Friday, October 4, 2013

Guest Post: Proselytizing Professors

Guest Post from Marine John McClain: “With regard to proselytizing professors, I graduated high school with perhaps the lowest grade point average in many decades, back in 75, was the first to be interviewed for a Ryder Trucks diesel mechanics scholarship, as first competitively, and by this, was the first applicant disqualified, by grade point average.  I was foremost in ranking for background and performance, but grade point average over-ruled all other aspects.  For this reason, I ceased even considering college, and enlisted in the Corps…. This took place when dyslexia was only beginning to be seriously considered, and college had no room for ‘performance-based evaluation’.  As a teen, I became part of a ‘gang’, because our neighborhood was invaded by thieves and they arrived in gangs. We stopped the invasion and established a reputation for our communities, and in the absence of more productive things, we occasionally took time out to go hang out at O’Hare Airport, and watch the Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines come home….. We weren’t alone, it was a bused event for college students, and they were there to harass ‘some of the most courageous and honorable Americans we had’. As a Boy Scout, a Sea Scout, son of a Naval Officer, we, our gang worked behind the scenes to ensure college students tripped, broke fingers, bumped their heads, and in general, forgot why they were at the airport, and tried to figure out who was causing the ‘mischief’…. We were four to six or seven years younger, we were compelled by the fact it was ‘older brothers, cousins, next door neighbors’ that were coming home, and being attacked by a bunch of useless, good for nothing hippies. They were well organized by their professors; we knew this from watching and listening from the corners. We were well organized in our community projects, the things we’d been brought up to work together on to keep our neighborhoods ‘clean and honorable’ by mostly WWII veteran and Korean War Veteran fathers, uncles, favorite ‘neighbor uncles’, and the older than college students, young men who had mentored us before they left…. Those college students were pulled into communism by the eager professors, and the many ‘teacher assistants’. Most of those who finished college in those years entered the military and escaped a hostile, domestic enemy environment. I knew them as captains and majors in my youth. Most of those who were party to the assaults are now part of government throughout the Nation, at every level, or in ‘education’, better qualified as indoctrination…. I never neglected my education, however I pay more attention to the ‘social perspective’ of every college graduate I deal with who fits in the fifty five to seventy age bracket, and revile openly, those who demonstrate the attitude I fought as a high school student against bloody minded communist acolytes. We, who know what was taught, and how to determine those who believe must at all costs, stand up and make these people shrivel up and go for cover. They hold the reins of ‘tenure’ in all our schools, so we need to kill ‘tenure’ no less than we need to kill ‘card check unionism’, equally part of the preparation of our country for its dominion…. On Russia, and Vladimir Putin’s words, I have written commentary on it, however what Mr. Putin stated was fact, what he confronted was a boy, trying to act like a man, and who had been ‘undercut’ by one of those ‘useful idiots’ when Kerry opened his pie hole and stupid fell out on the ground. The facts stated by McCain are true; in fact, the American People have far more in common with the Russian People, than anyone has been willing to admit since the Bolsheviks took control of their revolution.  Remember, the aristocracy was gone in less than a week, by regular count, the revolution was done, it was time to set up the new form and do it by ‘The People’…. It took almost three years, the back-stabbing by the Muscovites, for the Bolsheviks to disarm the Russian People who were historically armed no less than ourselves. Just because Russia is being run as a ‘Kleptocracy’ doesn’t mean their rulers are fools who can’t note inherent truths on occasion. We must never forget the level of trust and confidence of Vietnam Veterans when it comes to anything John McCain ever says. He has no respect among his peers from the Hanoi Hilton. I believe that says more about a man than any possible other statement…. Army Veteran Gordon Fowkes’ assessment of ‘conspiracy’ is one which most warriors come to find is true.  What is seldom considered openly, and should be, is the fact the communist/socialist infiltration of our Nation began with the pre-Marxist socialists run out of Europe in the 1830’s, rightfully considered at least partially responsible for never ending war among the small states, and seeing America as ripe for planting. They entered as the Louisiana Purchase was being divided up, with Lewis’ mapping allowing two states drawn up immediately on his return, and the full intention of standing up those two states with ‘state run education’.  Instead, six states stood up almost simultaneously, all with state education, and that was the draft form which provided the framework for our Nation’s ‘central government education plan’…. Lenin was merely quoting socialists from a century before in his ‘give me four years’ quote. We fight not only the socialists and open communists, but we fight the fact ‘the system’ which is in place, having been put in place by the very people who modified their ways to keep from their previous fate.  Socialist proselytizing has been part of a formal education as long as formal education has been in our Nation. ‘The way’ is learned by the students, those who become teachers, follow it themselves as teachers, and having been taught nothing is ‘fundamental’, everything is ‘relative’ in particular and specifically, morals and ethics, they find the teaching of the same to be ‘the only rational way’, having no foundation themselves…. My own family is staunchly atheist. My father is seventy years strong in his unbelief, yet we three children were raised going to church and being taught God because both my parents knew morals are not relative, even if they don’t have fixed foundation for them. Despite the teachings of atheism, both parents know there is definitive ‘right’, and moral, and definitive ‘wrong’ which is immoral, and they used the Church to inculcate it into our youth, while denying God over anything.  This was problematic to a small degree, and easily overcome by the time we were in ‘logic and reason’ as our own measure of truth…. As Gordon Fowkes said, ‘conspiracies are either run by one, overwhelming ruler, or by none, if they are to  have any real meaning or impact’ (paraphrasing).  The issue of socialism, the communizing of nations must by nature, be accomplished by ‘none’ and be carried forward by a faux intellectual premise which presents as rational and logic driven, but can’t confront any questions without falling apart…. One final remark;  several of the Marines of the Navy Yard have spoken to the press stating they had their weapons, however they were not authorized ammunition.  Each stated the incident could have been held to the first couple of victims if they had been armed.  It is common knowledge among the military, our bases are the least secure they have ever been, and it is clear our government fears the military more than it fears foreign enemies, even while they gather domestically, and are being tracked by the many legal and illegal procedures of domestic surveillance…. In 1976, as I was in my first year of Marine training, it was a matter of ‘shutting down the base, locking down the gates, front, back and side, total lockdown’ if it was noted a Marine on the rifle range for qualification was known to have accidentally or deliberately taken live rounds off the range.  The base was locked down until the Marine stopped, the rounds, or even round, confiscated, and all rounds accounted for, and only then did the base leave full lockdown…. When I retired in ‘97, the procedure was no different, and in my  own mind, just as meaningless.  As some of my Marines boarded commercial jets to fly back to Iraq and Afghanistan, they boarded with their M-16’s, their full packs, bayonets, canteens every bit of 782 gear, combat oriented field gear, yet they each went through TSA scanners, were patted down, pocket knives confiscated, no liquid shampoo, no ‘Gerber multi-tools’, not even those issued, unless one had the order for issue in hand. According to plan and official statement, not one round of ammo went aboard any of those aircraft…. When I lived in Beirut from August of 82 to spring of 83, we marched with M-16s, no magazines allowed, no ammo, and on several occasions, including the Marine Corps Birthday, we marched in formation with ‘nylon flag safeties’, an ‘L’-shaped piece sticking into the chamber, and out of the ejection port, allowing everyone with field glasses to know there was no armed Marine among us…. In my emergency deployment to Iraq in ‘90, I brought ammo from home, against orders, and while I never lost my mind and massacred my fellow Marines, I guess I could have. I certainly wasn’t going to step off that ship onto Arabian sand without ammo again….We see lots of waves being made about the second Amendment among the civilian population, and lots of angst over the classification of veterans over the possibility of PTSD and the impact that classification will have in the long term, but the lack of arms on base shows far more of the very real fear of ‘the unconstitutional standing Army’ the criminal central government has than all the efforts to disarm to public…. Our own military has no more control over their own arms than any Russian Empire military ever did, and those of us who know this as a fact need to ensure it is well broadcast to the public.  This has far more meaning about “our elected” than about any other aspect of any issue.  “When the government fears the people, the relationship is proper and appropriate”.  When the government fears its own military, which it has raised, against the will of ‘the people’, and against the founding principles of the nation, it is indicative of just how far from the law they have reached, and just how much they have to fear because their ‘Army’ is by nature, the best most educated group with regard to law and constitution of all our Citizens. They only have cause to fear an armed military because those are who know exactly, all the constitution they blatantly violate with impunity. That those Marines at the Navy Yard had no ammo sits rather odd, considering the billions of rounds of ammo ‘Homeland Security’ has ordered, had delivered, and now, in some cases, is not to be found.”

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