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Political Digest for July 10, 2012

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I will be away until Monday, August 20, 2012. Some family time, then four days of fairly-intrusive tests as part of a lung transplant evaluation. I do not know if I will have any computer time, or feel up to it, so there may be no Political Digests until I return and can get caught up. Please hold most e-mails to me. No jokes, blessings, cute comments, cute kittens or anything but truly personal messages or the most acute political news. Unless, of course, the Commandant of the Marine Corps activates the “40 and K Recall List” which I’m on. That only happens if the Taliban get to 40th and K streets in Washington, DC, and they call us old, beat up guys back out of desperation. I’m ready. Semper Fidelis. ~Bob.

The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
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Jihadist "rebels" in Syria Hang Child after Killing Family Members
Excerpt: Obama is supporting these monstrous jihadists. Where is the Western media on this? They are backing these monsters as well. These jihadists are killing journalists. But the media gets its talking points from jihadists groups here in the US. Hamas groups and Muslim Brotherhood groups (like CAIR) are pressuring Obama to step support for these murderers. Assad's Syria was bad, but this? Pure hell. The Muslim Brotherhood has formed their army in Syria. Millions of Christians and Alawites will be slaughtered in a bloodbath. (I hope first they told the kid that “Islam is a Religion of Peace.” ~Bob.)

John Kass has a fix for Mitt Romney's taxes and Sen. Harry Reid's screeds
Excerpt: And what about the Freedom of Information request by the Tribune that the Obama administration rejected years ago? It was for documents from the mortgage giant Freddie Mac, which made bad loans and was at the center of the real estate collapse. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Obama's former chief of staff, served on the Freddie Mac board. Emanuel made at least $320,000 for a 14-month stint on the board, but the Obama administration wasn't interested in sharing the details.

Excerpt: The facts appear to show that the bank didn’t give a damn about what the United States law said or what regulators thought. That’s what the email context appears to demonstrate. Treasury and the US Government in general have a long history of looking the other way and simply imposing tiny fines and hand-slaps for conduct that would land any other entity in front of a court on felony charges. Just try doing business with blacklisted Iranian firms yourself and see how fast you get locked up!

Undisciplined: The Obama administration undermines classroom order in pursuit of phantom racism. By Heather MacDonald
Excerpt: And so the Departments of Education and Justice have launched a campaign against disproportionate minority discipline rates, which show up in virtually every school district with significant numbers of black and Hispanic students. The possibility that students’ behavior, not educators’ racism, drives those rates lies outside the Obama administration’s conceptual universe. But the country will pay a high price for the feds’ blindness, as the cascade of red tape and lawsuits emanating from Washington will depress student achievement and enrich advocates and attorneys for years to come.

IRS told employees to ignore potential fraud in program used by immigrants
Excerpt: IRS supervisors ignored employees who tried to warn agency higher-ups of fraud in a program designed to collect taxes from immigrants, resulting in the agency paying out potentially bogus refunds. The Treasury inspector general for tax administration said the IRS even eliminated some methods employees had used to figure out questionable refund requests, and that the agency doesn’t have the ability to verify applicants’ identity or foreign status. (Remember that study showing law and order as having the highest correlation with economic success of nations? Obama is hoping to prove law is irrelevant. He's doing just the opposite by introducing Banana Republic graft and corruption. Don Hank)

Team Obama Lies About Nastiest & Most Vicious Campaign Ad In History
Excerpt: What has been labeled the nastiest, most vicious ad of the 2012 campaign so far is not only a lie, but the Obama campaign lied about knowing about the man in the ad, which was produced by a pro-Obama SuperPAC. Priorities USA released the ad which basically claims that Mitt Romney is responsible for the man in the ad, Joe Soptic, losing his wife to cancer. The title of the ad is “Understands.

Obama Regime Helps To Free Murderer Of 5 Marines
Excerpt: Feigning indignity, outrage, and remorse, the Obama Administration quietly watched from the sidelines as a Hezbollah commander, guilty of planning the murder of five U.S. Marines, was set free on July 30th by the Iraqi central criminal court.

43% Of Established Immigrants On Welfare
Excerpt: Immigrants lag behind native-born Americans on most measures of economic well-being — even those who have been in the U.S. the longest, according to a report from the Center for Immigration Studies, which argues that full assimilation is a more complex task than overcoming language or cultural differences. The study, which covers all immigrants, legal and illegal, and their U.S.-born children younger than 18, found that immigrants tend to make economic progress by most measures the longer they live in the U.S. but lag well behind native-born Americans on factors such as poverty, health insurance coverage and homeownership.

Why this Afro American small businessman and life-long Democrat will never vote Democrat again
Excerpt: My mother had 4 kids. We all had different dads. Only 2 of us knew our dads. My mom did not have a high school diploma. We grew up in the projects of Columbia, South Carolina, Saxon Homes and Alan Benedict Court. We got government assistance, food stamps, free lunch and government cheese. My mom worked 2 or 3 jobs, 10 plus hour days 5 or 6 days a week. 

Dems want Romney to make bold but risky running mate choice
Excerpt: Democrats want Mitt Romney to make a bold but risky pick for his running mate — someone they could exploit on the campaign trail. Strategists suggested Wednesday that the choice of popular candidates like House Budget Committee Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), or Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell could all excite Romney's conservative base — but provide plenty of fodder for President Obama's re-election campaign.

Worth Reading: Food as Fuel: This summer’s drought highlights the madness of the government’s ethanol mandates. By Robert Bryce
Excerpt: You don’t have to be an economist to understand why the ethanol sector is driving food prices higher. This year, about 4.3 billion bushels of corn will be converted into motor fuel, according to Bill Lapp, president of Advanced Economic Solutions, an Omaha-based commodity consulting firm. That means that nearly 37 percent of this year’s corn crop, which Lapp estimates to amount to about 11.6 billion bushels, will be diverted into ethanol production.

Excerpt: In the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare, Americans should remember that higher taxes are not the only negative consequence of the law. Obamacare limits patient choice through expansive federal regulation of the insurance market, government interference in the decisions patients make with their doctors, and increased dependence on government health programs.

Liberals' Secret Weapon: Republicans Who Don't Read. By Ann Coulter
Excerpt: Fifty years from now, everyone will agree that Karl Rove committed treason by revealing the identity of CIA "spy" Valerie Plame, tea partiers shouted the N-word at a black congressman and Duke lacrosse players gang-raped a stripper. Liberals tell whopping lies, and most conservatives can't be bothered to learn history.

Who Gets a Pass? By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently said of the Chick-fil-A fast-food franchise that "Chick-fil-A's values are not Chicago's values." … Oddly, none of these public officials have lectured President Obama to keep clear of their cities. Yet until recently, Obama was likewise on record as opposing gay marriage.

Southern White Democrats Face End of Era in Congress
Excerpt: The only remaining white Democrat in the House of Representatives from the Deep South, Rep. John Barrow, is in jeopardy of losing his job in November, which would mark a monumental shift in American politics.

Higher Gas Prices Add to Economic Slump
Excerpt: Unemployment is at 8.3 percent. The economy is sputtering at 1.5 percent growth. Food prices are rising due to drought conditions across the country. And gas prices are up again, pinching Americans' summer budgets. It is past time for the President and Congress to pursue smart policies that would put us on a path to relief.

US starts landmark Agent Orange cleanup in Vietnam
Excerpt: The United States began a landmark project Thursday to clean up a dangerous chemical left from the defoliant Agent Orange — 50 years after American planes first sprayed it on Vietnam's jungles to destroy enemy cover. (The Hanoi government has known about the four major "hot spots" at former US airbases for at least 20 years, but until the recent past did nothing about any of them, until they managed to finally extract money from us to start some work. Hanoi is all about begging and guilting money from anyone they can, for whatever projects they can sell as being humanitarian. But what do governments exist for? To take care of the people, at least if you call yourself "socialist". Hanoi has hundreds of millions of dollars to buy Russian submarines, their upper class people drive Mercedes and send their kids to college in France and the US, they go to Hong Kong to gamble big money. The nation is not so poor that they could not have done this work on the Da Nang airbase a very long time ago on their own. But instead of actually taking care of their people, they just made a long running propaganda campaign out of it. Now, finally, they've guilted us into bankrolling what they, as a sovereign nation with lots of foreign exchange, could easily have done on their own long ago. The communists were lying bastards who cared nothing really for their people way back when, and nothing has changed. They're just smart and manipulative enough to get us to cough up millions for assorted projects, dioxin clean up being one of them. I don't feel any guilt about those remaining sites. Yeah, we created them, but the communists took over the South, in total violation of the Paris Accords, and when they did that they got all the responsibility for taking care of whatever was there. Again, they are "socialist", which is supposed to mean the welfare of all the people is the first priority of the government. What a sad joke that is. --Del)

Excerpt: Illegal aliens who have been released from custody between 2008 and mid-2011 have been charged with 16,226 subsequent crimes, including 19 murders, 142 sex crimes and thousands of drunk-driving offenses, drug-crimes and felonies, according to a new report from the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service.

Excerpt: “I think it’s not so odd because Friedman succumbs nakedly to the totalitarian temptation,” Steyn said. “In other words, every so often he writes these columns and he’s supposedly the most influential in-house thinker at the New York Times saying, ‘China — sometimes if you have benevolent authoritarianism, you can do the things that need to be done,’ which as he sees it is banning the plastic bag.

Russian sect found after nearly a decade
Excerpt: Seventy members of an Islamist sect who have been living in an underground bunker without heat or sunlight for nearly a decade have been discovered living on the outskirts of the city of Kazan in Russia, local media reported.

Obama Administration: Why Not Negotiate With Terrorists?
Excerpt: In an effort to keep Afghan peace talks from the going the way of Israeli/Palestinian peace talks, the Obama administrations has decided to negotiate with Taliban allies in Pakistan. Moreover, they've told those Taliban allies that if they will release one U.S. soldier from captivity, the U.S. will release five Taliban detainees from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for him

Limbaugh’s ‘The Great Destroyer’ Most Comprehensive Takedown of Obamaism Ever Written
Excerpt: The Great Destroyer is the most comprehensive case against President Obama ever presented. And it’s done meticulously, thoroughly, completely rationally. It is not hyperbolic; no hyperbole is necessary to describe the utter disaster that has been the Obama administration. It is not hysterical – no hysterics are needed to lay out, in full color, just what Obama has done to the very notion of Americanism.

Taxpayer-Funded A-123 Green Energy Company Handed To Chinese. By Lindsay Leveen
Excerpt: A 123 Systems, the “green,” federal stimulus-funded lithium ion battery manufacturer, announced atrocious quarterly results today. Most expected that A 123‘s results would be dark red. What was a surprise was the simultaneous announcement that the company had entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with a Chinese industrial group, Wanxiang, that will give the Chinese control of the company

The Obama Administration Pays Illegal Aliens to Come Here. By John Hinderaker
Excerpt: Republican Senators proposed such legislation, but Harry Reid refused to allow it to come to the Senate floor for a vote. So at the same time that the United States is going broke, with $16 trillion in debt, we are bribing people from all over the world, illegally as well as legally, to enjoy federal benefits at taxpayer expense. And Barack Obama and Harry Reid refuse to permit anything to be done, even to the extent of limiting blatant fraud.

Worth Reading: How Labor makes some workers disappear. By John Crudele
Excerpt: Last Friday, the Labor Department announced that the headline unemployment rate for July — the one followed in the newspapers — notched up one-tenth of a point to 8.3 percent. And the president is certainly going to have a hard time explaining why the jobless level is still so high. But there’s another figure — called the U-6, buried deep in the Labor report — that should really be of concern to the president.

Yes, vote fraud’s real--Likely gave us Sen. Franken
Excerpt: And why — in the name of “civil rights” — is Attorney General Eric Holder using the power of the Justice Department to hamstring states trying to put a stop to voter fraud by requiring a secure ID in order to vote? The answer is clear: In an election that promises to be every bit as close as Bush v. Gore in 2000, each side is going to need every vote it can get. And one way, historically, that Democrats have been able to swing close elections is through fraud.

Our Big Fat Greek Habits. By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.
Excerpt: In the University of California system, the number of senior administrators has grown four times faster than the number of teachers since 1993—to the point where the ratio is now one-to-one. Remember the Ross Perot joke about the USDA employee weeping at his desk because "his farmer died"?

‘Europe Will Collapse as the Soviet Union Did.’ By Giulio Meotti
Excerpt: “It’s inevitable that the European project should reach a crisis – as it was inevitable that Lenin’s project in 1917 should do the same.” Roger Scruton has no doubt: the European Union will collapse as it happened with the Soviet Union. (Unfortunately, I think we won’t be far behind. ~Bob.)

Lawyer Requests Exclusion of Copts from Constitutional Committee for being "Polytheists." By Shereen Taher
Excerpt: Sherif Gadallah, a lawyer from Alexandria has submitted a report to the public prosecutor, against the president of the court of appeal, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Mosque, the interim Pope of Alexandria as well as President Mohamed Morsy requesting the exclusion of Copts from the committee in charge of forming Egypt's constitution, claiming that Orthodox Copts are not representative of Egypt's Christian population…

Hezbollah smuggles high-grade explosives into Israel
Excerpt: Court charges eight Israeli-Arab residents of Nazareth, Ghajar for helping transfer explosives; Shin Bet official says foiled operation would have needed Nasrallah's approval, adds: This is just the tip of the iceberg. (Like the North Vietnamese Communists in 1973, they talk “Peace” only as a step towards military conquest. ~Bob.)

Ahmadi Muslim claims that anti-Sikh violence is actually anti-Muslim violence -- yet his list contains Muslim violence against Sikhs
Excerpt: A 15-year-old student has his hair forcibly cut by an older student at his high school. The scissor-wielding 17-year-old showed the Sikh a ring inscribed with Arabic, saying, “This ring is Allah. If you don't let me cut your hair, I will punch you with this ring.” Afterward, he cuts the younger boy’s hair. A main pillar of the Sikh faith compels followers to keep their hair uncut.

Community Comes Together to Bury Veterans Without Families. By Doug Karr
Excerpt: One of the most moving and powerful veteran stories of the year centers around the dedicated community of Boulder City, Nevada and how they honor their fallen hometown heroes.

Near-Bankrupt California Awards Hollywood $100M In Corporate Welfare. By John Nolte
Excerpt: Remember folks, trickle-down economics only work in the entertainment business. Remember folks, tax cuts for the rich are evil, unless it goes to rich people in Hollywood. Remember folks, big business is greedy and corrupt and evil -- except for the big business of Hollywood.

Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A “Vision” of the Future
Excerpt: The U.S. Army’s Operating Concept 2016-2028 was issued in August 2010 with three goals. First, it aims to portray how future Army forces will conduct operations as part of a joint force to deter conflict, prevail in war, and succeed in a range of contingencies, at home and abroad.

The worst "you can't make this stuff up" in a long time
The Sudanese premier is the only head of state ever to have a warrant issued for him by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. And he is going to get to sit as a member of the UN Human Rights Council. As the article says, this is like putting Jack the Ripper in charge of the women's shelter. The UN is, overall, a damn disaster. Yes, some of its commissions do some work that at least looks helpful to various poor nations, but the cost of maintaining the UN compared to the benefits is way, way off. And remember, we pay more into the UN than anyone else. Personally, I think we'd be better off just doing stuff internationally on our own. –Del)

Why Economic Collapse of U.S. Is Inevitable!
Excerpt: This short video – on the unsustainability of government spending – should be watched by everyone, including those not yet old enough to vote. It should be shown in every high school and college classroom. Anyone that cannot understand this presentation should not be allowed out without a guardian.

High-Ranking Mexican Drug Cartel Member Makes Explosive Allegation: ‘Fast And Furious’ Is Not What You Think It Is
A high-ranking Mexican drug cartel operative currently in U.S. custody is making startling allegations that the failed federal gun-walking operation known as “Fast and Furious” isn’t what you think it is. It wasn’t about tracking guns, it was about supplying them — all part of an elaborate agreement between the U.S. government and Mexico’s powerful Sinaloa Cartel to take down rival cartels. (I wouldn’t put much faith in this guy. ~Bob.)

From the Scott Brown campaign
In the latest example of Beacon Hill machine politics, it was reported yesterday that the state of Massachusetts is using hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to finance a massive voter registration drive targeting nearly half a million welfare recipients - that's about 1/3 of the votes necessary to win. The registration drive is in response to a complaint from a left-wing offshoot of the now defunct group, ACORN, and another liberal group funded by billionaire financier and convicted insider trader George Soros called Demos. The kicker? The chairman of the board of Demos is none other than Elizabeth Warren's daughter. And the board of Demos is chock full of Warren donors. Nothing to see here, right? This is what we're up against in the political machine in Massachusetts, where years of one-party rule has perpetuated a culture of corruption and sleaze.

A Golden State Train Wreck. By George Will
Excerpt: State Sen. Joe Simitian’s district office near Stanford’s campus is nestled among shops sporting excruciatingly cute names (A Street Bike Named Desire, Mom’s the Word maternity wear) intended to make the progressive gentry comfortable with upscale consumption by presenting it as whimsical. This community surely has its share of advanced thinkers who think trains are wonderful because they are not cars (rampant individualism; people going wherever and whenever they want, unsupervised). Nevertheless, Simitian was one of just four Democratic state senators who recently voted — in vain — to derail plans that eventually may involve spending more than $100 billion on a 500-mile bullet train from San Francisco to Los Angeles. (I can't remember who recently called that, "from a place no one wants to be to a place no one wants to go." Kate.)

The Last Ticket to Fantasyland Expires in Three Months. By John Ransom
Excerpt: Obama has destroyed the political center in this country, and for that we can be thankful. Because Obama’s policies have exposed the basic problem with the bipartisan approach favored by establishment Republicans and so-called Blue Dog Democrats. Both of those centrist elements have often led the country to believe that limited government meant accepting half the social and economic agenda that more radical Democrats propose.

VIDEO: New Romney Ad: Obama has declared 'war on religion'
Excerpt: A new Romney ad, titled “Be Not Afraid,” points to the president’s health care law as a threat to religious liberty and focuses on Romney’s July 31 trip to Poland, the birthplace of Pope John Paul II.

Europe, Bloody Europe. By Andrew Stuttaford
Excerpt: It’s always bloody Europe. It was Europe (specifically, Tory splits over Britain’s relationship with the EU) that finally did in Mrs. Thatcher, and it did in poor John Major too. Now it is beginning to look like David Cameron might eventually go the same way, felled by the issue he has tried to dodge since becoming party leader in 2005.

For Unpaid College Loans, Feds Dock Social Security Benefits: More retirees are falling behind on student debts. By Annamaria Andriotis
Excerpt: It's no secret that falling behind on student loan payments can squash a borrower's hopes of building savings, buying a home or even finding work. Now, thousands of retirees are learning that defaulting on student-debt can threaten something that used to be untouchable: their Social Security benefits

Sussing the Competition: No matter how much you want this job, there are 652 other people who want it, too.
Excerpt: Such are the times we live in. Eric Auld, a fellow with a master’s in English has been out of work for months, all the while applying for job after job after job. Then he got an idea Man Creates Fake Craigslist Ad To View His Competition — He Was Quite Surprised.

Deception revealed in Obama attack ad that blames Mitt Romney for woman's cancer death
Excerpt: The most brutal political ad of the 2012 election has blown up in the Obama campaign's face after blatant deceptions were revealed in the story of a woman who died of cancer following the closure of a steel mill owned by Mitt Romney's venture capital firm.

Landslide on the Horizon. By Paul H. Rahe
Excerpt: The question that everyone will pose to himself on the first Tuesday in November is this: “Do I want four more years of this?” (I predict a landslide too. In the UK in 1992, the polls said that Labour (the Left) were going to win. Margaret Thatcher (Conservative) won by a landslide. Thus spake Kate.)

VIDEO: Man who claimed he was beaten for being gay admits he make it all up after police receive video of him hitting his own head and back-flippin off a curb. Daily Mail UK
Excerpt: Shortly after the case began to rise to national attention, police received an anonymous video of Baken attempting to do a backflip off of a street curb and subsequently hitting his face on the sidewalk. As a result, he was charged with filing a false police report, to which he plead guilty on Wednesday

More on the Murder in Madrid: The International Cultural Enrichment News: "Diversity at your community." By Baron Bodissey
Excerpt: As a follow-up to last night’s post about the cop-killing in Madrid, this article from P├║blico provides more details. Many thanks to our Spanish correspondent Hermes for the translation: A female police agent was killed in a shooting in Madrid

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