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Political Digest for August 29, 2012

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Advice for my Granddaughter: For When I'm Gone
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Obama Doc '2016' Stuns Hollywood. By John Nolte
Excerpt: Gerald R. Molen, the Oscar-winning producer behind "Schindler's List" and "2016," and Dinesh D'Souza, upon who's book the film is based, should send the corrupt media a fruit basket today. The corrupt media will likely tell you "2016" is a success because of racism and hate, but the real reason people are flocking to it is to try to grasp a better understanding of this awful, divisive, inept, and anti-American failure currently sitting in the Oval Office. (When we saw it in Madison, WI [of all places], the audience applauded at the end. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: Obama’s America” is now the highest-grossing documentary of the year, beating out the highly publicized, Weinstein-produced “Bully.”
Spate of Documentaries Offers Ammunition to Conservatives. By Ryan Robertson
Excerpt: A spate of right-of-center documentaries are in theaters or on their way. While they’re unlikely to achieve either the critical raves or the (ironic) box office success of Michael Moore’s anti-capitalist drivel, they’re telling the stories the media won’t on subjects ranging from President Obama’s ideology to misinformation about natural gas “fracking” to the experience of black conservatives.

Worth Reading: Risky Business. By Thomas Sowell
Excerpt: Insurance is all about risk. Yet neither insurance companies nor their policy-holders can do anything about one of the biggest risks -- namely, interference by politicians, to turn insurance into something other than a device to deal with risk. By passing laws to force insurance companies to cover things that have nothing to do with risk, politicians force up the cost of insurance. (Oldest political shell game in town: Vote for me, and I’ll give you a benefit and make him pay for it. ~Bob.)

Worth Reading: Entitlement Reforms: It is the young, not the old, who will bear the brunt if we don’t reform Medicare. By Thomas Sowell
Excerpt: Let’s stop and think, if only for the novelty of it. If you make any change in anything, you are ending it “as we know it.” Does that mean that everything in the status quo should be considered to be set in concrete forever?

The Affordable Care Act assumes deep reductions in payments to doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, and Medicare Advantage program, totaling $716 billion over ten years. By paying providers less, the trust fund may last a bit longer, but it means seniors will have a harder and harder time finding a doctor to see them as they drop out of the program or stop taking new Medicare patients.

U.S. Military Presence at Republican National Convention, Code Pink Comes Dressed as Pink Vaginas. By Javier Manjarres
Excerpt: I stopped my car as I was driving by their protest to get the footage- the Pinkos were wearing home-made Vagina costumes proclaiming “Read My Lips.” Yes indeed! Pink , human-size vagina outfits. Watch the clip:

Floor fight: Grass roots activists battle attempt to rig GOP convention delegate rules. By Michelle Malkin
Excerpt: Drew McKissick is a longtime conservative activist and 
blogger who is in attendance at the Republican National Convention’s Rules Committee meetings. He and others on the ground are sounding the alarm over rules changes that he and many other attendees believe will hurt grass-roots movement conservatives. The battle is being cast by some observers as a narrow fight between Ron Paul advocates and the rest of the party.

 Seal Ad to Excoriate Obama for Bowing to Foreign Leaders. By Ben Shapiro
Excerpt: The controversial super PAC Special Operations for America, led by former Navy SEALs, is set to release a blistering new ad against President Obama Tuesday at the Republican National Convention. The ad, titled “Bow to Nobody,” depicts Navy SEALs in combat situations; it then proclaims that they fight so that America will not have to bow to anybody. Then the punch line: the infamous photo of Obama bowing to the Saudi king.

Actor Jon Voight: Obama controlling American media like Hugo Chavez does in Venezuela. 
Excerpt: “America, guys, wake up. You should be appalled that they can get away with it, that they can attack – the Republican Party is a victim of a bias, of a destructive bias against the Republican Party. It’s been going on for all this time and it’s getting worse and worse. And, now this? Come on, people, stand up.”

Obamacare’s 18 New Tax Hikes
Excerpt: Not only did the President and his partners in Congress take $716 billion out of Medicare to pay for Obamacare, but they also raise taxes by $836.3 billion to pay for it, with $36.3 billion hitting Americans in 2013 alone.

The GOP's '76ers. Matthew Continetti
Excerpt: "America is more than just a place,” Paul Ryan told the Norfolk, Virginia, crowd during his first speech as Mitt Romney’s running mate. “It’s an idea. It’s the only country founded on an idea. Our rights come from nature and God, not government.”

What if everyone's wrong? By William Kristol
Excerpt: But it turns out the public cares about the character and intelligence of those presenting themselves for election. The public also cares about what those candidates say, and what they would do, about a lot of noneconomic issues. The public cares about our troops fighting in Afghanistan, and whether their sacrifices will be in vain or not.

Worth Reading: America's Baby Bust: How The Great Recession Has Jeopardized Our Demographic Health. By Joel Kotkin
Excerpt: But the 2010 Census showed that in the past decade America’s birthrate slipped below at least one European country (France) and under the pace necessary to replace our current population. Immigration, both legal and illegal, is also slowing, in part due to plunging birthrates in Mexico and other Latin American countries. (As Mark Steyn pointed out awhile back in “America Alone,” the birthrate has been collapsing in the civilized world for sometime. It may have accelerated due to the recession, but it didn’t start with it. Demographic collapse in the West is one of the harbingers of the coming collapse of civilization. The barbarians are out-breeding us. [Spare me your transnational progressive, multicultural platitudes until you choose to live in a non-western country without free markets, property rights and the rule of law—such of these guarantors of freedom as we have left.] ~Bob.)

How Obamacare Robs Medicare and Hurts Seniors
Excerpt: The rhetorical Medicare wars have heated up this week, after President Obama declared in his Saturday radio address that his proposed reforms "won't touch your guaranteed Medicare benefits. Not by a single dime." This is incorrect. Obamacare cuts $716 billion from Medicare over the next 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), and uses these "savings" from Medicare to fund other entitlement expansions mandated by Obamacare. Medicare becomes a cash cow for Obamacare, and the Medicare "savings" from payment cuts are not put back into making Medicare solvent. Such massive payment cuts do impact Medicare benefits, as well as seniors' access to those benefits.

'Al-Shabab supporter' Aboud Rogo Mohammed killed in Kenya
Excerpt: A Kenyan radical Islamist cleric has been killed in a drive-by shooting in the city of Mombasa. Aboud Rogo Mohammed was on US and UN sanction lists for allegedly supporting Somalia's al-Shabab militants. (Tears just won’t come. ~Bob.)

Kenyan Muslims riot after murder of Shabaab-linked cleric
Excerpt: Shabaab supporters quickly organized and attacked and looted two churches, torched a government vehicle and other cars, and killed one person. The man was "slashed to death," according to The Daily Nation. Police have arrested 12 people for their involvement in the rioting, which is still ongoing.
Somalia: Troops Seize Port From the Shabab
Excerpt: Somali and African Union troops seized the port of Marka, Somalia, on Monday from the Shabab as part of a campaign to secure Somalia, which is trying to establish its first effective national government since 1991.

For Putin, Report Says, State Perks Pile High. By Andrew E. Kramer

Excerpt: President Vladimir V. Putin is rumored to be among the world’s wealthiest men, with an oil-fed fortune worth tens of billions of dollars. He denies that, vehemently, but a report to be published Tuesday suggests that the dispute may be beside the point. In the report, sarcastically titled “The Life of a Galley Slave,” after the president’s own description of his tenure in office, Russian opposition leaders describe what they call an extraordinary expansion of presidential perks during the 12 years since the start of Mr. Putin’s first term as president — palaces, a fleet of jets and droves of luxury cars. (Obama will have more flexibility to keep up with his pal Putin after the election. ~Bob.)

Most journalists never notice liberal bias for the same reason that fish don't notice water -- it is all around them, it is all they've ever known, and they take it for granted. --Robert McCain

Hamas’s Corruption. By Jonathan Schanzer
Excerpt: The regional standing of Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist faction born in 1987 as a Muslim Brotherhood splinter group, has undoubtedly been buoyed by the meteoric rise of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. But a potentially bigger factor has been the precipitous decline of its rival, the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority government, led by the secular Fatah faction.

The Mideast’s Vanishing Christians
Times are tough for Christian communities across the Middle East.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was putting it lightly when she said that Coptic Christians “are deeply anxious about what the future holds for them and their country.” And her words captured the plight not just of Copts in Egypt but also of panic-stricken Christians across the Muslim-majority Middle East. (religious Cleansing is standard in Muslim majority countries. Been going on for a long time, aided by transnational progressives. Going to get worse, as we lack the will to oppose Islamic Supremacists. ~Bob.)

Mourning in America
Share this ad. ~Bob.

Charlie Crist Gay? Former Governor Allegedly Paid Men To Cover Up Affairs
Excerpt: Allegations surfaced on Friday that former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist paid two men to conceal gay affairs. The charges were revealed in documents obtained by local station WTSP, relating to the investigation of former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer.

Charlie Crist continues political makeover with Barack Obama endorsement
Excerpt: Crist’s opinion piece is the latest in a series of political steps in which he appears to be inching closer to becoming a Democrat and potentially challenging Gov. Rick Scott in 2014. That would complete a metamorphosis for a politician who once called himself a “Reagan Republican and a “Jeb Bush Republican.”

Obama gains coveted personal injury lawyer endorsement [Reader Post] By: DrJohn
Excerpt: You remember Charlie Crist. He used to be a Republican Governor of Florida. Then he thought he’d become bigger than the GOP in Florida and had his ass handed to him by Marco Rubio:

Farewell To A Fallen Comrade
Don't know if you have ever seen this short video. It shows the soldiers of 2/1 RNZIR Battalion performing their Unit haka, powerfully acknowledging the lives and feats of their fallen comrades as they come onto the Unit's parade ground. –MasterGuns

Oath Keepers to Place Billboard Outside Ft. Leavenworth to Protest Small Wars Journal Article Demonizing Tea Party as Future “Enemy” of U.S. Military
Excerpt: Oath Keepers is putting up a billboard right outside the main gate of Ft. Leavenworth Kansas to respond directly to the Small Wars Journal article by Leavenworth instructor Colonel Kevin Benson which paints the Tea Party movement as a future military opponent during domestic CONUS operations by the U.S. military.

Run on Vietnam's biggest bank highlights threat to economy
Excerpt: The deliveries of truck loads of money and queues outside branches of Vietnam’s biggest lender, Asia Commercial Bank, ready to withdraw their cash almost as quickly as stocks were replenished were an eloquent expression of the fears stalking the county’s banking system. (Not even the Communists can do capitalism right anymore. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: Larry Kudlow, host of “The Kudlow Report” on CNBC, warned of a recession if current tax rates for all income brackets expire and the planned automatic spending cuts take effect. He also told The Daily Caller that President Barack Obama would rather “punish” the wealthy than deal with America’s current economic challenges.

McMahon By A Nose In Close Connecticut Senate Race, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; Obama Tops Romney By 7 Points
Excerpt: Connecticut likely voters put Republican former wrestling executive Linda McMahon on the right side of a 49 - 46 percent too-close-to-call U.S. Senate race against Democratic U.S. Rep. Christopher Murphy, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. (GOP Senate candidate ahead in CT? Huge upset if it happens. ~Bob.)

DOJ Sends Voting Monitors To Arizona
Excerpt: Well, we learned today that Black Supremacist Attorney General Eric Holder is sending an army of Department of Justice "voting monitors" to Arizona to monitor our Tuesday primary elections. Never mind that he never prosecuted the Black thugs that drove off white voters in the last election; he's going to make sure Arizona election officials give illegal Mexicans the chance to vote for their "Open Border/Amnesty candidates.

Media's One-Sided Coverage Is Clear Evidence Of Bias. By Michael Ramirez http://news.investors.com/article/623715/201208271910/one-sided-media-coverage-shows-bias.htm?p=full
Excerpt: The date was June 15, 1992. In an elementary school in Trenton, New Jersey, reading off a flash card that had been prepared by the teacher, the special guest counseled the child writing potato on the blackboard, "You're close, but you left a little something off. The 'e' on the end." The media reacted swiftly and relentlessly. (This article starts off with how bad things are with the media's continuing love affair with Obama. Or you can read a follow up article at

Worth Reading: Planned Parenthood: Using Your Tax Money to Promote Obama. By Steve Aden
Excerpt: Birds of a feather flock together, especially when one bird is funneling hundreds of millions of dollars a year to the other. Case in point: Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards and the Obama administration. The administration oversaw the transfer of nearly half a billion dollars to the abortion giant last year, and now Richards has announced a Planned Parenthood bus tour in support of Obama’s re-election campaign.

Mann versus Steyn: popcorn time! By James Delingpole
Excerpt: Today I'm launching a fund and I wonder whether anyone would like to contribute. Please, I implore you all, PLEASE chip in to help finance Professor Michael Mann's suit for defamation against sinister, right-wing Canadian climate-change denier Mark Steyn and the fascist-denialist organ for which Steyn writes, National Review Online!

Muslim extremist nabbed for deadly kidnap
Didn’t get the memo. ~Bob. Excerpt: Philippines police said they had arrested a Muslim preacher on Saturday for taking part in a mass kidnapping by Muslim extremists in 2000 in which a Catholic priest was killed.

Alarm as hundreds of children under age of 10 married in Iran
Excerpt: Iran has experienced a dramatic growth in under-age marriages that has seen the number of girls being wed before the age of 10 double in the space of a year, officially-compiled figures have revealed. (Now don’t go all Islamophobic on me. What’s a little Allah-sanctioned pedophilia when you are celebrating the beauty of multiculturalism? ~Bob.)

Excerpt: If you have undergone a Left-to-conservative philosophical switch, you should recall the progression of your “moderate” period, those months or year or two you preferred the label “Clinton Democrat.” You preferred this to the more accurate “Clinton-dragged-kicking-and-groping-by-Gingrich Democrat,” or didn’t realize this was the case and chalked up Clinton’s pragmatism to his apparent-only-to-liberals brilliance. )I wouldn’t know. I volunteered for Nixon in 1960 as a 14-year-old, Goldwater volunteer before Parris Island in 1964. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: The Weather Channel is simply the latest media outlet to agree to a Faustian bargain with the Castro regime.

Marco Rubio: 'Obama can't run by saying things have gotten better.' By Sean Sulllivan
Excerpt: Responding to President Obama’s charge that Mitt Romney has adopted extreme positions, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said Sunday that the president is leveling his attack because he lacks the record to run for reelection by pointing to improvements in the state of the country.

Mia Love Speech at Republican National Convention to focus on "the America I know." By Lisa Riley Roche
Excerpt: “My parents immigrated to this country with $10 in their pockets and the hope that the America they learned about really did exist. When tough times came, they didn’t look to Washington. They looked within,” she said.

Saudi Arabia: Calls for monitoring of mosques after mosque found manufacturing explosives.
Excerpt: Mosques can be monitored in Saudi Arabia, but there cannot be any monitoring of mosques in the U.S. Oh, no. That would be "Islamophobic."

Outgoing NY Times Public Editor: Progressive World View ‘Bleeds Through’ Paper. By David Taintor
Excerpt: In his final column as public editor of The New York Times, Arthur Brisbane accused many at the paper of sharing “political and cultural progressivism.” This left-leaning worldview, the outgoing ombudsman argues, “virtually bleeds through the fabric of The Times.” Brisbane sees it manifest itself in topics the Times covers, including Occupy Wall Street and gay marriage. Those stories “erupt” in the newspaper “more like causes than news subjects,” Brisbane added. (Wow! A reality check…from all the leg tingling. –Barb.)

New York Times scrubs story mentioning CIA’s funneling arms to Syrian rebels
Excerpt: The story in question is an article published in today’s Times by Steven Erlanger, “France Urges Syrian Opposition to Form New Government“. Since earlier today, the article has undergone at least eight different revisions. Most notably was a mention in an earlier version that stated the CIA was funneling arms to the Syrian rebels:

Axelrod-Endorsed IL Congressional Candidate Accused Of Being Tax Cheat. By Tony Lee
Excerpt: Illinois congressional candidate Tammy Duckworth, a Democrat and a candidate the Obama campaign likes to tout, has been accused of being a tax cheat after a Chicago newspaper suggested she illegally claimed homestead exemptions on two properties from 2007 to 2010. Illinois state law allows for taxpayers to claim only one such exemption, on the property that is their primary residence. Even worse, during those years, Duckworth was actually living in Washington, D.C. and not in Illinois. (well, she’s a democrat. Tax cheating is expected. ~Bob.)

Samuel L. Jackson Upset God ‘Spared’ GOP From Hurricane, Quickly Apologizes
Excerpt: Looks like Hurricane Isaac will spare Tampa - and the Republicans gathering in the Florida city for the GOP's campaign convention. "The Avengers" star Samuel L. Jackson, who dubbed the Tea Party racist and said he voted for Barack Obama because of the politician's skin color, took the news pretty hard. …Jackson's apologetic mood didn't last long. (Link has tweets, profane. –Barb.)

RNC crasher: Democratic Convention Chair Antonio Villaraigosa makes appearance inside convention zone. By Caroline May
Excerpt: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the chairman of the Democratic National Convention, made an unlikely appearance near the Republican National Convention Hall Monday afternoon. Armed with Democratic talking points, Villaraigosa argument for keeping President Barack Obama in the White House was focused largely on demonizing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, who are set to formally accept their party’s nomination this week. (I hope the RNC sends Allen West to the DNC. –Barb.)

Voight: Obama controlling American media like Hugo Chavez does in Venezuela
Excerpt: Award-winning actor Jon Voight told The Daily Caller at the Republican National Convention that he thinks President Barack Obama’s administration has “taken over” the mainstream media in a manner similar to how leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez controls media in his country.

Army willfully ignores Islamic motivations behind Afghan killings of US troops. By Andrew G. Bostom
Excerpt: US soldiers … reported pervasive illicit drug use, massive thievery, personal instability, dishonesty, no integrity, incompetence, unsafe weapons handling, corrupt officers, no real NCO [non-commissioned officer] corps, covert alliances/informal treaties with insurgents, high AWOL rates, bad morale, laziness, repulsive hygiene, and the torture of dogs (“given the standing of dogs in Islam.”). Perceptions of civilians were also negative stemming from their insurgent sympathies and cruelty towards women and children. (Warning. Describes acts with children by Islamists to be “tolerated.” –Barb.)

California OKs bill shielding undocumented immigrants
Excerpt: California state legislators passed a bill Friday that seeks to protect undocumented immigrants charged with relatively minor crimes from being deported. The bill, by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, would prohibit local police from detaining anyone on an immigration hold if the person is not charged with or has not been convicted of a serious or violent crime.

Neil Armstrong, Obama's NASA: A Small Step for One Man. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: Armstrong had proposed not only future investments, but along with other astronauts had sensibly proposed retaining the space shuttle program until they were ready, instead of scrapping the shuttle program and distributing viable shuttles to museums. Armstrong was critical of the Bolden regime at NASA that had stripped the space agency of its best people and its ability to conduct manned space exploration or even reach the International Space Station without begging passage on Soviet Soyuz tubs. “The reality that there is no flight requirement for a NASA pilot-astronaut for the foreseeable future is obvious and painful to all who have, justifiably, taken great pride in NASA’s wondrous space flight achievements during the past half century,”

Obama versus Jesus: Black Christians Must Decide. By Lloyd Marcus
Excerpt: My brother brought my 84-year-old black dad from Baltimore. That evening, Dad said, "Everything I heard today is true. But, because of racism I suffered in my youth, I can not turn against Obama." At that time, I respectfully gave my hero, my preacher dad, a pass.

A noble heart embiggens the smallest planet. By Tom Chivers
Excerpt: A few months ago a reader, Victoria Edge, wrote a letter to the Telegraph saying: "As the arrow on my computer hovered over a picture, the instruction 'click to embiggen' appeared. What endless possibilities the English language has."

Why Science Can't Replace Religion. By Keith Kloor
Excerpt: After one participant suggested that non-religious people could still be spiritual, [P.Z.] Myers nearly retched: Whenever we start talking about spirituality, I just want to puke. I hope Myers didn’t have too much to eat before reading the headline from this week’s commentary in Nature: “Sometimes Science Must Give Way to Religion.”

CBO Appears Immune to Embarrassment. By Curtis Dubay and J.D. Foster, Ph.D.
The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) just released its latest concocted quarterly estimate on President Obama’s failed stimulus. CBO’s findings are as preposterous as its 11 previous studies of the stimulus, discussed here, here, and here. The story doesn’t change, because CBO’s faulty analysis doesn’t change. Each time CBO does an estimate, it is begging the question, because it is using the same models to evaluate the stimulus’s effectiveness as it did to predict how the stimulus would impact the economy before Congress passed it.

Barack Obama, Global Has-Been: The president would rather be loved than feared. He is neither. By Bret Stephens
Excerpt: But we have an election on, the outcome of which will decide whether one man's mediocrity becomes a whole nation's destiny. Mr. Obama is now the world's leading has-been, trying to revive a career on the strength of a talent that was greatly exaggerated to begin with. But a country that's willing to reward mediocrity with a second chance risks becoming a has-been itself.

Chris Christie Says: "Enough Chicago ward politics!" By Andrew Malcolm
Excerpt: Monday turned out to be a sunny day as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a fiscal conservative who's balancing his state budget without new taxes, sympathized with California Republicans who confront what Christie called "a political retread" in Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown's proposal to raise state taxes. "I mean, that guy won the New Jersey primary against Jimmy Carter when I was 14," Christie said to loud laughter.

Socialism Kills, Venezuela Edition. By Walter Russell Mead
Excerpt: On Saturday, 39 were killed and more were injured in an explosion at Venezuela’s Paraguaná Refinery, one of the largest in the world. This is only the latest in a string of accidents that the state owned oil company, PĂ©troleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), has racked up in past years. The New York Times reports that—once again—faulty state supervision of the facilities is to blame:

An American General "Excuses" the Murder of American Servicemen in Afghanistan as due to "Religious Stress"!
Excerpt: In what can only be described as a pitiful attempt to distract Americans from the obvious truth which is being written, and rewritten in American blood multiple times per week, General Allen excused the actions of Afghanistan's "True Soldiers of Allah". He very publicly declared that the "stresses" endured by ANA and ANP troops who participated in the month long Ramadan fast, have contributed to the very existence of "insider" attacks. Apparently, for the General, this is an acceptable explanation for "vetted" Afghan's to turn the weapons Americans have given them, against their benefactors.

Dead Voters and Dying Democracy? By Glenn Harlan Reynolds
Excerpt: Americans will fight and die for democracy, but when it comes to the actual business of elections, stuffed ballot boxes and cemetery voters are the subject of jokes more than outrage — though a democracy in which elections are decided by fraudulent votes created by corrupt politicians is no democracy at all.

Paul Ryan's Intellectual Muse: The wisdom of Hayek is exactly what this country needs right now. By Richard A. Epstein
Excerpt: Fortunately, [Franklin Delano] Roosevelt quickly met with some determined intellectual resistance. In 1944, when Roosevelt unveiled his “Second Bill of Rights,” Friedrich von Hayek, an Austrian economist, political theorist, and future Nobel Prize winner, wrote The Road To Serfdom. That book rightly became a sensation both in England and in the United States, especially after the publication of its condensed version in The Reader’s Digest in April 1945. (I recommend Hayek’s book. ~Bob.)

Obama's Lead In Iowa Is Evaporating Astonishingly Quickly
Excerpt: President Obama's lead in Iowa is slipping quickly, according to a new survey from the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling firm. Obama's lead is down to just 2 percentage points over Mitt Romney — 47 percent to 45 percent — which is down 8 points in just three months.

#ObamaNewStateNames Oceania. Birthplace of Julia. Duh.

Flashback to 2008: Barack Obama, Fabian Socialist. By Jerry Bowyer
Excerpt: Fabians believed in gradual nationalization of the economy through manipulation of the democratic process. Breaking away from the violent revolutionary socialists of their day, they thought that the only real way to effect "fundamental change" and "social justice" was through a mass movement of the working classes presided over by intellectual and cultural elites. Before TV it was stage plays, written by George Bernard Shaw and thousands of inferior "realist" playwrights dedicated to social change.

My Post-Election Predictions from 2008
Not bad, if you ignore the last one. ~Bob.

Air Force chief urges creation of African NATO
Excerpt: The commander of U.S. air forces in Europe urged African nations to pool their air assets in a NATO-type structure to more efficiently take on terrorists and traffickers, Reuters reports. (Great idea. The incompetent led by the corrupt, funded by the destitute. That would be US taxpayers, if you didn’t get it. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: Much of the demand for the U.N.’s Arms Trade Treaty is driven by the wars of Africa. So from 2008-2011, who actually delivered more arms to Africa, the U.S. or Italy? The answer (Table 17), the Italians, by a factor of three ($105 million for the U.S., $300 million for Italy). Over that same period, who delivered more arms to Latin America, the U.S. or minor European suppliers? The Europeans, by $2.4 billion to $1.4 billion.

Excerpt: A notary in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo has sparked controversy by accepting a civil union between three people.

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