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Old Jarhead's Political SitRep for September 14, 2012

Your one-stop-shop for political news and opinion. Please forward to friends who need to be informed. This SitRep (Military for “Situation Report”) is created by many readers who send me items for inclusion, which I would have likely missed or skipped. And I can only spend at most three hours a night pulling stuff, plus the healthcare or economic stuff that crosses my desk at work. As always, I—and you—owe them thanks and appreciation. I post articles because I think they are of interest and will stimulate thought and discussion. Doing so doesn’t mean that I necessarily agree (or disagree) with every—or any—opinion in the posted article, or that I was able to verify the information presented, which is the responsibility of the author. I try not to post things that are false, or too far a stretch, regardless of the view point, but I don’t always succeed. As always on the Net, or in the legacy media, you must read critically and with skepticism.

I label the really good stuff “Worth Reading,” but I think everything I post is worth reading. That said, I know no one can—not even me—read it all, so try to give you wide choices and excerpts to keep you informed.

Came within a hair of labeling yesterday’s post “August.” Time moves too fast for old Jarheads.

Off to Madison for the Granddaughter’s 12th birthday after work Friday, so posts may be light for awhile. ~Bob

Former Navy SEALs identified as consulate attack victims
Excerpts: Fox News confirms Tyrone Woods, 41, a former Navy SEAL, was one of four Americans killed -- including US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and ex-SEAL Glen Doherty -- when protesters attacked the US consulate Tuesday in Benghazi, Libya. (News outlets were reporting two Marines killed—apparently not true. ~Bob.)

Turmoil Spreads to U.S. Embassy in Yemen
Excerpt: Turmoil in the Arab world linked to an American-made video denigrating the Prophet Muhammad spread on Thursday to Yemen, where hundreds of protesters attacked the American Embassy, two days after assailants killed the American ambassador in Libya and crowds tried to overrun the embassy compound in Cairo.

New Wave of Attacks on U.S. Embassies
Excerpt: Protesters stormed the U.S. Embassy in Yemen today and set fire to a building. Like the mob in Egypt on Tuesday, they tore down the American flag. Reports are also circulating of a separate protest in Tehran today with about 500 Iranians chanting "Death to America." Meanwhile, a onetime mentor of Osama bin Laden called on his followers to replicate what happened in Libya and Egypt.

New riots broke out in Cairo Wednesday night, into Thursday morning, less than 48 hours after a US Ambassador was killed in Libya. By Scott Krane
Excerpt: Just short of two days after some 3,000 protesters breached the walls of the U.S. embassy and tore down the American flag in protest to a recent film that lampoons Islam and shortly after the U.S. ambassador and three other personnel members were killed in Libyan riots, new riots broke out in Cairo Wednesday night, into Thursday morning.

Ambassador Stevens killed at site with no Marines
Excerpt: The consulate where the American ambassador to Libya was killed on Tuesday is an “interim facility” not protected by the contingent of Marines that safeguards embassies, POLITICO has learned.

Worth Reading: Report: U.S. consulate in Benghazi had no Marine protection. By Allahpundit
Excerpt: There’s not even a pretense of an excuse made there. Whether it’s S.O.P. to deploy Marines to “interim facilities” or not, this was no ordinary facility. It’s an unfortified building in a volatile Muslim city that’s been targeted by jihadis beforeand it’s 9/11. Obama had no qualms about sending Marines to Benghazi today to reinforce the building; there’s no reason to think he couldn’t have sent them sooner. So what’s the excuse? Or is he simply counting on the media not to ask him this question? Because if so, I’ve got to tell you — that seems like a smart bet at this point.

Despite Threats, No Marines Guarded U.S. Consulate In Libya. By John Nolte
Excerpt: This is startling and troubling news, especially in light of the fact that the day before yesterday's attacks, September 10, al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahri made direct threats against Americans in Libya to avenge the death of Abu Yahya al-Libi, a high-ranking al-Qaeda official taken out by an American drone attack last June. …Moreover, just hours before the attack ...[Sean] Smith sent a message to Alex Gianturco, the director of "Goonswarm," Smith's online gaming team or "guild." “Assuming we don’t die tonight,” the message, which was first reported by Wired, read. “We saw one of our ‘police’ that guard the compound taking pictures.”

State Department: Secretary Responsible For Security Failures
Excerpt: Clinton, as Secretary of State, should know the answer to that question. That she didn’t anticipate even the remote possibility of the murder of our ambassador to Libya by her erstwhile friends led to his death. The Secretary of State is responsible for ensuring the security of our embassies and consulates and staff, as the State Department website plainly acknowledges:

Egyptian Intelligence Warned Of Embassy Attacks As Early As Sept 4. By AWR Hawkins
Excerpt: Israeli sources have revealed that Egypt's General Intelligence warned jihadists were planning attacks on U.S. and Israeli embassies as early as a week before they occurred on the anniversary of Al Qaeda's 9/11 terror attacks. The report indicated that the group behind the attacks was Global Jihad. This group is now suspected in the deaths of 16 Egyptian border guards in Sinai -- deaths for which some Egyptian officials originally blamed Israel.

Daily Caller barred from CAIR press conference on Islamist attacks in Egypt, Libya. By Vince Coglianese
Excerpt: The Council on American-Islamic Relations blocked a Daily Caller reporter from access to the group’s press conference Wednesday afternoon, accusing the outlet of being a “hate group.” The noon press conference was scheduled to address Islamist attacks on American embassies in Egypt and Libya Tuesday night.

Diplomat killed in Libya sent chilling message to fellow gamers before death
Excerpt: One of the American diplomats killed Tuesday in a bloody attack on a Libyan Consulate told pals in an online gaming forum hours earlier that he'd seen suspicious people taking pictures outside his compound and wondered if he and his team might "die tonight." (Sure it was a spontaneous riot over a movie. But President Clinton, err I mean President Obama [In route to a Las Vegas fundraiser] , has promised to “bring them to justice.” Where have I heard that before? ~Bob.)

Exclusive: No Record Of Intel Briefings For Obama Week Before Embassy Attacks
Excerpt: According to the White House calendar, there is no public record of President Barack Obama attending his daily intelligence briefing--known as the Presidential Daily Brief (PDB)--in the week leading up to the attacks on the U.S. embassy in Cairo and the murder of U.S. Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens and three American members of his staff:

Profiles in cowardice: the 2012 Obama platform. By Chris Cox
Excerpt: Gone is any mention of Chicago. That’s because life in the criminal utopia that Obama helped build there is not pretty. When he was a candidate and lawmaker from Southside Chicago, Barack Obama endorsed a complete ban on handgun ownership.

Excerpt: Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius violated federal law by using her Cabinet position to campaign for President Obama, federal investigators said Wednesday. The Office of Special Counsel (OSC) said Sebelius violated federal law in a February speech where she made "extemporaneous partisan remarks." (No sweat. I’m sure Eric Withholder and the DOJ will crack down. Ha! I crack me up. ~Bob.)

General Motors or China Motors?
Interesting and frustrating if accurate. ~Bob

Worth Reading: CPS kids would need vouchers to attend 'unreal' schools. By John Kass
Excerpt: Real school? You mean that public system where four of 10 students don't graduate? Since real school wasn't open, I was compelled to visit an unreal school. A South Side school where 100 percent of the students graduate, and 100 percent are accepted to college. A Roman Catholic all-boys school that draws from poor and working-class neighborhoods, a school where there are no cops or metal detectors, no gang recruitment, no fear. (The Trib now requires free registration. This column is worth the time. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: Members of the Occupy movement rallied in support of Chicago public school teachers whose strike for better pay and working conditions continued Tuesday. But according to financial reports from the Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund, many retiring public teachers in Chicago receive a pension that puts them in the wealthiest echelons of the workforce—a group of people typically criticized by Occupy Wall Street.

Storming Embassies, Killing Ambassadors, and ‘Smart’ Diplomacy. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: The attacks on the U.S. embassy yesterday in Cairo and the storming of the American consulate in Libya, where the U.S. ambassador was murdered along with three staff members — and the initial official American reaction to the mayhem — are all reprehensible, each in their own way. Let us sort out this terrible chain of events.

Arabic Sources Reveal Shocking Information about the attacks on U.S. Embassy in Egypt By Walid Shoebat
Excerpt: The storming of the U.S. embassy in Cairo on the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is not coincidental, despite the claims made by those behind it – as well as the liberal western media – that it was in response to an anti-Muslim film released in the U.S. Arabic sources, once translated, again tell the real story. On September 10th, advertisements that encouraged people to join in the protests of the film were in abundance.

Good Cartoon

Obama’s DOJ Grants ATF New Gun Grab Authority
Excerpt: The Obama administration via the Department of Justice has given authority to the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to “seize and administratively forfeit property involved in controlled-substance abuses.” This means now that people who are not dealing illegal drugs, just using them and anyone who might associate with them in the same residence or be in a vehicle can have their God-given right of keeping and bearing arms revoked by the government god. In fact, no conviction is even required in these instances.

'Arab Spring' Explodes in Attacks Against America. By Clare M. Lopez
Excerpt: As Americans everywhere remembered the attacks of September 11, 2001 today, in Cairo, Egypt, they stormed the U.S. Embassy and penetrated the perimeter. They ripped down the American flag, tore it to bits, and burned the pieces. Shouting "[w]e will sacrifice ourselves for you, Allah's messenger!" the crowds then ran up the black flag of jihad. The al-Qa'eda battle flag, the flag of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. Over the U.S. Embassy. On September 11.

No, It’s Sharia and the Assault on U.S. Missions: We are witnessing the stepped process of the Islamization of American domestic and foreign policy. By Andrew C. McCarthy
Excerpt: I could not more vigorously disagree with my friend Daniel Pipes, who disappointingly lays fault for yesterday’s carnage at the feet of Reverend Terry Jones. In essence, Daniel — like much of the progressive, bipartisan U.S. ruling class — adopts the reasoning of Muslim Brotherhood jurist Yusuf Qaradawi, who admonishes that women who fail to conform to fundamentalist Islam’s restrictive sartorial standards have only themselves to blame when they get raped. Let’s say Terry Jones was Imam Terry Jones.

10 Quotes By Barack Obama About Islam Contrasted With 10 Quotes By Barack Obama About Christianity

Barack Obama Is a Dangerous Leftist of a New Kind, not a Communist, Muslim, Marxist, or Socialist. By Barry Rubin
Excerpt: So what are we dealing with here? A radical leftist movement pretending to be liberal, growing out of the New Left of the 1960s, painfully aware of how the far left miserably failed in American history, and trying to create a twenty-first century stealth leftism. The first step was to gain hegemony in the key institutions that created ideas, rather than the factories that created material goods.

(Exclusive) Internal DOJ Documents Argued for SC Voter ID Approval … but Obama Appointees Overruled. By J. Christian Adams
Excerpt: PJ Media has learned that a team of career lawyers, expert analysts, and supervisors in the Justice Department Voting Section recommended that South Carolina’s photo voter identification law be precleared under the Voting Rights Act as non-discriminatory. Presidential appointees in the Justice Department then disregarded the career recommendation and an objection followed, blocking South Carolina’s voter ID law.

A Few Thoughts on the Second 9-11. By Bryan Preston
Excerpt: As we now know, the film had nothing to do with the attacks in Cairo or Libya. The attacks were pre-planned and warned of on Monday. The attackers want something: the release of the sheikh who masterminded the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center in New York. Zawahiri re-iterated that demand today. Al Qaeda’s and Egypt’s interests have been converging, and they snapped together on the 11th anniversary of 9-11.

The Democratic Party and a Second Holocaust. By Roger L Simon
Excerpt: I admit the title of this article is incendiary, but these are incendiary times — not just because the U.S. consulate in Benghazi has been torched and the embassy in Cairo attacked by Islamic fanatics protesting a movie no one ever heard of, let alone saw, but because, in the midst of this, the president of the United States declined to meet with the prime minister of Israel when Benjamin Netanyahu is in the U.S. next week for the convening of the General Assembly.

Report: Head of MI6 Told Israel Not to Attack Iran. By Elad Benari
Excerpt: The head of the British Secret Service, the MI6, made a secret visit to Israel to urge Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu not to attack Iran, the Daily Mail reported on Tuesday… Meanwhile, U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said Tuesday that the United States will have “little more than a year” to respond to Iran should the Islamic Republic decide to build a nuclear weapon,…He continued to state that the United States has "pretty good intelligence" on Iran, adding, "We know generally what they're up to. And so we keep a close track on them."

Libya attack may have been planned and organized. By Mark Hosenball
Excerpt: The attack that killed the U.S. ambassador and three other American diplomats in Benghazi, Libya, may have been planned and organized in advance, U.S. government officials said on Wednesday….Some U.S. officials cautioned against assuming that the Benghazi attack, or a similarly-timed violent protest at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, were deliberately organized to coincide with the anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks carried out by al Qaeda in Washington and New York.

The Teachers Union Commits Suicide. By Dick Morris
Excerpt: The teachers union will never recover from this strike in Chicago. If their demonstrations against Scott Walker were self-destructive, then the strike now unfolding is pure assisted suicide. Of course, voters like the teachers union when they advocate for better schools but hate them when they strike.

No Time For Netanyahu, But Obama To Attend Jay-Z, Beyonce Fundraiser. By John Nolte
Excerpt: Yesterday was the 11th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, and on that day President Obama snubbed Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but did agree to appear on David Letterman's show…. Now we're learning that yesterday, you know, on 9/11, MTV confirmed that although Obama can't find time to meet with Netanyahu, he has found time to attend a fundraiser with Jay-Z and Beyonce: ... The president will be in attendance at the 100-guest event, with ticket prices hitting $40,000 per guest.

Tweet from @AceofSpadesHQ
Maybe Netanyahu can send $5 to Obama's campaign to be entered into a dinner raffle with Obama and Jay-Z

Sebelius violated Hatch Act and may be fired, Obama administration lawyers find. By Matthew Boyle
Excerpt: “This is the most high profile example of a Hatch Act violation since the Act was passed in 1939,” Epstein said. “Never before has a member of the President’s Cabinet been found to have committed a Hatch Act violation. President Obama should immediately fire HHS Secretary Sebelius for her violation of federal law. (Of course no action is needed. Hey, it's not like she was caught shipping guns to Mexican drug cartels or anything. -- Morning Jolt with Jim Geraghty. If you’re in the Party, above the law that applies to the serfs. –Barb)

Media Ignores Increased Deaths, Casualties In Afghanistan Under Obama. By Tony Lee
Excerpt: On the somber 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, nearly 2,000 members of the U.S. military have died in Afghanistan since the war started in response to the attacks in 2011. ….What is more striking, though, is more U.S. soldiers have been killed and wounded during President Barack Obama’s first term in office than former President George W. Bush’s two terms.

Obama: Israel, No; Muslim Brotherhood, Yes. By Mike Flynn
Excerpt: Yesterday, my colleague AWR Hawkins reported that the White House, on the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, had declined a meeting request from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu…. Obama does have time, however, to meet with the new Islamist President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, who is traveling to the US at the same time as Netanyahu.

Obama Says Romney 'Shoots First and Aims Later' in Embassy Attack. By Gregory J. Krieg and Emily Friedman
Excerpt: President Obama said today that criticism of his handling of the assaults on American embassies in Libya and Egypt was off the mark, suggesting that Mitt Romney has "a tendency to shoot first and aim later" with his political attacks. Romney had charged earlier today that the Obama administration's response to the attacks in which four Americans died was "disgraceful" and amounted to apologizing to the militants. (This from a guy who reportedly did not attend 50% of his intelligence briefings and sends drones in the night, irrespective of collateral damage to women and children…but, hey, he has a Peace Prize. –Barb. This from a guy who attacked Libya in violation of the War Powers Act, thus setting up the present situation. ~Bob.)

Obama Admits He Lost Egypt As An American Ally. By John Nolte
Excerpt: In a stunning admission a media currently obsessed with manufacturing a gaffe for Romney can hardly bring itself to report, President Obama made a tacit admission yesterday that he has lost Egypt as an American ally: President Obama says the U.S. would no longer consider the Egyptian government an ally, “but we don’t consider them an enemy.”

President Barack Obama didn't intend to signal any change in the U.S.-Egypt relationship last night when he said Egypt is not an "ally," the White House told The Cable today.

US consulate attack in Libya: death of US ambassador would be act of war. By David Blair
Excerpt: Not only did they choose a crucial stage of the US election campaign, but the assault took place on the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11. As such, President Barack Obama will come under overwhelming pressure to respond when he wakes in Washington this morning. Put bluntly, the destruction of diplomatic premises resulting in the murder of an ambassador would amount to an act of war.

Breaking: Major Solyndra Figure in DoE Defies House Subpoena, Refuses to Testify
Excerpt: Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, issued a statement Wednesday afternoon regarding the testimony of Morgan Wright. Wright is the Obama administration’s Director of Strategic Initiatives in the Department of Energy. According to Issa’s statement, Wright has refused to appear for a subpoena in the investigation into Solyndra, the failed “green” tech company that lost more than half a billion taxpayer dollars in the form of a government-backed loan approved by the Obama administration.

MSNBC Liberal Pundits, Muslim Brotherhood on the Same Side Against Free Speech
Excerpt: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi asked the Egyptian embassy in Washington to take legal action in the United States against makers of a film attacking the Muslim Prophet Mohammad, the official state news agency said on Wednesday…..The protest was planned by Salafists well before news circulated of an objectionable video ridiculing Islam’s prophet, Mohammed, said Eric Trager, an expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. The protest outside the U.S. Embassy in Cairo was announced Aug. 30 by Jamaa Islamiya, a State Department-designated terrorist group, to protest the ongoing imprisonment of its spiritual leader, Sheikh Omar abdel Rahman.

Abstract: Energy production on private lands in the United States has been one of the most promising success stories in recent years, at a time when the country has struggled to grow economically. A large part of the success behind this tremendous oil and gas production and jobs creation is due to an energy-extraction process known as hydraulic fracturing. Misconceptions about hydraulic fracturing abound. The Heritage Foundation’s Nicolas Loris explains how, regulated effectively, hydraulic fracturing is safe—as well as necessary for energy production and job creation in the United States.

Curing the Pre-Existing Conditions of ObamaCare. By Tom Miller and James C. Capretta
Excerpt: This is nonsense. The country does not need ObamaCare to solve the relatively limited problem of restrictive insurance coverage for pre-existing health conditions. Nonetheless, it remains crucial for ObamaCare’s opponents to embrace a sensible fix. Apparent lack of a clear alternative should not provide an excuse for retaining the entirety of the ObamaCare edifice.

The Accounting Trick That Will Haunt Public Pensions. By Andrew Biggs
Excerpt: State and local government employee pensions around the country are significantly underfunded. The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB), which is the closest thing that comes to a regulator of public pensions, tells them, through its accounting rules, that the single best thing pensions can do to improve their funding is to take greater investment risk. Economic theory, accounting rules applied to virtually all other pension plans, and plain common sense strongly disagree.

Dutch PM wins election, tough fiscal stance likely
Excerpt: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, one of the few European leaders to survive an election during the euro zone crisis, is expected to form a coalition with his close rival, Labour, and stay committed to a policy of fiscal discipline. The victory of two centrist, pro-European parties in the general election on Wednesday was hailed by analysts and investors as a sign that one of Europe's richest countries remained a close ally of Berlin.

Crumb & Get It - No To Joe
Excerpt: A small business owner refused to do a photo op with Vice President Joe Biden. Why? Because Chris McMurray works had at building his own business and disagrees with statements made by President Obama that he didn't do it on his own, statements supported by Joe Biden. (The response to this one man saying no (very respectfully, it must be noted) to a photo-op with the VP because of convictions about religion and other disagreements with various Administration statements tells us a great deal about the minds of many Americans today. And what it says about Americans is all good. How fortunate we are to have this example of what this nation is about. –Del)

Who Is Sam Bacile? Anti-Islam Filmmaker's Bio Doesn't Add Up By Russell Goldman and David Wright
Excerpt: The filmmaker who produced an incendiary, anti-Muslim movie that stirred extremists Tuesday to storm the U.S. embassy in Egypt and may be linked to the fatal attack on the U.S. ambassador in Libya may have gone into hiding, as doubts rose as to his true identity. …But a search of public records and inconsistencies in Bacile's own accounts, as well as information from a radical Christian who helped produced the movie all suggest that "Sam Bacile" is a pseudonym and is not Israeli but an Arab Christian. (Something smells in CA and it’s not just the fish/residue from the Salton Sea….Barb)

Pentagon asks pastor to pull support of anti-Islam film
Excerpt: "The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, spoke by phone this morning with Pastor Terry Jones. In the brief call, Gen. Dempsey expressed his concerns over the nature of the film, the tensions it will inflame and the violence it will cause. He asked Mr. Jones to consider withdrawing his support for the film." (Sorry General, but that's not part of your job. We all know full well that he was DIRECTED to make that call. And, as JCS Chairman, only one person can order him to make that call! MasterGuns)

Listen Up! Are you Election Ready?
Excerpt: Gunny R. Lee Ermey has an important new message for all military members and their spouses. It is time to register and request an absentee...

Obama Expands ATF's Right to Seize Guns. By AWR Hawkins
Excerpt: Obama has expanded civil-forfeiture rules making it permissible for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to seize weapons from citizens without the hassle of due process. Last year, even without these expanded powers, ATF confiscated more than 11,000 guns, and nearly four hundred of them were taken from innocent citizens. …We cannot view this expansion of civil-forfeiture without remembering Obama's May 2011 pledge to pursue gun control "under the radar."

What really motivated the embassy attacks? By Michael Rubin
Excerpt: The September 11 murder of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, a mob’s sacking of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, and the attack on the U.S. embassy in Cairo demonstrate the war against terrorism is far from over…. The war on terrorism and, more specifically, the fight against Islamist radicalism, is an ideological battle. The United States, moderate Muslims, and those valuing freedom and liberty must triumph not only on the battlefield, but also in the classroom and on the airwaves.

Sen. Sherrod Brown pushes to top up Delphi pensions with taxpayer money. By Matthew Boyle
Excerpt: Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown will introduce new legislation on Thursday, his spokeswoman told The Daily Caller, that would use taxpayer money to top up the pension plans of the 20,000 non-union Delphi salaried retirees that President Barack Obama’s administration terminated during the 2009 auto bailout….. Brown’s plan would also give full control over the pension plans to Geithner, though internal Obama administration documents and communications prove that he and senior White House and Department of Treasury officials actually drove the cutoff of those very plans a little more than three years ago.

Excerpt: The theme of the president's 2012 re-election campaign is that George W. Bush left such a terrible mess that Barack Obama could hardly be expected to clean it up in four years. In other words, 43 months of unemployment rates above 8 percent, $5 trillion in new borrowing, $16 trillion in aggregate debt, gas prices of nearly $4 per gallon, a dive in average family income and involvement in two wars were all due to George Bush and simply too difficult for anyone else to overcome. So Obama cannot be judged on his record between 2009 and 2012.

The Higher-Ed Bubble is Bound to Burst. By Jeff Jacoby
Excerpt: "If you want to go to college," my mother said, "you'll have to get a scholarship." Luckily, I did. I was admitted to George Washington University, which generously awarded me a grant covering the full cost of my tuition. To the best of my recollection, that sum was $2,400 in 1975, the year I entered GW. To pay for my other expenses there were several forms of need-based financial aid, and I received what is now called a Pell Grant and a subsidized work/study job on campus. (My dad was a school teacher who always had a second job to support the family. He told me, “If you want to go to college, you’ll have to find a war, like I did,” Then he felt guilty the whole time I was in Vietnam. I went to state schools on the GI bill, and PT jobs, no other help, except dad provided a roof, a bed and, if I was home at dinner time, dinner. With my high school record—I graduated in the top 97% of my class, a scholarship was out of the question. ~Bob.)

Death of Ambassador Stevens Is America’s Shame, Hillary’s and Obama’s. By Roger L Simon
Excerpt: Now I admit what follows is pure speculation, but we have to ask cui bono, who profits from violence of this nature driving the Arab world further from the U.S., Israel and the West. Well, al-Qaeda, of course, but I suspect they’re not that deep into the intelligence business that they’re fabricating movies, even of this crude nature. No, this seems to be the work of a country with an intelligence service, one that has the reach even to cross our borders to plot the assassination of a foreign ambassador, one that frequently works through cutouts and has a fair amount of expatriate citizens in Los Angeles, the capital of film (well, once upon a time).

The President Sends a Message of Submission. The Western media are not the only ones who fail to see the symbolism of raising al-Qaeda’s banner on 9/11. Our President missed it as well. By Vic Rosenthal
Excerpt: Do you think it was an accident that these events happened on the anniversary of 9/11? I don’t. Similar ‘provocations’ against Islam can be found 365 days a year, not just on 9/11.

Obama Super PAC Banked $1 Million from Producer of Anti-Religious Movie. By Bryan Preston
Excerpt: Not the crummy Mohammed movie everyone is talking about, heavens no. …..In 2008, Bill Maher produced the film Religulous. That film mocks organized religion and, in particular, singles out Christianity for scorn. The purpose of the movie is to depict religious believers as crazy.

Obama; Middle East Apologist Extraordinaire
Excerpt: When Barack Obama made that speech to the Egyptian Parliament soon after taking office I knew America was in trouble. It was that speech in which Obama said America is no more special than any other country. He chose to ignore our saving the world twice and feeding and medicating the world for much of the last century. Never mind that no other country in world history as been as valiant in defense of freedom nor as compassionate than the American people. When Obama and cohorts changed the name of the "war on terror" to "overseas contingency operations" I knew we were in deeper trouble.

Worth Reading: Christopher Stevens: Devoured by a Monster He Helped Create. By Robert Spencer
Excerpt: When the Libyan uprising against Muammar Gaddafi began to gather steam in April 2011, American diplomat Christopher Stevens was determined to get there, but it wasn’t easy. …There were already numerous indications that the Libyan rebels were not the democratically-minded, America-loving pluralists of media myth. Rolling Stone magazine, of all publications, had warned in their March 21 issue that “America is now at war to protect a Libyan province that’s been an epicenter of anti-American jihad.” (To be fair, diplomats operate under the direction and policies of the President and the Secretary of State. The buck stops there. Which is not to say that Stevens wasn’t a Transnational Progressive. ~Bob.)

Consulate attack planned as 2-part militant assault, Libyan official says
Excerpt: A senior security official says the attack that killed four Americans in Libya, including the U.S. ambassador, was an organized two-part operation by heavily armed militants that included a precisely timed raid on a supposedly secret safe house just as Libyan and U.S. security forces were arriving to rescue evacuated consulate staff.

REPORTS: Marines not permitted live ammo
Excerpt: U.S. Marines defending the American embassy in Egypt were not permitted by the State Department to carry live ammunition, limiting their ability to respond to attacks like those this week on the U.S. consulate in Cairo. (If true, and if the CMC knew and did not intervene, then he should resign immediately and the Ambassador should be fired for incompetence. --MasterGuns)

Worth Reading: The American Media Beclowned Themselves Yesterday. By Erick Erickson
Excerpt: Yesterday, as the American consulate in Libya was smoking and the rioters were returning in Egypt, the President of the United States flew off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser while his spokesman was telling the American press corps that yesterday wasn’t really a normal political day. Had it been George W. Bush, the media would, right now, be marching on the White House with pitch forks and torches. Remember, on 9/11, as events were unfolding in Washington, the American media was crying for President Bush to return to Washington. They wanted Daddy at home in the White House where he could tuck them in bed, damn the security issues of getting him there.

Not the debt, not the economy, not the Islamic Jihadists, not China, not illegal immigration—it’s Twinkies! ~Bob.

Ambassador Stevens was raped before he was killed!
Excerpt: It fails me to understand how liberals sympathize with Muslim scum. I am floored over this and shocked it isn't being reported on American news. Obama, if he really cared, should be outraged and we all know he is not! (I rate this as “unproven” at best. If true and proven, I think it will blow the lid off. ~Bob.)

Obama backing Islamic groups behind Libya, Egypt attacks? Al-Qaida jihadists reportedly among rebels fomenting Middle East revolt. By Aaron Klein
Excerpt: Is the U.S. supporting the very Islamic groups now attacking the country’s diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt? The U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and three other American diplomats were killed in an attack today on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. One witness to the mob scene in Libya said some of the gunmen attacking the U.S. installation had identified themselves as members of Ansar al-Shariah, which represents al-Qaida in Yemen and Libya.

Excerpt: The Federal Reserve on Thursday announced that it is extending its plan to keep interest rates low until at least mid-2015 and is also launching a plan to buy $40 billion of mortgage bonds a month for as long as the economy needs it. It is the central bank's most
significant intervention since 2010 and is an upside surprise to what markets expected.

Poverty stays near record high, median income drops
Excerpt: The number of Americans living in poverty stayed at a record high in 2011, while the median household income fell for a second straight year, the Census Bureau announced Wednesday, as it released its latest look at how Americans live. (Obama built that! ~Bob.)

Credit Suisse Pessimistic About Debt Crisis
Excerpt: But according to Credit Suisse economist Dr. Neal Soss, the compromise plan would have the effect of chopping nearly 4 percentage points off the gross domestic product and tossing the country back into another recession. That’s why Soss and others believe the government will come up with another plan.

“Apologizing for America, appeasing our enemies, abandoning our allies and slashing our military are the hallmarks of Mr. Obama's foreign policy.” – Liz Cheney

Report: Sensitive information at risk; long delays in DOJ security process. By Jordy Yager
Excerpt: The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 requires agencies to grant 90 percent of their National Security Information clearances within an average of 60 days. But only 31 percent of the DOJ’s security clearance approvals were completed by the required 60-day deadline, while the majority of the background and security checks — 61 percent — took somewhere between 61 and 180 days to finish.

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