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Political Digest for September 1, 2012

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I post articles because I think they are of interest. Doing so doesn’t mean that I necessarily agree (or disagree) with every—or any—opinion in the posted article, or that I was able to verify the information present, which is the responsibility of the author. In some cases I post things sent to me by readers I might not have posted on my own, to get ideas circulating.

I expect to be tied up over Labor Day with family, so posts will be light, I think. Unless Isaac confines me indoors. ~Bob.

Romney: What America needs is jobs, not hope and change
Excerpt: “Hope and change had a powerful appeal,” Romney said. “But tonight I'd ask a simple question: If you felt that excitement when you voted for Barack Obama, shouldn’t you feel that way now that he’s President Obama? You know there’s something wrong with the kind of job he’s done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him.”

Why 2008 Obama is Mitt Romney’s best friend. By Chris Cillizza
Excerpt: Mitt Romney made one thing very clear during his speech at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night: He’s happy to run against President Obama in 2012, but he’s even happier to run against the Barack Obama of 2008. The one consistent element tying together Romney’s generally well-received address accepting the GOP nomination was the big hopes with which Obama came into office.

Worth Reading: Social Security’s Woes Are Worse Than You Think
Excerpt: While the Romney and Obama camps have made increasingly bitter accusations about each other’s plans for Medicare, a bipartisan consensus on entitlements has emerged in the past few years. Too bad that consensus is wrong. On both left and right, the politicians and the experts are saying the U.S. needs to fix Medicare -- and have made fixing Social Security an afterthought.

Poster Boy

Worth Reading and Sharing. GOP Convention: Remarks by Ted and Pat Oparowski
Excerpt: Prior to moving to Randolph, Vermont, we lived in Medford, Massachusetts. It was there where we met Mitt Romney and his family. It has been over 30 years since we lost our son, David. The memories are still vivid and painful. But we wanted to share them with you because David’s story is part of Mitt’s story. And America deserves to hear it.

Clint Eastwood grills invisible Obama, says 'We got to let him go'
Excerpt: Actor and director Clint Eastwood tried a risky and sometimes awkward 10-minute routine Thursday before the GOP convention in Tampa, Fla., that involved several minutes of him pretending to ask questions to a non-present President Obama, though he won big applause for lines saying it's time for him to leave office.

Republican National Convention night 3: Winners and losers. By Chris Cillizza
Excerpt: The Republican National Convention is in the books with former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney wrapping up the festivities with his acceptance speech. Our take on who was good and who was Clint Eastwood is below.

The 30 Best Quotes From The 2012 Republican Convention. By John Hawkins

Egyptian leader stuns Iran with plea to back Syrian rebels
Excerpt: Egypt's president Mohamed Morsi has said that the "oppressive" Syrian regime had lost all legitimacy, in a blistering speech in Tehran that provoked the Syrian delegation to storm out and amounted to a stunning rebuke to his Iranian hosts. During the first visit by an Egyptian leader to Tehran since the 1979 Islamic revolution, Morsi said the world had an "ethical duty" to support Syria's rebels. "Our solidarity with the struggle of the Syrian people against an oppressive regime that has lost legitimacy is ... a political and strategic necessity," he said. (Yes, well the opposition in Syria has a lot of his Islamist type folks. ~Bob.)

Transcript of Paul Ryan's convention speech
There will be a quiz. ~Bob.

The case for Romney in two words: Paul Ryan. By Daniel Hannan
Excerpt: Ryan took complex issues – the debt crisis, reform of Medicare, unemployment – and made them simple. He spoke movingly of his home town, the town where he still lives, and of the factory there which Barack Obama had said would be open for another hundred years, but which had closed a year later. He humanised the recession, managing to lay particular emphasis on 'the heartland': the key swing states of the Midwest.

Consumer spending posts biggest rise in five months
Excerpt: Consumer spending got off to a fairly firm start in the third quarter, rising by the most in five months and offering hope economic growth would pick up this quarter. Other data on Thursday showed the number of Americans filing new claims for jobless benefits held steady last week. (It’s nothing to brag about. It’s called back-to-school expenses parents have to pay and filling your gas tank at $4.00+/gal plus inflation. –Barb. Or, might be for ammo and canned goods, with the polls still close. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: Iran more than doubled its production rate for a more highly enriched form of uranium in recent months, U.N. inspectors reported Thursday, suggesting the country’s nuclear facilities were ramping up production even as its leaders engaged in international negotiations on possible curbs to its nuclear program. The reported surge in output — most of it taking place in a new nuclear facility built into the side of a mountain — appeared to underscore a determination by Iranian officials to expand nuclear production despite unprecedented economic sanctions and a threatened military strike by Israel.

What Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Need to do Now. By Ace of Spades

Worth Reading: The Green War on the Poor: The Democratic party used to care about poor and working people. By Robert Zubrin
Excerpt: According to Professor Frank, stopping global warming may require carbon taxes of about $300 per ton of carbon dioxide emitted, and by implementing such taxes, we can also balance the federal budget. “If such a tax were phased in,” Frank says, “the prices of goods would rise gradually in proportion to the amount of carbon dioxide their production or use entailed. The price of gasoline, for example, would slowly rise by somewhat less than $3 per gallon.

Revealed: Paul Ryan's Stunning Black Cheerleader College Girlfriend
Excerpt: The Republican vice-presidential candidate dated Deneeta Pope, now 40 and a realtor living in Chicago, after they met at Miami University, Ohio in the early 1990s. Michael Steel, campaign spokesman for Ryan, today told MailOnline: 'Mr Ryan dated Ms Pope in college.' In a 2005 interview, Mitt Romney’s future running mate said that he had been confronted with racism personally, because he had dated an African- American and also had a brother with a black wife.

LAPD says Iranian and Hezbollah terrorists are active in California
Excerpt: Los Angeles Police Deputy Chief Michael Downing reportedly told members of the LAPD’s counter-terrorism unit on Wednesday that the LAPD is currently tracking local Iranian and Hezbollah agents that may initiate attacks in Southern California if war erupts between the U.S. and Iran. (Time to activate the crack LAPD SAAB Team! {Special Appeasement And Bowing.] ~Bob.)

We Can Change America's Course
Excerpt: Entering the final stretch of the presidential contest, Americans are facing a monumental choice. The American people will decide the direction of government and its role in their lives for the coming years. The debate in Tampa this week raised a number of issues, including preserving the American dream of working hard to achieve success. The Heritage Foundation has extensive research and policy prescriptions on each of these issues:

Gathering My Thoughts Once Again. By Burt Prelutsky
Excerpt: But Obama’s defeat would also restore my faith in the American people. Not all of them, you understand. After all, even in defeat, Obama and Biden will manage to carry several states and garner tens of millions of votes in spite of overseeing an administration that has somehow managed to make a terrible economy worse, gutted the military, offended our allies and encouraged the very worst of our enemies.

Excerpt: A public university in Colorado may have violated state law by offering students course credit if they volunteered with President Obama’s re-election campaign. A blog post on the Adams State University website billed the opportunity as a “12 week long organizing internship for the Obama Campaign.” (Let me coin a new phrase -- Crony Academia. –Mark Levin.)

Socialism is as Socialism Does. By Dr. Robert Owens
Excerpt: Ronald Reagan taught us, “How do you tell a communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin.” Barack Obama’s mentor as a young man was communist party member Frank Marshall Davis.

One Term More
Political Parody.

‘Not anyone in the world’ thinks president will strike Iran, says GOP Senator. By Adam Kredo
Excerpt: President Obama “literally doesn’t have a clue what to do with Iran because he did not show strength or gain the support of the world” early in his presidency, Johnson told the Free Beacon Thursday afternoon on the sidelines of the Republican National Convention. “No one takes him seriously.”

From Janesville to Jilin--Government Motors opened plant in China four months after closing plant in Wisconsin
Excerpt: A bailed out General Motors expanded its small truck and SUV manufacturing in China soon after closing down similar facilities in Janesville, Wisconsin—the plant Barack Obama pledged to save and keep open for “another hundred years” in 2008.
GM has increased its manufacturing capacity in China by 55 percent since emerging from bankruptcy thanks to a $50 billion bailout from taxpayers.

An Old Marine…Tired But Still Fighting
 Excerpt: As we get closer and closer to November 6th it seems a good time to remember how important it is that Americans get out there and vote. As I think back to four years ago I think about the difference in "message" we get from a President that promised hope and change, an end to dirty and divisive politics, and the promise to unite us, not divide us. We've all seen how that's turned out. (He reprinted “I’m tired. ~Bob.)

Government Unions: How They Rob the Taxpayer, Terrorize Workers, and Threaten our Democracy
Excerpt: Frontpage is pleased to present Government Unions: How They Rob the Taxpayer, Terrorize Workers, and Threaten Our Democracy, which uncovers the shocking truth of public service unions’ corruption, thuggery, and political radicalism, and their war against capitalism and the American middle class.

It’s a Girl – The Three Deadliest Words in the World. By Jamie Glazov
Excerpt: Tell us about your new film, It’s a Girl. … In India, China and many other parts of the world today, girls are killed, aborted and abandoned simply because they are girls. The United Nations estimates as many as 200 million girls are missing in the world today because of this so-called “gendercide.” 

9, including a journo, with alleged link to IM held
Didn’t get the memo. ~Bob. Excerpt: The Bangalore Central Crime Branch (CCB) have arrested 10 terror suspects linked with Indian Mujahideen terror outfit, including a journalist from a popular English Daily. Muti-ur- Rehman Siddqui (25), a crime reporter, has been arrested by the CCB team along with nine other accused. Five of them were picked by the police from Bangalore and others were arrested from Hubli.

ASIA/SYRIA - Bomb at a funeral, a family beheaded: Christians and Druzes targeted in Damascus
This is the side Obama is arming! ~Bob. Excerpt: Damascus (Agenzia Fides) - A terrorist attack hit innocent Christian faithful and innocent Druzes in the area of Jaramana, a suburb of Damascus: yesterday, August 28, at 2 pm, a bomb in a car was detonated while a crowd of faithful, families, elderly people, women and children, were heading to the cemetery to bury two young people.

Bow to Nobody
If you haven’t seen and shared. ~Bob.

The Wall
Good song. ~Bob.

GOP Trouncing Dems in Florida Voter Registration
Excerpt: In 2008, democrats registered voters over Republicans by a ratio of 2.5 to 1. For this election during the same period, Republicans registered at a rate nearly 10 times as much as Democrats. Naturally, the media is portraying this as a result of voter suppression:

Racists of the World, Unite: Rise up against the pasty white brie-eating media. By Quin Hillyer
Excerpt: The left has us pegged. They have identified all the secret racists on our side. They know how to call a spade a spade. (Racist Code Word = Any word said in criticism of Obama. ~Bob.)

Worth Reading: The Condensed Liberal Handbook of Racial Code Words. By Michelle Malkin
Excerpt: It's a treacherous business exercising your freedom of speech in the age of Obama. As a public service, I present to you: "The 2012 Condensed Liberal Handbook of Racial Code Words." Decoder rings, activate!

Oxford Unabridged English Dictionary now doubles as the MSNBC Guide to Racist Code Words.
"Chicago" is a code word for what liberal government does for minority children.

Obamanation by Jon McNaughton
New painting

Worth Reading: Why Bother: The New Isolationism: As Americans’ support for Middle East engagement wanes, so does our influence there. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: The United States is backing off from the Middle East — and the Middle East from the United States. America is in the midst of the greatest domestic-gas-and-oil revolution since the early 20th century. If even guarded predictions about new North American reserves are accurate, over the next decade the entire continent may become energy-independent, without much need of petroleum imports from the Middle East.

Cannabis smoking 'permanently lowers IQ'
Excerpt: Teenagers who regularly smoke cannabis are putting themselves at risk of permanently damaging their intelligence, according to a landmark study. (Maybe they were just dumb to start with. ~Bob.)

Form Letters For Navy SEALs, Personal Note For A Rapper
Excerpt: The lack of respect our commander in chief has for our fallen heroes was shown by the sending of a form letter signed by auto-pen to the families of 17 Navy SEALs killed in a crash in Afghanistan. (Ouch! This really hits home. –Del)

The stimulus was essentially a massive redistribution of wealth from taxpayers to public sector unions and Obama's green energy donors.

Chuck Todd: Why Do Republicans Have More Women and Hispanic Governors?
Excerpt: "Let me ask you though, this one question, why is it that the Republicans have elected more women governors and have two Hispanic governors and the Democrats don’t?," asked Todd. "Don’t have as many women governors and don’t have Hispanic governors, why do you think that is?" (Not to mention two Asian governors. Simple. Republicans support competence, regardless of gender or ethnicity. Democrats only interested in minorities to make a show of “diversity.” ~Bob.)

(Creepy Obama supporter) Morgan Freeman to Marry Step-Granddaughter
Excerpt: According to the National Enquirer, Morgan, 72, who divorced his wife last year, has been having a decade-long affair with Hines. (Figures. See “Morgan Freeman Gives $1 Million To Obama-Allied Super PAC.

Campaign Web Ad – The Obama Fading Poster Reality


  1. I wish I was “too big too fail.” I’d go to Vegas and put everything I have on Red. I’d either double my wealth, or the taxpayers would bail me out. There’s no incentive not to take bad risks if I get the gains and you get the losses.

  2. Sure, Bucky. That's why Obama got a LOT more donations from Wall Street than McCain in 2008, and why Romney's successor at Bain is an Obama bundler this year. And see the below. ~Bob.

    Look who parks their cash at Bain. By Deroy Murdock
    Excerpt: But Bain’s private-equity executives have enriched dozens of organizations and millions of individuals in the Democratic base — including some who scream most loudly for President Obama’s re-election.