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In April we met a couple where the fellow was waiting for a lung, had the "Bird Fanciers Lung" version of pulmonary fibrosis. Last Tuesday, saw him working out in rehab, three months past transplant, looked and did great. Friday night we had dinner with them and some other folks, two of whom are six months post transplant, another who is waiting the call, like I am. Pretty encouraging. Of course, you don't get to meet those who didn't make it. ~Bob

Hitler discovers the Obamacare exchanges aren't working
You knew this was coming. Too funny. ~Bob

Excerpt: The above video link is to a Culinary Workers of America Union protest outside the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Now there's nothing unusual about unions protesting outside their place of employment. They do it all the time...and sometimes it is pretty nasty. But I have never seen the level of hatred and the horrible invectives shouted at Cosmo customers as they entered the hotel.

Arizona cop banned from wearing his uniform at daughter's school after parents complained about his gun
Excerpt: A police officer in Arizona has been the subject of controversy after his daughter’s elementary school told him to not wear his uniform when one the school property. The ban came after parents complained that the Coolidge police officer, Scott Urkov, had brought his child to Entz Elementary School in Mesa wearing his uniform and carrying a gun. (The school and homes of the parents who complained should be declared "Police Free Zones" with no police response except "good luck" if they get a nut or criminal there. ~Bob)

State Hires Convicted Prostitute, Who Steals $44,000
Excerpt: State welfare officials were very happy when they hired Suki L. Handly in 2008 as a new employee to help distribute welfare benefits in the Manchester regional office. What state officials did not know was that Handly – who was hired under the administration of former Gov. M. Jodi Rell -- was also a convicted prostitute with criminal convictions for drug possession and larceny, according to public records.

The Fabulous Boston Celtics' Bill Russell is Back! (And cited for a loaded gun at Seattle airport.) Reuters
Excerpt: Russell had been a star with the Boston Celtics in the 1950s and 60s, and was named NBA most valuable player five times. He later served as coach of the Seattle SuperSonics during the 1970s.

Sock Puppets Re-Enact Shutdown.
Excerpt: See House of Sunny for bonus material, including outtakes and an extended cut of Sunny as a drunken, gambling-addicted lowlife (i.e., a Democrat).

Deval Patrick Joins Hands With Muslims.
Excerpt: Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick was the prototype for Barack Hussein Obama. He is a product of the same Southside Chicago slums, and was packaged for mainstream consumption by the same communist-associated leftist, David Axelrod. Weasel Zippers provides background to the video below:

VIDEO: Flashback to June: Obama Lied About NSA Collection of Email Information on Americans.
Excerpt: Given this administration’s proclivity for using the arms of the government to attack those who question, from Tea Party groups to journalists, this can give one pause. So how do they get away with this, since the “F” in FISA is supposed to mean “Foreign”, that this type of surveillance is supposed to be limited to foreigners, and not Americans? It depends on what “is” means… As is noted in the following video, many of the servers containing the lists are located oversees. So when the servers transfer that information to the people in the U.S. that is when the NSA grabs it, because it is from a “foreign server”:

Oh, no! Governator Schwarzenegger is Back! (And wants to run for President.) By Courtney O'Brien.
Excerpt: The action star and former governor of California is reportedly mulling a run for the White House, despite the fact he's completely unqualified.
UK: We can win wars against the Human Rights Army. By Con Coughlin
Excerpt: It is a well-known fact that the al-Qaeda handbook urges its followers to exploit the West's liberal legal system to sow discord, and the legal actions brought against the military in the past two years have certainly had the effect of damaging the morale of our service men and women who, quite apart from accepting the risks involved in undertaking combat operations, must now face the prospect of having to justify their actions before a court of law. No wonder Ministers are cautious about committing ground forces to military action.

A debt-ceiling hiccup on the way to a 21st-century American world order. By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
Excerpt: We can all agree that this is no way for an AAA country [like the USA] to run its affairs, but looking around the world I cannot see a single country of global importance that runs its affairs well. (In case you cite Germany, let me say that Germany is being rather badly run, for reasons that will become clear within a decade, when the verdict is delivered on its failure to fashion a coherent energy policy, and on its handling of Europe North-South currency crisis, and indeed on its chronic inability to balance its external accounts, and its abysmal real wage growth for the last decade.)

UK: What's fuelling the food bank frenzy? The hunger for publicity of anti-poverty groups. By Brendon O'Neill
Excerpt: Today’s food banks are not fuelled by the needs of the poor so much as by the needs of charities and campaigners. I think the main beneficiaries of the fashion for opening food banks, and for press-releasing these openings to every media outlet in the land, are the poverty industry rather than the poor. The poverty industry is made up of those campaigners who depend, for their very existence, on the idea that there exist hordes of helpless, hapless poor folk – and so the more these campaigners can fuel that idea, the better.

Q: (Glasov Gang Program): Where Does Hope Lie?
A: (Daniel Greenfield): Hope lies in the the ordinary people waking up and realizing what's been done to them....I think that's where the best hope for America--the Tea party was symptom of that-- and let's hope the wake-up actually happens.

Prominent British Muslims Warned of Threats from Somalia's Shebab Militants.
Excerpt: Several prominent British Muslims said police have warned they may be in danger, after they were named as enemies of Islam in a video purportedly made by extremists linked to Somalia's Shebab militants. London's Metropolitan Police said it was investigating the hour-long film, which was posted on YouTube on Wednesday but has since been removed.

Piers Morgan Whines that he is "Maligned" and "Misunderstood." By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: With rumors growing that CNN is prepared to dump the disgraced former Daily Mirror editor over poor performance, Piers Morgan appears to be prepping for a transition back to work in the UK. Key to making that transition is convincing people in the UK that he’s a success in the US, rather than a failure known only for his one-note rants about gun control. And the Guardian and a friendly pal of his are perfect for rolling out the new “successful” Piers Morgan.

From the Inside: The Million Veterans March On DC
Excerpt: I have never liked being told that I can’t do something that I feel is within my rights to do. I have never been a fan of spiteful people either. When our Government spends our money to close our parks to force our hand…..I call that spitebul BS. They are simply wasting more of our money to prove a point and try and play the blame game AGAIN.

Soros-Funded Group Plans 'Fly-In' To Push House Republicans On Amnesty
Excerpt: The George Soros-funded National Immigration Forum (NIF) is organizing a “fly-in” of what it calls conservatives from across the country aimed at lobbying House Republicans for an amnesty bill. According to USA Today’s immigration beat writer Alan Gomez, NIF is planning to organize the fly in with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s, and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Partnership for a New American Economy(See Cloward & Piven Strategy. --JB).

Excerpt: Abrahamson, in fact, is the top recipient of support from attorneys whose cases reach the Supreme Court, pulling in $188,650 over the past 11 years, a Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism analysis shows. ... Abrahamson, who is usually associated with the court’s liberal bloc, has proposed that an outside body determine when justices should withdraw from a case involving a conflict of interest.
Angry Marine

Florida police hunt for forgers who helped killers escape prison
Excerpt: With two convicted killers back in police custody, authorities have shifted attention to finding out who made the phony court documents that led to the mistaken inmate releases that rocked Florida's judicial system. Joseph Jenkins and Charles Walker, both 34, were captured Saturday night without incident at the Coconut Grove Motor Inn in Panama City Beach, a tourist area of putt-putt courses and go-kart tracks. Hours earlier, their families had held a news conference in Orlando, urging them to surrender. (PCB makes The Guardian in UK….Lifers set loose x2. --Barb)

Saudi Arabia Throws Tantrum, Refuses to Accept UN Security Council Seat
Excerpt: So the Saudis, who like to use American soldiers as mercs in their wars, are pissed. But the tantrum is already revealing. The Saudis are suddenly trying to act like a great power. (Article claims “parasitic client state of US”…perhaps controlling US since 09/11. Why else block all US oil/energy development? --Barb)

“Our Holy Pilgrimage will be Complete Once We Have Killed You, Ripped Out Your Hearts and Raped Your Women.” (Alt Headline: "American Muslims learn about the Religion of Peace."
Excerpt: A group of Americans visiting Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj were threatened and attacked earlier this week on Oct. 16 by a radicalized group of extremists. … During the escape, many of the group, almost entirely U.S. citizens and mostly hailing from Dearborn, Michigan suffered bruises (in one case, due to an attempted strangulation), concussions, broken bones, and black eyes. During the attack, the men reportedly shouted “Our [holy pilgrimage] will be complete once we have killed you, ripped out your hearts and eaten them, and [then] raped your women.”

Excerpt: After weeks of being vilified by the national media and White House as a terrorist, racist, and radical hostage-taker out to destroy the economy, Ted Cruz (R-TX) is receiving the kind of death threats that are all-too expected after this kind of national demonization campaign. A person who identifies himself on Twitter as Troy Gilmore, Jr. listed the Senator's homes address and suggested Cruz be taught a "street wise lesson." Capitol Police are investigating: The Hill reported Capitol Police were looking into the post by someone identifying himself as Troy Gilmore Jr. The tweet, posted early Friday, said, "Take down Ted Cruz, at his home" and listed Cruz's home address in Houston, The Hill reported. (Per article, individual making threat tweets uses “the Twitter handle @ArmyVet54.” --Barb)

Is al-Qaida stealing bioweapons from Assad?
Excerpt: And in February, the Syrian government arrested al-Qaida’s chief bioweapons expert, Yazid Suffat, as he tried to enter the country. “The issue of al-Qaida (AQ) acquiring biological weapons has so far been a remote preoccupation of Western intelligence services,” the report says. “However, with the Syrian crisis and the potential acquisition of biological weapons by AQ, the issue is now a clear and present danger.” (Oh, what the heck. Add it to the multiple-daily aluminum sprayings from the Illuminati….Barb. say, does The Illuminati have a web site with an application so I can join? ~Bob)

Excerpt: “Research suggests that health care providers’ diagnostic and treatment decisions, as well as their feelings about patients, are influenced by patients’ race or ethnicity,” the CAP report reads. “Several studies have shown that racial concordance is substantially and positively related to patient satisfaction.”… Ultimately, these taxpayer-funded grants would provide scholarships and loan forgiveness for minorities so they could provide healthcare services exclusively to their own race or ethnicity.

As Worries Over the Power Grid Rise, a Drill Will Simulate a Knockout Blow
Excerpt: One goal of the drill, called GridEx II, is to explore how governments would react as the loss of the grid crippled the supply chain for everyday necessities….Preparation for the November drill comes as Congress is debating laws that could impose new standards to protect the grid from cyberattacks, but many in the industry, some of whom would like such rules, doubt that they can pass. The drill is also being planned as conferences, studies and even works of fiction are raising near-apocalyptic visions of catastrophes involving the grid. (Straight from the Regime’s version of Pravda….NYT. Nov 13 and 14, 2013. --Barb)

Excerpt: The media just love a good Christian tear-down. One of the most recent efforts being promoted right now is by a self-styled "biblical scholar" named Joseph Atwill, who will be presenting at a conference this weekend. Atwill, who has no formal theological training and who declines to call himself an atheist, nonetheless claims that Jesus never existed but was invented as a form of psychological warfare by the Romans against the Jews.

‘Come and Take It San Antonio!’ gun rights rally to kick off at the Alamo
Excerpt: This is how to make another gun rally in gun-friendly Texas stand out: Tell everybody to bring their rifles and shotguns to the Alamo, the state’s most popular attraction, which sits downtown in the country’s seventh-largest city. And be sure to invite the state’s gun-friendliest politician, who also happens to hold the keys to the historic site. (I'd not involve the Alamo or Gettysburg in political issues. Nor the WWII Memorial or Iwo Monument, as Obama did. Creates more division. ~Bob)

U.S. Marines training al-Qaeda-linked Syrian jihadists in Saudi Arabia
Excerpt: Twelve years after 9/11, the U.S. has changed sides. The Long War Journal reported on June 29 that the Al Nusrah Front for the People of the Levant, which is “al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria,” has “cooperated with Free Syrian Army units to establish sharia, or Islamic law, in Aleppo and in eastern Syria.” What is the Free Syrian Army? The "moderates" whom we are training and to whom we are giving weapons: “the US government is backing the Free Syrian Army despite the group’s known ties to the Al Nusrah Front.”

One wanders to the left, another to the right. Both are equally in error, but, are seduced by different delusions. --Horace

Pakistani Muslims Act as Human Shields for Christian Church
Excerpt: Muslims in Pakistan formed a human shield Sunday at a church in Lahore to protect Christians from terrorist attacks. … “The terrorists showed us what they do on Sundays,” said Mohammed Jibran Nasir, organizer of the human-chain protest. “Here we are showing them what we do on Sundays. We unite.”
Norwegian-Somali 'Radicalized' Before Mall Attack
Excerpt: Bashe Musse, a Somali Norwegian community leader in Oslo, said Dhuhulow had become radicalized in the years before he left Norway. And another man, who would give only his first name Yussuf, also said a man he believes was the Norwegian-Somali gunman was associated with "pretty radical" circles in Norway.

Potemkin Parliament: Washington’s governing systems are in a bad way. By Mark Steyn
Excerpt: Everyone knew the Republicans were going to fold. Folding is what Republicans do. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are so good at folding Obama should hire them as White House valets.

Excerpt: The Islamic State in Iraq and the Sham (or Levant), has released a series of photographs that show children training at a camp named after the founder of al Qaeda in Iraq. The photographs, numbering 18 total, were published on Oct. 17 on the Twitter account of the al-I'tisaam Media Foundation, an official ISIS media outlet, the SITE Intelligence Group, which obtained the images, reported.

The Art of the Impossible: The strategy to repeal Obamacare by winning serial elections is not even a Hail Mary pass. 
Excerpt: Politics, Jonah aptly observes, is the art of the possible, and McConnell had “no good options” when he led the GOP cave-in to all of President Obama’s demands — a decision that, McConnell insists, was not in any way influenced by the tidy $3 billion earmark thrown in for one of his pet Kentucky boondoggles. I agree that we must be realistic about what was achievable in the Obamacare battle. … Aren’t we also obliged to be realistic about the options available to the Republicans who took seriously their campaign promises to do everything within their power — which includes their constitutional power of the purse — to stop Obamacare?

Muslims killing Muslims: Syrian Shia child who watched parents killed has her heart cut out
Excerpt: Their children now, your children tomorrow. The fully male controlled and run Islamic societies are never far from the worse savagery imaginable, making their warlord prophet proud. What happened to the small Shia girl in Syria who was tied up to the window grills, forced to watch her parents being brutally murdered, that we reported on a few weeks ago?

63 Cleveland Police Officers Suspended After An Unarmed Couple Was Shot At 137 Time
Excerpt: Cleveland officials are suspending 63 police officers for their roles in a November car chase that ended in the shooting deaths of an unarmed man and woman, The Plain Dealer reports.

Lessons from the Shutdown
Excerpt: Well, the “government shutdown” is finally over. If you were like me, you were probably wondering how the government can be considered “shut down” if the NSA is still spying on us, the IRS is still auditing us, and the President hadn’t been kicked out of HIS house (which, if you will remember, also sits on federal land). All in all, the shutdown was not nearly as destructive as we had heard it would be. (Makes my point. Regime discriminated. Regime threw elderly whites out of the homes they owned on Lake Mead but allowed black POTUS and FLOTUS to remain in White House, which they do NOT own, but on federal property. --Barb)

Excerpt: These attacks are especially troubling considering their timing ahead of a massive joint power grid drill scheduled for next month to include theU.S., Canada and Mexico. The GridEx II grid security exercise set for November 13-14 will involve FBI antiterrorism units, National Guard, thousands of utility workers and business executives, as well as government officials from all three nations to simulate widespread grid takedown scenarios. More troubling is a sudden talking point shift to the vulnerability of the U.S. power grid by multiple government officials, including outgoing Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who recently issued an ‘open letter’ to her successor warning that a cyber or physical event that takes out the power grid will occur — stating that it is not a question of "if" but "when".

The Muslim Patrol enforcer: Ginger-haired Bin Laden disciple admits mob attacks on 'non-believers'
Excerpt: An enforcer for hate preacher Anjem Choudary yesterday admitted joining a ‘Muslim Patrol’ which threatened to enforce sharia law. Jordan Horner, 19, was a leading member of a vigilante mob that roamed London’s East End attacking non-Muslims in a campaign against Western culture.

Excerpt: All across the U.S., moose are dying – and scientists yet don’t know how to save them. Moose populations across swaths of the U.S. – from the West Coast to the East Coast, from the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River – are declining at an unprecedented rate, imperiling fragile ecosystems and putting the moose tourism industry on edge, the New York Times reported. But though scientists have a long list of culprits – disease; climate change; over-hunting – it’s not clear just what is causing moose to die in droves. (So the big game hunters kill a rare, sacred albino moose and pose with it, “as a lesson to others” and offer to send the hide to the Indians in atonement (featured on The Weather Channel). Today the moose, tomorrow us. Duh. --Barb. I blame George Bush. ~Bob)

Excerpt: A hidden form of abuse known as “breast ironing”, in which girls as young as 10 have their chests pounded with hot objects to disguise the onset of puberty, could be taking place in Britain. The mutilation is a traditional practice from Cameroon designed to deter unwanted male attention, pregnancy and rape by delaying the signs that a girl is becoming a woman. Experts believe that the custom is being practiced amongst the several thousand Cameroonians now living here.

Our President is a Sociopath
Excerpt: Senator Barack Obama said: “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I, therefore, intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt.” (He will shift 180 degrees with no shame. ~Bob)

Excerpt: Charles Perrow, Professor Emeritus of Sociology from Yale University cautions: “Conditions in the unit 4 pool, 100 feet from the ground, are perilous, and if any two of the rods touch it could cause a nuclear reaction that would be uncontrollable. The radiation emitted from all these rods, if they are not continually cool and kept separate, would require the evacuation of surrounding areas including Tokyo. Because of the radiation at the site the 6,375 rods in the common storage pool could not be continuously cooled; they would fission and all of humanity will be threatened, for thousands of years.” 
CEA asks CERC to expedite tightening of power grids' frequency. Move comes against the backdrop of the govt working on integrating Southern electricity Grid with rest of the country.
Excerpt: "It has been felt that before synchronisation of NEW grid and SR (Southern Regional) grid, it would be desirable to narrow down the operating frequency band so as to reduce requirement of balancing power," Central Electricity Authority (CEA) said in a recent communication to CERC. CEA is the apex planning body for the power sector while Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) is the sectoral regulator…. Such a move would help in smooth integration and ensure secure operation of the combined grid, it added. (Oh, no, you all stay interconnected and leave us poor ol Bible totin’ guncarrying, crackers off y’all’s grid, yuh heah? That way when you all go down together, we won’t be associatin’ with you all. Don’t expedite diddle squat on account of us. Maybe when the Regime flips the off switch, we won’t be included….Barb)

US Electrical Grid On Brink Of Collapse 10 Years After 2003 Blackout, Study Says
The US electrical grid is still on the verge of collapse a full decade after the 2003 blackout that thrust 50 million Americans into the dark during the heat of summer. Or at least that’s the conclusion of a mathematical analysis of the electrical grid that was published in the science journal Nature Physics on Sunday. The Israeli and US team said the networks are dependent on certain critical nodes. (Don’t you love these leaked teasers? From August 2013. Hey, the EBT was a test. --Barb)

Nicolas Maduro Expels Three US Diplomats from Venezuela for Alleged Conspiracy
Excerpt: President Maduro accused these officials of “meeting with the extreme Venezuela right to finance actions to sabotage the electricity system and the Venezuelan economy”. “We’ve been monitoring some officials of the American embassy in Caracas…I have the proof [of conspiracy] in my hands,” he added. (From Sept 30. The November 13-14 drill to include US, Canada and Mexico. Perhaps Brazil found something further than Mexico involved? --Barb)

Payback: Obama Nominates Major Campaign Fundraiser to Head Homeland Security. By Katie Pavlich 
Pay to Play--it's the Chicago Way. ~Bob. Excerpt: Now that former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is on the west coast fulfilling her new duties as the president of the University of California, President Obama has nominated major campaign donor Jeh Johnson to take her place. Federal campaign finance records show that over the past decade, Johnson has contributed more than $100,000 to Democratic candidates and groups. 

U.S. debt jumps a record $328 billion — tops $17 trillion for first time
Excerpt: U.S. debt jumped a record $328 billion on Thursday, the first day the federal government was able to borrow money under the deal President Obama and Congress sealed this week. (The collapse is coming. ~Bob)

Excerpt: Can Barack Hussein Obama ever get out in front and lead, without tripping over himself? Just as he poisoned the well with Republicans by ramming through a wasteful stimulus bill, poisoned it further with ramming Obamacare down America's throat, Obama has again sparked a new political war with his pick for the next Secretary of Homeland Security. As Obama plots to grant amnesty to 30 million illegal Mexicans you would think he would at least put up a good front and nominate someone for Homeland Security who would espouse to be a "border hawk". Quite the contrary; Obama has trotted out Jeh Johnson, White House insider, and lawyer specializing in liberal social reform.
Pensioner Guilty Of Raping Trafficked Girl
Excerpt: Ilyas Ashar, 84, carried out multiple sex attacks on his vulnerable victim, who was also forced to work as a domestic servant.

Pennsylvania court vacates sentence of man who brutally raped 11-year-old girl because she was black
Excerpt: Yesterday, a Pennsylvania state appellate court vacated the 30-66-year sentence that had been given to Jose Carrasquillo, a man who initially pleaded guilty to raping an 11-year-old girl, but later tried to change his plea to “not guilty” at his sentencing hearing. In June of 2009, after a woman turned him down for a date because she preferred black men, Carrasquillo decided to take “revenge” on black people by getting high on cocaine and PCP and brutally raping the 11-year-old “in every way imaginable.” 

Muslims Gang Rape 12-Year-Old Norwegian Girl, Get Community Service. By Daniel Greenfield 
Excerpt: In June, the Muslim rapists of a 15-year-old girl were sentenced to community service in Sweden. Yesterday I discussed the case of a Muslim Anti-Israel activist who was sentenced to community service for the rape of a 15-year-old Israeli girl. And now we get the same thing in Norway, except this time it’s a 12-year-old Norwegian girl.

Federal Workers Get A Raise Along With Their Free Extra Paid Vacation?
Excerpt: The budget measure that ended the partial government shutdown allows for a 1 percent raise for federal employees in January in addition to providing back pay for those furloughed, according to two Democratic Maryland senators.(Meanwhile Social Security recipients get screwed again. --JB) “The promise of a modest pay raise and back pay for furloughed government employees are good first steps in recognizing the value of federal workers,” said Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski, chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee in a joint statement with Sen. Ben Cardin.

Troubled Obamacare website wasn't tested until a week before launch. If you want to know why the Obamacare Website is a total disaster, read the following apolitical article. It may not even be fixable.
Excerpt: Federal officials did not permit testing of the Obamacare website or issue final system requirements until four to six days before its Oct. 1 launch, according to an individual with direct knowledge of the project. The individual, who spoke on condition of anonymity, described the troubled Obamacare website project as suffering from top-level management disarray, changing systems requirements and recurring delays.

Excerpt: Every so often we hear stories of how babies conceived by rape are born and turn out to have wonderful lives. Consider Auburn University's new homecoming queen:

Former community organizer: Ignore all those bloggers and activists, please. By Ed Morrissey

Excerpt: Obama: “All of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists, and the bloggers, and the talking heads on radio, and the professional activists who profit from conflict, and focus on what the majority of Americans sent us here to do,” Obama continued.

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