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Political Digest for August 30, 2012

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Excerpt: At a conference at the Vatican I attended some years ago, Nobel laureate Gary Becker gave the opening speech. I found what he said quite remarkable: “The greatest beneficiaries of capitalism are those at the bottom of the income ladder. That’s why I favor capitalism. Were that not the case, I would not be in favor of capitalism. Milton Friedman feels the same way.” I was so struck by this comment that I wrote it down and have kept it all these years. In general, people who are right of center do not tend to talk all that much about their concern for the poor. Or is it that they just get drowned out by all the bleeding heart noise on the left? In any event, the evidence for Becker’s core observation is overwhelming. What brings this to mind is Paul Krugman’s latest attack on Paul Ryan: (This is a must read, as it helps make the compelling moral case for free enterprise, property rights and limited government. I have long said that progressives care only about feeling good about having good intentions and being for the right things; but not at all about the results of their policies on real people. There are endless examples, from banning DDT to save the birds while killing millions of black, brown and yellow kids with Malaria to supporting black rule in Zimbabwe, with a resulting drop in black life expectancy from 63 to about 36. [Now that they want to feel good about green energy, they don’t care how many birds die in eagle-chopper wind farms!] ~Bob.)

Hillsdale College Course on the Constitution
Just signed up for a 10 week online course beginning September 4, taught by Hillsdale College on Constitution 201 “The Progressive Rejection of the Constitution and the Rise of Bureaucratic Despotism”. The course will provide an in-depth look at American progressivism—its historical roots and principles; its rejection of America’s founding principles and Constitution; its political successes in the New Deal, the Great Society, and recent years; the ongoing debate between progressives (or modern liberals) and conservatives; and the constitutional revival. The course is free of charge to all who wish to register, although there is a suggested donation of $50 to help cover expenses...the $50 is a tax write-off. If you are interested in this course go to: Progressive thinking is a danger to our way of life! You can fight this progressive movement through education and factual information. –GBH

Iranian warship transits Suez with arms for Assad
Excerpt: Egypt has again allowed an Iranian Navy ship to pass the Suez Canal toward Syria. A senior official said the Egyptian Navy approved the passage of an Iranian ship loaded with weapons to move from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. The official said Egypt dismissed a request by the United States to stop the Iranian ship at the canal. (How’s that soft-power, foreign policy reset working out, Barack? The Muslim Brotherhood holds us in contempt. They will take our money and use it to destroy freedom. ~Bob.)

Occupy RNC Protesters Chant "Obama is a ****ing Traitor,' "We are the Insurrection."
Excerpt: I’m not sure how serious we should take them, as these are the idiots who’ve already had to beg cops for water because they didn’t bring enough.

21st century nuclear… for beginners
Excerpt: The content covers generation IV technology, safety, radioactive waste, sustainability and carbon emissions of uranium supplies, small modular reactors, and economic competitiveness compared to other low-carbon energy options. The overarching context is nuclear as a solution to climate change. That's what Ben and I really care about, after all. (Note that we offered this series gratis as a community service -- we are educators, after all, and to us, dissemination of evidence-based knowledge is its own reward). (These folks have done a wonderful job of compiling information and making it available. The six articles (9 pages total) cover most of the objections of the anti-nuke crowd and refute their arguments easily (of course, since this is based on evidence rather than feelings, don’t expect to change any of their minds….), and do it in easily understood terms. SACOME stands for South Australian Chamber of Mines and Engineering, a professional site for those interested in mining/engineering. Following the links in the original article can be confusing, so here is the link directly to the story referred to: Worth printing if you have a person-of-interest to show it to. Do keep in mind, these folks are true believers in Catastrophic Global Climate Change Caused by Humans; but that doesn't invalidate their knowledge of nuclear technology. Ron P.)

Jeff Flake wins GOP Senate nomination in Arizona
Excerpt: Rep. Jeff Flake won Arizona’s Republican Senate primary Tuesday, easily defeating self-funded businessman Wil Cardon. He will face former surgeon general Richard Carmona in the general election. (I met Flake when he spoke at an Illinois Policy Institute luncheon here in Chicago, and was impressed. He used to run the Goldwater Institute. He’ll be a valuable addition to the senate. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: Rep. David Schweikert (R-Ariz.) defeated fellow freshman Rep. Dan Quayle in their member-vs-member primary. Quayle called him to concede, the Arizona Republic reports. The Associated Press has called the race.

Worth Reading: A Better Way to Track Unemployment
Excerpt: Reports of lower unemployment rates are often misleading because they don't take into account several factors such as discouraged workers -- those that have not looked for work in the past four weeks - and people whose unemployment benefits have dried up, says R. David Ranson, a senior fellow with the National Center for Policy Analysis. Recent encouraging reports about the reduction in the unemployment rates are the result of misleading definitions of what unemployment is. A better avenue of calculating the rate of employment would be to check the ratio between the employed and the population of the working age. The complement of the ratio between the employed and the working age population, called the not-employed rate, is equally objective, and supplies a transparent indicator of improving or deteriorating labor market conditions. The not-employed rate also includes those that are in the military, full-time home care-givers, the retired, those in school, etc. Nearly 60 percent of the civilian population of working age was employed as of June 2012. However, 41.4 percent of the population was not-employed as of June 2012. Before the recession, the not-employed rate was at 37 percent, meaning the not-employed rate must drop nearly 5 percentage points to justify a claim of complete recovery.

Worth Reading: Hard Facts: An Energy Primer
Excerpt: The Institute of Energy Research recently published Hard Facts, an energy primer that seeks to correct myths that shroud current debate surrounding energy. Domestically, the United States has enough of fossil fuels to last for centuries.

Skateboarding into Victimhood Superstardom
Excerpt: An L.A. television station's inflammatory reporting has brought forth a new star into the victimhood cosmos. Oh how comforting is the mantle of victimhood, how rosy and flattering is the light that so often shines on those who wear it. And how willing are some to shine that light no matter how tenuous the claim to victimhood may be.

79% of GM’s sales last month was government purchased
Excerpt: Remember how Obama keeps telling us how he saved GM, and how our economy is getting better, it seems the car company he bought is being saved by Govt employees using our tax money to buy new cars. 79% of GM’s sales last month was government purchased. … Americanvision says “That’s like you setting up a lemonade stand for your kids. You buy them the lemons, sugar, cups and pitchers – and then buy most of the lemonade yourself.” (Lot of comments knocking the math in this piece. Judge for yourself. ~Bob.)

Top 3 Small Business Struggles
Excerpt: Small businesses are getting a lot of focus from politicians, because they are a key engine of job creation—which has stalled in the U.S. economy. A Republican National Convention theme of "We Built It" continued the political debate over the economy yesterday. A survey by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) in July revealed that small businesses' top three concerns were taxes, regulations, and poor sales. A quick look at these top three small business struggles shows they have every reason to be demoralized.

Excerpt: Since Ryan’s selection, polls have tightened. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has even predicted Romney will win the state.

U.S. sees signs Israel could use nuclear EMP attack against Iran. By Bill Gertz
Excerpt: U.S. intelligence agencies recently reported growing concerns that Israel will conduct a strike on Iran using a high-altitude nuclear burst aimed at disrupting all electronics in the country. The intelligence worries were triggered by recent publication of an article in the Israeli press suggesting the Jewish state should carry out an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, attack.

Shift in Connecticut Senate Race as Democrat Is Put on the Defensive
Excerpt: But a funny thing has happened in Connecticut as the political world has focused on Missouri, Massachusetts, Virginia and the few other states considered likely to determine which party controls the Senate. Battered by Ms. McMahon’s advertisements before he even became the nominee, Mr. Murphy has found himself on the defensive in a race that could add an unexpected wild card into the battle for the Senate.

Great Speech by Obama 2008 Co-Chair: Transcript: Artur Davis' RNC Address: The former congressman and ex-Obama backer says Republicans "have a country to turn around."
Worth Reading if you missed it. ~Bob. Excerpt: “To those Democrats and independents whose minds are open to argument: listen closely to the Democratic Party that will gather in Charlotte and ask yourself if you ever hear your voice in the clamor. Ask yourself if these Democrats still speak for you. When they say we have a duty to grow government even when we can't afford it, does it sound like compassion to you -- or recklessness? When you hear the party that glorified Occupy Wall Street blast success; when you hear them minimize the genius of the men and women who make jobs out of nothing, is that what you teach your children about work? When they tell you America is this unequal place where the powerful trample on the powerless, does that sound like the country your children or your spouse risked their lives for in Iraq or Afghanistan? Do you even recognize the America they are talking about? And what can we say about a house that doesn't honor the pictures on its walls?” (Or watch it here:

Excerpt: One of the left’s favorite attacks on the Republican Party is that it is the party of old white people, devoid of diversity and probably racist. If you were watching MSNBC’s coverage of the Republican National Convention in Tampa on Tuesday night, you might believe those assertions, since missing from the coverage was nearly every ethnic minority that spoke during Tuesday’s festivities. (Guess this is because MSNBC is racist, doesn’t cover minorities. Or just biased, because minority Republicans don’t fit their narrative? ~Bob.)

Is The Media Coordinating On Race Baiting? Ask John Harris and Politico
Excerpt: We should not forget any of this because I do not believe it is any accident that today the Politico has a big story from John Harris about race in the 2012 election.

Excerpt: Mia Love gave a stemwinder of a speech to kick off the prime time hour on day one of the Republican National Convention, a speech that brought the audience to its feet in cheers. Love, the congressional candidate for Utah’s 4th District, is seen as a potential rising star in the Republican Party. An articulate speaker, she is an effective mouthpiece for the party, but she is also a good face as the party seeks to expand its base: if elected, she would be the first black, Republican woman ever elected to congress. (Yeah, but she’s a Mormon, which, unlike “Black Liberation Theology” is out of the mainstream. So I learned from the media, anyway. ~Bob.)

The America I Know by Mia Love
Excerpt: Regardless of the difficulties we may face individually, in our families, in our communities and in our nation, the old adage is still true — you can make excuses or you can make progress, but you cannot make both! The America I know doesn’t make excuses. The America I know is grounded in the gritty determination found in patriots, pioneers and struggling parents, in small business owners with big ideas, in the farmers who work in the beauty of our landscapes and the artists who paint them, in our heroic military and our inspiring Olympic athletes, and in every child who looks at the seemingly impossible and says, “I can do that.” (Every child like Neil Armstrong. Go get 'em, Mia! - Kate. There are report that after her speech, “tolerant liberals” vandalized Love’s Wiki page, calling her a “whore” and a “house nigger.” The left’s war on women and minorities. ~Bob.)

Quotes from The Patriot Post
"The difference between a welfare state and a totalitarian state is a matter of time." --author and philosopher Ayn Rand (1905-1982)

"Sometimes the law defends plunder and participates in it. Sometimes the law places the whole apparatus of judges, police, prisons and gendarmes at the service of the plunderers, and treats the victim -- when he defends himself -- as a criminal." --French economist Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850)

"President Obama is angry at Mitt Romney for suggesting that college students should 'borrow money from their parents.' Right. You should do what Obama does -- have them borrow money from their future children." --Fred Thompson

"They [were] worried that Tropical Storm Isaac [w]ould hit Florida during ... the Republican convention. But Florida [was] ready for it. Thanks to President Obama's economic policies, many businesses down there [were] already boarded up." --comedian Jay Leno

The Rich Don't Pay Enough? By Walter E. Williams
Excerpt: If you listen to America's political hacks, mainstream media talking heads and their socialist allies, you can't help but reach the conclusion that the nation's tax burden is borne by the poor and middleclass while the rich get off scot-free. … According to IRS 2007 data, the richest 1 percent of Americans earned 22 percent of national personal income but paid 40 percent of all personal income taxes. The top 5 percent earned 37 percent and paid 61 percent of personal income tax.

Senator Clarifies Remark Telling Troops To ‘Go Fuck Themselves’, Says Quote Taken Out Of Context
Excerpt: Senator Linda Lopez (D-29, AZ), a member of the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, was apparently quoted during the interview as saying “the troops should just go fuck themselves.” Lopez continues to claim that her remarks have been “taken out of context” and that she is in fact a huge supporter of the U.S. military. .... In the wake of the Gabrielle Giffords’ shooting, she told an interviewer that the shooter was “probably a veteran of Afghanistan.“ (Sorry for the language, but it is refreshing to have a Democrat with the courage to say what most of them think. ~Bob.)

A Socialist President Shreds The Constitution
Excerpt: He took advantage of a financial crisis to install an army of program czars to implement a bevy of tax-draining socialist programs with costs in the tens of billions. He portrayed himself to the American people as their "savior". He demonized business and the economy fell further. He used deficit dollars to dole out money to his constituent interest groups. He took control of the banks and regulated them so tightly that credit for economic expansion dried up completely and millions of businesses went belly up...or never got off the ground.

We Are Still Building This! By Armstrong Williams
Excerpt: The theme for this year's Republican National Convention in Tampa is We Did Build That! It's an interesting choice of a theme. There are a lot of options this year: Governor Romney is running against a president who simply hasn't got anything right.

Shedding the Light on the SEIU: Were it not for the internet, you might never know about America’s most notorious union
Excerpt: Prior to the beating of Kenneth Gladney, the Service Employees International Union (or SEIU) flew under the public’s radar. Many Americans’ had never heard of then-SEIU boss Andy Stern and his merry band of purple goons*. Since the Gladney beating, however, the SEIU has earned the reputation once held by such notorious unions as the once mafia-controlled Teamsters or Longshoremen.

Mr. Scam Man Song

Blame It On Bush / The Voters - Song

"180" Movie
About Hitler and the Holocaust.

School asks deaf preschooler to change his sign language name
Excerpt: Three-and-a-half year old Hunter Spanjer, who is deaf, signs his name by crossing his forefinger and index finger and moving his hand up and down. To his family, friends and those who know the Signing Exact English (S.E.E.) language that the Grand Island, Neb., boy uses, that gesture uniquely means "Hunter Spanjer." But to Hunter's school district, it might mean something else. The district claims that it violates a rule that forbids anything in the school that looks like a weapon, reports KOLN-TV. (We are drowning in Political Correctness. I have a hand sign for these brainless bureaucrats… ~Bob.)

Look who's behind 'Voter ID is racist' campaign
Excerpt: A radical group funded by billionaire George Soros that has a history of biased research is primarily behind a national campaign to paint voter ID laws as racist. The voter ID data collected by the group, the Brennan Center for Justice, has been called into question by experts and has been contradicted by other credible studies. Yet the center’s information is cited widely by news media and even members of the Obama administration.

Excerpt: Ramadan is over but the war stories keep coming in.

SEAL book raises questions about bin Laden’s death
Excerpt: Bissonnette also writes disparagingly that none of the SEALs were fans of President Barack Obama and knew that his administration would take credit for ordering the May 2011 raid. One of the SEALs said after the mission that they had just gotten Obama re-elected by carrying out the raid. … He says Biden told “lame jokes” no one understood, reminding him of “someone’s drunken uncle at Christmas dinner.”

Excerpt: A short while ago my friend Tom - who traded bonds for many decades and knows something about debt - sent me an email that simplified the understanding of the federal debt problem.

Gun-toting 'Barack Obama' robber nabbed, police say
Excerpt: According to Riviera Beach police, a man named Marvin McTeare, 22, is the person who robbed a McDonald's restaurant while carrying a gun and wearing a 'Barack Obama'-type mask. (Well, this is racist…oh, wait, McTeare is black…just spreading the wealth around. ~Bob.)

The Liberal Response: Mia’s Wikipage Vandalized, Ann Gets Death Threats, Insults, Smears. By Tammy Bruce.
Excerpt: Posted in: Well, the liberal ‘War on Women’ continues and has picked up steam! If you needed more passion for supporting the Romneys what you’re about to see should remind you why our work is so important and why me must succeed. We cannot leave the world to these beasts.

Yahoo News fires David Chalian
Excerpt: "They're not concerned at all. They're happy to have a party with black people drowning," Chalian said during the ABC News/Yahoo News webcast, in reference to the fact that the GOP convention in Tampa is taking place as Hurricane Isaac makes landfall on the north Gulf coast.

Tweet from Kevin Eder @keder
Few things are more rich than people who voted for Teresa Heinz-Kerry's husband whining about how much money Ann Romney has.

Trace Adkins unveils GOP theme: 'Tough People Do'
Excerpt: Ann Romney had just finished her Republican National Convention speech Tuesday night that dished on her patriotic husband Mitt when mammoth blue collar country star Trace Adkins unveiled a new song that could easily be the Romney-Ryan campaign theme song: "Tough people do."

Central Texas mayor dead after apparent attack by donkey
Excerpt: A Central Texas mayor has been found dead after apparently being attacked by a 500-pound donkey on his ranch.

MSU student's jaw broken and mouth stapled during attack
Excerpt: A 19-year-old Michigan State University Jewish student's jaw was broken in two places and his mouth stapled shut outside of an off campus house party early Sunday morning. Several bystanders, who reportedly witnesses the attack did not of offer to assist the injured young man. The incident has been reported with caution, as the Jewish student and his family insist the attack was a hate crime, but police said after speaking with two witnesses, they doubt the attack was racially motivated. (Of course not. You can’t have hate crimes against Jews, Christians, whites and Asians. Only against Muslims, gays, blacks and Hispanics—I think that’s the current victimhood pecking order on the left. ~Bob.)

Ann Romney Shines in Tampa, Makes America Fall in Love with Her and Mitt. By Chrystal Wright (Conservative Black Chick).
Excerpt: Ann Romney just didn’t shine at the Republican National Convention when she spoke Tuesday night, she rocked the hall, owned the stage and won the hearts of conservatives and –dare I say undecided voters.

Marco Rubio Responds to LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. By Kevin Robillard, Politico
Excerpt: Florida Sen. Marco Rubio agreed Wednesday with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s assertion that the GOP can’t “just trot out a brown face” to solve their problems with Hispanic voters. “Quite frankly, what he’s saying is true for both parties,” Rubio said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “Policies matter..."

VIDEO: Protect our girls
Excerpt: WOMAN SEEKING ABORTION: " would give me time to just confirm that it's a girl...just cause it would be really awful if we, you know, accidentally aborted a boy...Please sign the petition.

Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada Praises Immigration. By Arian Camp-Flores
Excerpt: Brian Sandoval, the Republican governor of Nevada, offered a paean to immigrants in his speech at the GOP convention Tuesday night, part of a GOP effort to win back Hispanics alienated by Republican policies and rhetoric on immigration. “We are a nation of laws, a nation of due process and merit and justice for all, and yes, a nation of immigrants,” he said, to applause. “One of the greatest duties I performed” as a federal judge, he added, was to administer “the oath of citizenship for new Americans.”

After $100K 'public relations' payment from teachers union, Media Matters attacked Fox News. By David Martosko
Excerpt: A document the National Education Association filed with the U.S. Department of Labor in 2011 indicates that the teachers union donated $100,000 to Media Matters For America nearly two years ago, describing it as a payment for “public relations costs.” In the months that followed, Media Matters’ online coverage of teachers unions increased, focusing largely on attacking the Fox News Channel and other media outlets it considers “conservative” in nature. The $100,000 payment was first documented in “Shadowbosses: Government Unions Control America and Rob Taxpayers Blind,” a book by Citadel international politics professor Mallory Factor published on August 21.

Unelected Unions: Why Workers Should Be Allowed to Choose Their Representatives
Excerpt: Even better, Congress and state legislatures should allow workers to choose whether they want union representation, and if so, who represents them—unionized or not. This would give workers the ability to negotiate terms that represent their needs, instead of being forced into a one-size-fits-all contract.

Worth Reading: Liberal Chickens: Virtually every left-wing attack on Bush can legitimately be turned against Obama. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: It could not last — the attendee of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church sermonizing on tolerance; the practitioner of Chicago politics lecturing on civility; the most partisan voting record in the Senate as proof of a new promised bipartisanship; earlier books and speeches calling for hard-core progressivism as evidence of a no-more-red-state-blue-state conciliation. And in fact the disconnect did not last, and Barack Obama finds himself dealing with assorted chickens coming home to roost.

RNC Day One: What's love got to do with it? Michelle Obama's Mirror Blog
Excerpt: With Ann Romney and Chris Christie as the headliners, who would’ve thought that Love would steal the show. No, I don’t mean Ann’s speech, although she did announce right upfront that it was about love. And I don’t mean the Governator’s speech either which was about the relationship between love and respect. I’m talking about MIA LOVE, the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah of all places!

'Hitler' clothing store stirs anger in India
Excerpt: The owner of an Indian clothing store said Wednesday that he would only change its name from "Hitler" if he was compensated for re-branding costs, amid a growing row over the new shop. The outlet, which sells Western men's wear, opened 10 days ago in Ahmedabad city in the western state of Gujarat with "Hitler" written in big letters over the front and with a Nazi swastika as the dot on the "i".

Ann Romney Dazzles in Tampa. By Katie Pavlich
Excerpt: Romney spoke directly to a struggling America. She told them personal stories about her struggles with breast cancer, living with MS and raising five children. She spoke of the love her husband has given her through more than 40 years of marriage. “I want to talk not about what divides us, but what holds us together as an American family.

Obama's Sneaky, Deadly, Costly Car Tax by Michelle Malkin
Excerpt: While all eyes were on the Republican National Convention in Tampa and Hurricane Isaac on the Gulf Coast, the White House was quietly jacking up the price of automobiles and putting future drivers at risk. Yes, the same cast of fable-tellers who falsely accused GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney of murdering a steelworker's cancer-stricken wife is now directly imposing a draconian environmental regulation that will cost untold American lives.

Judicial Watch: Obama’s CIA Let Filmmakers ‘Deep Dive” Into Classified Material For Bin Laden Film. By Christian Toto
Excerpt: The CIA worked extensively - and preferentially - with the crew of the upcoming movie "Zero Dark Thirty" according to just-released documents obtained by Judicial Watch…. The filmmakers were able to "deep dive" into classified material in order to tell the story of the successful hunt for Osama bin Laden "first" with the direct permission of Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. The new documents show "Zero Dark Thirty" director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal had plenty of help from the Obama administration which sought a propaganda tool for the vital 2012 elections.

Clint F'n' Eastwood Headed To Tampa??
Excerpt: Here's one reason to think it's real: Clint Eastwood doesn't talk a lot about politics, but one thing that really steams his beans is entrepreneurial litigation, under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The racket here is that lawyers hire disabled people to go to business places, to see if there is any grounds for suit. They're looking for a reason to sue -- to greenmail a business owner and make a quick buck, usually by settlement.

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