 
Kathleen Sebelius said Tuesday that President Obama had no prior knowledge of the problems that HealthCare.Gov would face upon its rollout.Speaking on CNN’s AC360, Sebelius was pressed on when the president learned about the technical issues surrounding the ObamaCare website. The Health and Human Services secretary said it “became clear" to the president "in the first couple of days,” but that Obama didn't know about the problems until after the Oct. 1 rollout. (So if the person that the taxpayers pay to lead the country “Knows nothing” a la Sgt Schulz from TV fame, where does the buck stop? Nowhere? That’s why they are unlimited now after putting America in chains, oh, until February, right? --Barb. She's paid to give him deniability. ~Bob)

Excerpt: The phrase "speaks with a forked tongue" means to deliberately say one thing and mean another or, to be hypocritical, or act in a duplicitous manner. In the longstanding tradition of many Native American tribes, "speaking with a forked tongue" has meant lying, and a person was no longer considered worthy of trust, once he had been shown to "speak with a forked tongue" We knew of his duplicity as early as January 2009. He had campaigned on establishing a government built on honesty and immediately hired cabinet members and staff who had cheated on their taxes. He vowed to steer his administration toward leading a government of transparency, free of Washington lobbyists. He vowed lobbyists would never enter the White House grounds. Then, we learned that lobbyists were visiting the President on a regular basis, and to cover it up, the White House was maintaining two sets of visitor log books.

Piers Morgan: Press 'Quite Soft' on Obama
Excerpt: The financial crisis was inherited by the president, but he's been there long enough to try to work it out himself. Unemployment's still comfortably over 7 percent — really completely unacceptable," said Morgan, 48…..Issues like Benghazi have exposed some of the limitations of his leading from behind on foreign policy and a lack of attention to detail in protecting the American ambassadors and serviceman around the world. There needs to be more clarity from the president about what he really stands for, what he really wants to achieve." (Look for the 4 Horsemen in the sky…Barb)

Schweizer: Eric Holder Like ‘Squeegee Guy Holding The Brick’
Excerpt: Schweizer said these extortion schemes begin with Obama and the facts, supported by hundreds of footnotes, "are undeniable." In his book, Schweizer said there is documentation that the Obama campaign and political committees associated with Obama solicited donations from companies after the Justice Department filed civil and criminal charges against them. Schweizer said this is a "huge problem" and there is "statistical evidence" in the book that proves the chances of going to jail are lessened if political contributions are made. (As Bob would say, ‘The Chicago Way,’ protection. Where is Eliot Ness when you need him? --Barb)

Excerpt: The Obama administration is "shaking down" JPMorgan Chase, using Attorney General Eric Holder as the "sheriff of Nottingham" in making the bank fork over a $13 billion civil settlement, says Peter Morici, a University of Maryland professor who teaches international business.

Allen West: Obama doesn’t share the racial experiences of me and other African-Americans
Excerpt: Because obviously what we are seeing now is the party, the Democrat Party that created the Ku Klux Klan and also created that symbol of the burning cross, is obviously still proud to have that symbol being displayed,” he continued. “And you know, to all of us in the black community and those of us also as constitutional conservatives in the tea party — we have to be outraged. And this hypocrisy cannot continue to stand.” (Anti-Steve Southerland ads run by Dem slush fund since shutdown; consider the source. --Barb)

Obama using Obamacare meltdown to raise cash
Excerpt: President Barack Obama is using the disastrous crash of his Obamacare website to extract cash and volunteer hours from his supporters. “By now, you’ve probably heard that the website has not worked as smoothly as it was supposed to,” Obama told his supporters sent out late Tuesday. “That’s why I need your help,” he said, in a pitch that links to an online fundraiser.

Emails: White House, State Department coordinated with journalist on national security leaks
Excerpt: Hillary Clinton and State Department officials “intimately participated in leaking highly classified national security information concerning U.S. cyber warfare capabilities and sources and methods, war plans against Iran should their nuclear program have to be militarily removed, and other top secret information,” Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman told The Daily Caller. “The reason for this was obviously to make President Obama and his administration look strong against terrorism in the lead up to the 2012 elections,” Klayman said.

Norway: Muslims affirm that Sharia punishments not "extreme," they're just Islam
Excerpt: Watch this video. Norway Muslim leader Fahad Qureshi asks the assembled Muslims if they're "extremists," or just ordinary Muslims. They affirm that they're all just ordinary Muslims. Then he asks them if they support Sharia punishments -- stonings, amputations, the execution of gays, etc. -- and they all affirm that as well. This is an audience of Salafis, to be sure, but the problem is that we do not see Muslims who reject this perspective standing up and countering it in any significant numbers.

"Kill them all. Kill the Shia." Shia Muslims from Detroit attacked at hajj
Excerpt: Some of them were cast members of the reality TV show "All-American Muslim." Why didn't they just explain to the attackers that they were twisting and hijacking the Religion of Peace, and feeding the narrative of greasy Islamophobes? That would have ended the incident in a jiffy. Note that they were also called insulting names such as "kafir," which the hopelessly compromised Niraj Warikoo helpfully tells us means "infidel" or "non-Muslim." Why didn't they explain to the attackers that Islam respects non-Muslims, particularly the "People of the Book"? They would have retreated abashed! Will Hamas-linked CAIR issue a statement denouncing the Sunni attackers for their "Islamophobia"? If only Warikoo had the wit and honesty to do some realreporting!

Obama’s Manufactured Crisis
Excerpt: The White House and its press corps have come to a consensus that the recent shutdown/debt limit debate was a “manufactured crisis”–the implication being that it was manufactured by Republicans. That is untrue–first because President Barack Obama and the Democrats could easily have averted a crisis if they had been willing to compromise, and second because forcing such confrontations has been their strategy since 2011.The White House and its press corps have come to a consensus that the recent shutdown/debt limit debate was a “manufactured crisis”–the implication being that it was manufactured by Republicans. That is untrue–first because President Barack Obama and the Democrats could easily have averted a crisis if they had been willing to compromise, and second because forcing such confrontations has been their strategy since 2011.

Some data on education, religiosity, ideology, and science comprehension. By Dan Kahan
The sad thing is that the writer is going to go right on believing he knows what the Tea Party stands for. I doubt that severely. Simply being in favor of going back to careful accordance with what's in the Constitution, and looking for lesser government rather than more, are not what I would bet my house he thinks the Tea Party is about. Like so very many people, he probably thinks it's about racism, holding down the poor, favoring big corporations, etc. All of which have total zip to do with all the Tea Party people I know or have ever seen. Of course, the media aren't exactly helpful when it comes to factual portrayal of an conservative movement. --Del. Kahan needs to read The Righteous Mind, by Obama-supporter Jon Heidt. ~Bob

Obama leaves American POW Sgt. Bowe Robert Bergdahl to Rot in Afghanistan – Provides Only Excuses
Excerpt: According to our President, the United States is still on schedule to hand over security to the Afghan government authorities in 2014. Many Americans do not know, or have forgotten, American POW Sgt. Bowe Robert Bergdahl. Sgt. Bergdahl's capture was not the media event we experienced like the highly publicized rescue of Jessica Lynch during her 30 day capture/imprisonment. However, it has been over four years since Sgt. Bergdahl's June 30, 2009 capture and imprisonment in Afghanistan by a Taliban-affiliated insurgent group. It is time America demanded his release and return to his family.

French roads hit by farmers 'ecotax' protest
Excerpt: Drivers in France might be advised to leave their cars at home on Tuesday as farmers and truck drivers hold a day of action in protest against a new “ecotax” on heavy goods vehicles.

New Report: UK Crime Statistics Fudged to Justify Gun Ban
Excerpt: How many times have we heard Piers Morgan rant and rave about crime rates in his home country? He claims gun violence is virtually nonexistent thanks to the Brits doing the “responsible” thing and taking everyone’s guns away in 1997. Sure, there was an acknowledged, initial spike in crime shortly thereafter, but then it began to fall and has since plummeted. Or so they say.

The Coming Collapse: Potemkin Parliament: Washington’s governing systems are in a bad way. By Mark Steyn
Excerpt: "We are on course to becoming the first nation of negative-millionaires. ... In Australia, each citizen's share of the debt is $12,000; in New Zealand, it's $15,000 per person; in Canada and Spain, $18,000; in the United Kingdom, $28,000; in Germany and France, $38,000; Italy, $44,000. And in the United States it's $54,000 per person -- twice as much as Britain, thrice as much as Canada, closing in on five times as much as Oz. On this trajectory, America is exiting the First World

Excerpt: Appointed by former mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Chief Beck was and remains a willing servant in Villaraigosa’s effort to make Los Angeles more friendly to immigrants, legal or not. Special Order 7 has been challenged in court, both by the police officers labor union and by Judicial Watch, and in August a Superior Court judge ruled that it was preempted by state law. This forced Beck to rescind the order, but last week an appeals court set aside that ruling, allowing Beck once again to implement his order.

Why I would not Join the Military Today
Excerpt: The presidents of my era—Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford—as well as many members of Congress had served in the military and, as a result, had a level of respect for the military that is missing in President Obama and Congress today. (Obama's, "My military..." -- Not our military, not America's military and not just the military but Obama's military. He owns the military? I wonder? --MM) 

Politics Vs Theology: Beginning A Debate With David Swindle: Why we should not frame political issues as a matter of Good versus Evil.
Excerpt: A few weeks ago I was wearing my New Media Troublemaker hat and decided to provoke a discussion when Mike submitted another of his posts for the group’s consideration. I responded, critiquing his whole approach in fundamental ways and explaining how I had continued to change in both my ideas and tactics while he seemed to still be repeating the same stuff over and over. And we went back and forth for a bit and finally it occurred that the discussion might be appreciated and perhaps even joined by others.

Secular Political Ideology Vs. Biblical Moral Values: Continuing a Debate with Michael Lumish: Why I don't care much about Left vs. Right anymore. And four more points of disagreement in part two of an ongoing discussion.
Excerpt: My position: with Judeo-Christian values as one’s base then all of the world’s religions become de-fanged and their practices and ideas of potential value can be utilized in conjunction with traditional Jewish and Christian religious practices. For those of a more secular lifestyle, the founders’ philosophy of classical liberalism that forms the foundation of our government is just the political expression of Biblical values. This is my response — part 2 — of a debate with my friend Mike Lumish about political ideology, the Left-Right contest, Biblical values, and the battle of Good vs Evil. 

Excerpt: Rand Paul is pushing for a new Constitutional amendment stating “Congress shall make no law applicable to a citizen of the United States that is not equally applicable to Congress.” The amendment “also contains two provisions that apply that same principle to the Executive Branch and Judicial Branch of the federal government,” according to a press release put out by the office of the Kentucky senator on Monday. Paul is of course responding to the unconscionable opting-out from the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, by the members of the U.S. Congress.

Switzerland's first sex drive-in a success: Zurich
Excerpt: Switzerland's first sex drive-in, which opened two months ago in a bid to take prostitution off Zurich's streets, has been a success, the city said Tuesday following an initial evaluation. (No, I don't want fries with that. ~Bob)

White House official fired over anonymous tweets
Excerpt: A senior White House official who was helping negotiate nuclear issues with Iran has been fired after being unmasked as the acidic voice behind a Twitter account known for its insults of public figures at the White House and on Capitol Hill, a government official said on Tuesday. Jofi Joseph was director of nuclear non-proliferation on the White House National Security Council staff, but for more than two years sent hundreds of anonymous and abrasive tweets using the handle @NatSecWonk.

The Coming Collapse: The Real Reasons We Have a Public Pension Crisis. By Caleb O. Brown
Excerpt: But public pension funds have been flocking to alternatives because fund officials want to believe the bold promises of hedge fund managers. They are in a frantic search for high returns, having been led to a desperate state by the actions of politicians and the rules that typically govern public pension actuarial methods. And the demographics of the populations they are supposed to serve don’t help either. Most public pension funds across the United States were on an unsustainable course long before the financial crisis hit.

FBI agents search office of Florida doctor known as Sen. Menendez's donor
Excerpt: Melgen, his wife Flor and his daughter Melissa have been generous donors to Menendez, his fellow Democrats and related causes in recent years. Yet in an interview last spring with Bloomberg, Melgen insisted that he "did not ask Sen. Menendez or any public official to intervene." (Tweet said he's a donor to McAuliffe in VA governor race as well. ~Bob)

Excerpt: This is hardly new or unique. We see these reports daily. Muslims and converts to Islam wage jihad in the cause of Islam. They cite the Quran, chapter and verse. Muslims worldwide continue the 1,400-year-old war to impose Islam across the world -- all citing the same Islamic texts and teachings. There is a problem in Islam. So what is the response of the Muslim community?

Boston Marathon Muslim Bomber Named in 9/11/11 Jewish Triple Murder. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: “I told the police that there were only two Muslims I knew of who hung around the group of friends,” the friend told the paper. “Because of the 9/11 date, the fact that Tamerlan and Brendan’s last girlfriend were Muslim stood out.” But the police didn’t choose to follow up on that until the Muslim terrorists had already bombed the Boston Marathon.

Obama's Welfare Costs More than Iraq and Afghanistan Wars Combined. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: America isn’t a warmonger. It’s a welfare-state monger. Liberals like to talk about how much money we could spend on welfare if we weren’t fighting all those wars. The good news is we’re already spending more on welfare than war.

Saudis Announce They're Going to Arm Al Qaeda. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: The Saudis are not happy that the infidel American mercenaries have yet to be deployed in Syria. The House of Saud has gotten used to assuming that the United States will jump when their fattest member tells them to. Unfortunately for the Saudis, their buddy Barack got a case of cold feet about bombing Syria when the UK pulled out and the American public appeared to be slightly more enthusiastic about naming Somalia the 51st state than invading yet another country for the Saudis.

Tammy Baldwin and Ron Kind Flip Flop - Will Take Pay During Shutdown
Excerpt: During the heat of the October government shutdown, all of Wisconsin's Senators and Representatives in Congress except Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI-04) said they would donate their pay to charity or refund it to the U.S. Treasury. But now, one week after the shutdown concluded, Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI-03) have quietly decided to keep their pay in a brazen flip flop.

Obamacare Debacle: American Media Misses Yet Another Scandal. By John Nolte
Excerpt: The Washington Post's Ezra Klein now admits that weeks before the disastrous ObamaCare launch, he heard "some very ugly things about how the system was performing[.]" We also now know that a few hundred people were involved in a test that crashed the site days before the launch and that insurance companies were complaining about the site before the launch. On top of all that, we are now seeing story after story about the red flags ignored by the Administration. But it isn't just the White House claiming to be caught off guard by The Obvious, it is also a useless American media that seems incapable of breaking stories embarrassing to this president.

Excerpt: Results from the 15th annual Arkansas Poll, conducted by the University of Arkansas, found respondants blaming President Barack Obama and the Democrats for the partial government shutdown. The poll, conducted from Oct. 10-17, also showed declining approval ratings for Arkansas' two Senators, Republican John Boozman and Democrat Mark Pryor, who faces a tough re-election challenge by U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton, R-Ark.

Excerpt: Pretend you’re shocked.

Feds ask Blue Cross Blue Shield not to release exchange numbers
Excerpt: The Obama administration asked North Dakota’s largest health insurer not to publicize how many people have signed up for health insurance through a new online exchange, a company official says. (Ask? Or told? "The Most Transparent Administration in History"! ~Bob)

Leno: ‘Easier to Join Al Qaeda Using Their Website Than it is to Sign Up for ObamaCare’

OCare will be dead by March. RT @jimgeraghty: Keep Sebelius. No delay in individual mandate. Keep all deadlines in place. Full speed ahead.

Excerpt: Some of the headaches of a president’s second term stem from the “don’t blame me” stories in which administration officials seek to use the press to wipe their fingerprints off of their boss’s policy failures. It’s their way of updating their resumes; unlike the president, they’ll need a job in the near future. Sometimes that means trying to bury old hatchets, and sometimes that means anonymously leaking details of their unheeded prophecies to the New York Times, as “dozens of current and former members of the administration, foreign diplomats and Congressional officials” did for today’s deep dive into the administration’s feckless and confused Syria policy.

White House denies Durbin’s allegation of a GOP insult
Excerpt: The White House has denied an account of bitter negotiations during the recent government shutdown published by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), perhaps President Obama's closest ally on the Hill. (Which liar to believe. ~Bob)

"Have the butter every time," says cardiologist. Should I ditch my statins? By Andrew M. Brown
Excerpt: The evidence is pretty persuasive. The essence of it is: recent studies have failed to support any significant association between saturated fat intake and cardiovascular risk. Indeed, saturated fat has actually been found to be protective – though it should come from natural sources, not processed food where it's mixed with harmful chemical additives. That is to say, steak is all right, but an Ulster Fry – sausage slice, black pudding, bacon etc – should be for special occasions only.

Chevron accuses environmentalists of 'greenmail'--telling lies to further their 'noble cause'. Ring any bells? By James Delingpole
Excerpt: Here's some good news – via Bishop Hill – from America. A Big Oil company – Chevron – is taking legal action against a group of environmentalists for fraud and extortion: aka greenmail. The sums involved are eyewatering: $19 billion. (That's billion, note, not million).

Dead Boston Bombing Suspect Tied to Gruesome Triple Murder. By Alena Semuels
Excerpt: It was one of the biggest unsolved crimes in recent Boston memory: three men, killed on Sept. 11, 2011, their throats slit, their bodies reportedly covered with marijuana. But now, a suspect has been named in the lengthy court documents being filed before the trial of suspected Boston Marathon bomber Dzokhar Tsarnaev: his deceased brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev

UCLA will appeal to save its stadium lease on veterans' land. By Gale Holland
Excerpt: The development came in a class-action lawsuit on behalf of four homeless veterans that seeks to invalidate leases on the 387-acre property, which had been used for veterans' housing until the 1980s. Otero ruled the land could be used only for healthcare for veterans. The Veterans Affairs is renovating one of several derelict buildings on the site for housing, but advocates who have battled with the VA for decades hoped the decision striking down UCLA's lease would spur negotiations for more extensive rebuilding.

Blaze Sources: Obama Purging Military Commanders. By Sara Carter
Excerpt: Nine senior commanding generals have been fired by the Obama administration this year, leading to speculation by active and retired members of the military that a purge of its commanders is underway. (Worked well for Stalin--until Operation Barbarossa. ~Bob)

Excerpt: Qari Dawat, a Taliban commander in the northeastern Afghan province of Kunar who has been hunted by US forces for years and has vowed to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden, is reported to have been killed in a US airstrike two days ago.

Identity Theft Russian Roulette: Refers Users to UNCERTIFIED Navigators and Assisters. By David Steinberg
Excerpt: Inexplicable. Obamacare reps confirm to me: it's "buyer beware" when contacting their recommended application helpers. ("If you like your identity, you can keep your identity..." ~Bob)

Fail: New Obamacare Website Snag 'Dramatically Underestimates' Health Costs. By Guy Benson
Excerpt: A lot of people may be in for a rude awakening if they foolishly trust the new-and-improved government website to accurately estimate their monthly premiums. What are the actualpremiums people will have to pay if and when they're ever able to sign up for Obamacare? Someone unearthed this spreadsheet earlier today, and it's been making the rounds for a few hours now. 

Obama admin paid more attention to tweets critical of WH than cables from Amb Stevens begging for security.

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