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Political Digest for August 17, 2012

 Well, 75% done with my testing and 8/16 was an easier day—got the tube out of the nose and gullet! Friday, the grand finale, the heart cath. If the doc isn’t hung over and has a steady hand, I’ll report after I’m finished. Thanks to all who held non-essential e-mail. Down to 200 a day, including work, so have been able to keep up.

48 years ago today on August 17th, I met my Drill instructors, Sgt. W.H. Harris, Sgt. M. P. Martin, and Sgt. E. Owens, Jr. It was a great blessing, though it took a while to know that, because they gave me self-discipline—a pearl beyond price. ~Bob

Book Recommendation: Countdown: The Liberators. By Tom Kratman
Well, this is a revolting development. I haven’t finished Kratman’s excellent A Desert Called Peace series, but got turned on to his Countdown series, of which this is book one. Though I have both a very good military history and an excellent political book started, this came when I needed a little escapism. And make no mistake, this adventure fantasy is escapism. So I started it—and finished it without taking up the others. I’ll now have to order the next two. Sigh. If only books came with the extra time to enjoy them.

I know, and have recommended, Kratman as a writer of wonderful military science fiction. This book is more of a thriller, set in the too-near future to really be called SF. It is a future that is easily discernable from the converging lines of our deteriorating civilization today. More and more, Kratman reminds me of my favorite escapist novel writer, W.E.B. Griffin, in his terrific characterization of people you’d like to know well, and people you’d stand in a long line in the hot sun to get a shot at. But his plotting and presentation, especially about planning and executing military operations are, if anything, more detailed and authentic than Griffin’s. If Griffin can be called a historical novelist, Kratman is a future=history novelist. He understands how warriors talk, think and act. Kratman is a retired Army LtCol, but has a terrific grasp of all aspects of war: air, land and sea. If you want to see what an unpleasant future will look like, and what men and women of courage will have to do to cope with the brave new world that’s, alas, coming, you can hardly do better than to enjoy one of Kratman’s novels.

7 Americans troops die in Afghan helicopter crash
Excerpt: The international military force in Afghanistan says seven American troops are among the 11 people who died in a Blackhawk helicopter crash in the country's south. A Taliban spokesman says the insurgents shot down the aircraft but the NATO-led force said it is still investigating the cause. (While we were complaining about trivial things—such as my medical tests and condition—they were sacrificing their lives to protect us from Islamist terror. Remember that, every day. ~Bob.)

Syrian Conflict Crosses Border Into Lebanon in Abductions
Excerpt: Spillover from the Syrian conflict hit Lebanon in a frightening new way on Wednesday with the abduction of more than 30 Syrians inside Lebanese territory, which their captors called revenge for the kidnapping of a relative inside Syria. Members of a powerful Lebanese Shiite family who captured the Syrians, displayed in a video shown on Lebanese television, threatened to cause havoc in the streets and conduct an extended kidnapping spree in Lebanon until their family member, taken hostage by Syrian rebels, was set free. (Only a rosy-viewed transnational progressive multiculturalist could find any “good guys” in this—or any intra-Muslim conflict in the Middle East. See next article. ~Bob.)

Syrian government forces, rebels committing war crimes: U.N.
Excerpt: Syrian government forces and allied militia have committed war crimes including murder and torture of civilians in what appears to be state-directed policy, U.N. investigators said on Wednesday.

Syrian Rebels Said to Be Holding Elite Fighters From Iran
Excerpt: American officials said Wednesday that they had obtained credible information that at least some of the 48 Iranians captured in Damascus this month by Syrian rebels were members of Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, not the pilgrims described by the government in Tehran.

Israel Would Strike Iran to Gain Few Years’ Delay, Oren Says
Excerpt: Israel would be willing to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities, even if doing so only delayed its ability to produce nuclear weapons for a few years, Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren said.

Israel ready for 30-day war after Iran strike: minister
Excerpt: Israel is prepared for a 30-day war on multiple fronts should it decide to strike Iran, and is "ready as never before" for such a clash, the outgoing home front defence minister said Wednesday.

Hindus from Pakistan flee to India, citing religious persecution
Excerpt: More than 250 Pakistani Hindus have arrived in India over the past two weeks bearing tales of religious persecution, according to Indian border officials, fueling perceptions of growing discrimination against minorities in Pakistan. (Silly Hindus—nothing to be afraid of from members of a “religion of peace.” ~Bob.)

Worth Reading: Medicare drama more hype than reality. By Thomas R. Saving and John C. Goodman
Excerpt: The difference sounds fundamental, but actually it is a mirage. Surprisingly, there's very little difference between the two plans. There is no important difference in Medicare spending — even when the estimates of the president's budget are made by his own Office of Management and Budget and the costs of the Ryan plan are projected by Ryan himself. … The president's approach is inflexible. Ryan's approach has the advantage of making the cuts less painful by allowing market-based reforms instead of suppressing provider fees. (Doesn’t matter. The media will be delighted to assist the Obama campaign in frightening seniors, regardless of the facts. ~Bob.)

Worth Reading: A Survey on the Economic Effects of Los Angeles County's Plastic Bag Ban
Excerpt: Stores inside the ban area reduced their employment by more than 10 percent. Stores outside the ban area increased their employment by 2.4 percent. … Plastic bags generate 68 percent fewer greenhouse gases than composted paper bags, and consume 71 percent less energy during production. Reusable bags may be the worst of all, needing to be used 104 times to be less polluting than plastic bags; however, such bags are used only 52 times on average. (But it’s not about the environment or about jobs, it’s about making progressives feel all warm and fuzzy about their good intentions, rather than the results for everyone else. ~Bob.)

Reforming the Food Stamp Program. By Robert Rector and Katherine Bradley
Excerpt: Congress and the Administration should transform food stamps into a program that encourages work and self-sufficiency, close eligibility loopholes, and, after the recession ends, reduce food stamp spending to pre-recession levels. (In 20 years, none of these programs will exist, because there will be no money. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: Ecuador said Thursday that it was granting asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, a decision that thrilled supporters but will do little to defuse the standoff at the Latin American nation's London embassy, where the Australian ex-hacker has been holed up for almost two months in an effort to avoid being extradited to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning on allegations of sexual misconduct.

Republican National Convention Speaker From NRO’s Morning Jolt. . . with Jim Geraghty
Former Democratic National Convention Speaker Artur Davis, former Alabama congressman from the 7th District (2003-2011) who was the first member of Congress not from Illinois to endorse President Obama in 2008. Davis, then a Democrat, seconded the official nomination of Obama at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. He recently announced he is joining the Republican Party and supporting Mitt Romney. (Morning Jolt is worth subscribing to. ~Bob.)

Glenn Beck on Obama -- Brilliant!!
Bob, I read your blog daily. Thanks for all the work you do of sorting out what is worth reading. Don't know how you feel about Glenn Beck, but this video monolog is brilliant. I am also sending this to about 50 other Gyrenes, but figured you have a bigger distribution list. All need to see this. Whether you are a Beck fan or not, this is well worth the 20 minutes it takes to watch this video. Not only is it extremely informative and entertaining, it is also downright funny. I guarantee this will be a classic. If I were the GOP, I would buy the rights to this and air it every day until the election. Seriously, do yourself a favor and take the time to watch and enjoy this. –Bill H.

Public Spending
With Bob away, I thought I'd pass along a little bit of history that Mr. Romney should use. Both James Madison and Davy Crockett opposed spending public money for private welfare. The believed the Constitution did not grant such powers. --Tom H.

There Is No California: Palo Alto and Fresno share a state government, but that’s about it. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: Driving across California is like going from Mississippi to Massachusetts without ever crossing a state line. Consider the disconnects: California’s combined income and sales taxes are among the nation’s highest, but the state’s annual deficit is still about $16 billion. It is estimated that more than 2,000 upper-income Californians are leaving per week to flee high taxes and costly regulations, yet the state government wants to raise taxes even higher. 

More and more gov't agencies buying up lots of hollow point pistol ammo?
The article starts off with SS buying a bunch of .357 hollow points, but also lists all the other gov't agencies buying up ammo in amazing quantities. What use of all that ammo to Social Security offices, are they anticipating a major ground assault by us oldsters some fine morning? I guess we send in the wheelchair brigade first, then all the people carrying their oxygen bottles, then the ones who are well into Alzheimer's or dementia, and finally we roll all the bedridden people at them in their powered beds. By that time the pile of bodies will block all access to the offices and they'll have to surrender or die of
starvation. Seriously, what in hell is going on with all these major ammo buys for
departments that aren't exactly running SWAT assaults on a daily basis? –Del

Riot engulfs troubled French district in north
Excerpt: Months of tension between police and young people in a troubled district of northern France exploded on Tuesday, with dozens of youths facing off against riot officers in a night of violence. Seventeen officers were injured, a pre-school and public gym were torched, and at least three passing drivers in Amiens were dragged from their cars. (Hummm. Doesn’t mention the group the “youths” belong to. Think they could be Jews or Presbyterians rioting? ~Bob.)

Recruit George McGovern to Speak --- at the REPUBLICAN Convention! By Larry Elder
Excerpt: Yes, that old lefty McGovern. You know the expression, "A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged"? Well, McGovern has been mugged.

Dreams from My Real Father: Director Joel Gilbert at National Press Club, Washington DC
Transcript excerpt: However, as shown in Dreams from My Real Father, Barack Obama in fact has a deeply disturbing family background, which he intentionally hid, in order to obscure a Marxist political foundation. While voters will overlook some fudging by politicians, promoting a false family background to hide a Marxist agenda irreconcilable with American values is a totally unacceptable manipulation of the electorate.

FRC Shooting: Media Not Ready to Blame Politics. By Warner Todd Huston
Excerpt: The August 15 shooting of a security guard at the Washington HQ of the Family Research Council didn't spark the same hyperbolic claims from the Old Media establishment that politics is at the root of this violence. The shooter has ties to the gay rights community. No calls for investigations were made, no individual politicians were accused of fostering a "violent atmosphere," and no particular ideology was blamed as the cause of this crime.

Obama Is In Over His Head – Obama Cites Auto Bailout As Model.
Excerpt: In this video commentary, I discuss how Obama plans to use the GM Bailout as a template for his future industrial policy in a second term. It’s called socialism... If you needed another reason to vote against Obama, that will give you one...

'2016 -- Obama's America' -- why is the media so afraid of this movie? By Gerald R. Molen
Excerpt: If you thought being one of the producers of one of the greatest anti-hate films in history, one that exposed hatred, bigotry and anti-semitism would make you immune from being labeled a hate monger, think again. "Schindlers List" left its mark on the world and did so by telling the truth about man’s inhumanity to men. Yet the slings and arrows came at me to impinge my credibility, the work of Dinesh D’Souza and to once again use hate as their passport.

Excerpt: On his Wednesday radio show, conservative talker Mark Levin opened by framing the upcoming presidential election with a tough description of President Barack Obama. According to Levin, the author of “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America,” Obama is setting up future generations for a tough time, earning him the title “child abuser.”

Excerpt: Fort Hood jihad mass murderer Major Nidal Malik Hasan was in the news again last week, when he was found in contempt of court for the third time and fined $3,000 for refusing to shave his beard. (He can afford it; he is still receiving his salary from the U.S. military.) ….Both cases demonstrate, in different ways, the abject failure of government and law enforcement officials to deal adequately with the challenge of Islamic jihad terrorism.

Beard row halts trial of Major accused of murder
The trial of a US army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people in a shooting spree at an army base has been suspended while a court decides whether his beard should be removed….He has been found in contempt of court, fined $1,000, and has had to watch proceedings on closed-circuit television from a nearby room. Lawyers for Maj Hasan say he has had a premonition that his death is imminent and that he believes dying without a beard would be a sin. Forcing him to remove his beard could be a violation of his rights, they say.

Violence Erupts in France
Excerpt: Cops shot at, schools burned out, millions in damages as "youths" riot in two French cities. Well, the "youths" all happen to be of immigrant origin, living in concentrated neighborhoods with sky high unemployment and minimal if any assimilation. France has been sowing the wind for decades with their policies of immigration and tolerance, and now the whirlwind is maybe on its way. And this is occurring with a socialist government in power, not a Conservative or Right Wing group. But it's a challenge to the entire idea of the French government which means pretty much nothing to these alienated and disaffected people, so it really seems the only direction for things to go is downhill. Meanwhile, the French Right Wing is gaining more and more popularity as the bulk of French citizens reach their saturation point with the problems of their militant immigrant population. If things really blow up, as they easily can in not just two but dozens of cities, especially including Paris, it could be martial law and blood in the streets. I think I'll skip the vacation trip to Paris this Fall.....Del

Navy SEALs To Obama: You Didn't Kill Osama— We Did
Excerpt: : A group of former U.S. intelligence and Special Forces operatives is launching a media campaign to scold the president for taking credit for killing Osama bin Laden and endangering lives with self-serving leaks. (No doubt Team Obama will deride it as "son of Swift Boat," the 2004 ad campaign that cast doubts on Democrat presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry's claims about his service in Vietnam. But the group, the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund Inc., says its campaign is a necessary expose of the exploitation by President Obama of the actions of genuine American heroes for his political gain. (More Spec Ops complaints about the White House policies. --Del)

Excerpt: I dare you to watch TV for an hour and not be bombarded with at least half a dozen of those slimy personal injury lawyers. I hate them. The gag factor is in full throttle when those ads appear. The world would be better off with fully half of them dropping off a nice steep cliff. We are a nation of law. We need lawyers. But today we drowning in a cesspool of ambulance chasing lawyers who cost us untold billions in increased costs for every facet of our economy.

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