Sunday, September 16, 2012

Guest Post from a Marine Vietnam vet

Where do you see America four years from now?

Having received multiple emails about the movie "2016", I want to share some of our thoughts on the movie and on the upcoming election for president and all the way down to the lowest local race.

Charlotte and I saw "2016" several weeks ago and strongly recommend it for anyone that truly cares which direction our country is going. No matter which side of the fence you stand on, it's important that your decision is one that you really want to make and not one that you are being led into by the media.

There isn't much time left to register to vote for those that plan to vote in November. Make sure you are registered. Ask friends and family to see the movie and also make sure they are registered. Encourage everyone to votes as soon as early voting starts. Win or lose, this election is the most important thus far in our lifetime. I pray that there is a record turn out of legal, educated voters.

It's important that we fill both houses of Congress with folks that come closest to what we believe in. In Texas, I will be supporting Ted Cruz but note that a senator from Massachusetts will have a much to do with the nations future as one from Texas. That's why I am supporting Scott Brown over the Marxist Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts. No I can't vote in Massachusetts but I can support Brown by sharing information and financially.

Some others that I have supported or will support include Congressman Allen West in Florida, Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann in Minnesota, and the list goes on and on.

I am not asking you to support any candidate because I said so. What I am asking is that you educate yourself about all of the candidates in any race that you intend to vote for. It's going to take a little more than listening to the media talking heads. It's going to take much more than punching a straight D or R. Vote and get others to vote. Share this email and do your part in waking up a few of the sleeping.

It is that important and more!



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