Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Free Anti-Obama Books Offered

Bob, here is the information on ordering the booklets:
Call James Zeiler at 715 566-2464
Jim is a 65 year old Army veteran and he lives in Wisconsin and he is being financed on this by someone who has $$$$ and they want Obama out of office. There is no cost for the material and shipping; they want to get as much information out before the November election. I suggest ordering at least 50 booklets of each and distribute them within your community and share this information with like-minded people. You can order as many times as you want. The only cost to you is your phone call and you can let Jim know that I provided you with his information. Please share this other people and hopefully we will take America back from this Socialist government of ours; do it for your KIDS and GRANDKIDS.  Need I say more?!!
Any questions just get back with me.  Semper Fi.

--Michael McNeely

Mike is a Marine Vietnam vet. He sent me this and asked me to share. I called Jim at the number above and he gave me the okay to post this. ~Bob

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