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Political Digest for August 8, 2012

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I post articles because I think they are of interest. Doing so doesn’t mean that I necessarily agree (or disagree) with every—or any—opinion in the posted article, or that I was able to verify the information present, which is the responsibility of the author. In some cases I post things sent to me by readers I might not have posted on my own, to get ideas circulating.

Worth Reading: Behind the White House’s secret Syria plan, By Chet Nagle, Former CIA Agent
Excerpt: The White House won’t keep its own secrets, never mind those of the SEALs, Pentagon, or Israel — especially if leaking secrets helps President Obama look like a tough guy in his uphill re-election campaign. The latest leak is a gusher, and reveals the Obama administration is secretly aiding the rebels in Syria. Unfortunately, in a replay of what happened in Egypt last year, the State Department still does not recognize that many Syrian rebel leaders are in the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaida. Nor does the State Department, which seems to rely on rebel propaganda and breathless mainstream media reports for information about Syria, know what is really happening there. (Nagle, who [full disclosure] has the good taste to read the Old Jarhead blog from time to time, has extensive experience in the Middle east. He is also the author of the political thrillers about terrorism, The Iran Covenant and The Woolsorter’s Plague, which I highly recommend. ~Bob.)

Romney’s VP list seems to get shorter as GOP convention speakers are announced
Excerpt: Mitt Romney appears to have narrowed his short list of potential running mates, as national Republicans announced Monday that at least four people once thought to be under consideration for the No. 2 spot will speak at this month’s Republican National Convention — all but ruling them out of contention for the vice presidential slot. The Republican National Committee announced that former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, former presidential candidate Rick Santorum, Sen. Rand Paul, former Florida governor Jeb Bush and New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez are among those expected to address the Aug. 27-30 convention in Tampa.

Social Security not deal it once was for workers. By Stephen Ohlemacher
Excerpt: People retiring today are part of the first generation of workers who have paid more in Social Security taxes during their careers than they will receive in benefits after they retire. It's a historic shift that will only get worse for future retirees, according to an analysis by The Associated Press. Previous generations got a much better bargain, mainly because payroll taxes were very low when Social Security was enacted in the 1930s and remained so for decades.

Worth Reading: Who Really Gets Rich Off High Gas Prices?
Excerpt: With the average price of gas in America hovering around $3.50 per gallon for regular unleaded, it costs more than $50 to fill a typical car's 15 gallon tank this summer. It is in situations like this that blame is immediately levied on greedy oil company owners and gas station administrators. … This distribution of the profits of gasoline is encompassed in the following comparison: Exxon, the quintessential oil company that is vilified for high prices, made profits of seven cents per gallon in 2011, while governments at every level reaped 50 cents per gallon through taxation.

Worth Reading: Sports Versus Politics by Thomas Sowell
Excerpt: It has long seemed to me that there is far more rationality in sports, and in commentaries on sports, than there is in politics and in commentaries on politics. What has puzzled me is why this is so, when what happens in politics has far more serious effects on people's lives. To take one common example, there are many people who believe that if the market fails, the government should step in. But, if Robinson Cano strikes out, does anyone suggest that the Yankees should send in a pinch hitter for him on his next time at bat?

Mercatus Center Policy Guide
Excerpt: The Mercatus Center at George Mason University has published a new policy guide. The guide is designed to provide easily accessible economic information that might prove useful in educating the public regarding spending, taxes, regulation, financial markets and technology policy. The policy guide is divided into sections focused on spending and taxes, regulatory policy (which includes technology-related research), and financial markets. There are also links to economic charts that may be useful in understanding a number of issues. (Summary:

The Middle Eastern Time Bomb
Excerpt: Four years of President Obama's foreign policy are having their full effect. After squandering time in sham "negotiations" with Iran and Palestine and abandoning Iraq to al-Qaeda, the President has made many situations more difficult—and urgent. Iran is testing its ballistic missiles. We cannot afford to waste any more time. After the President downplayed a military option for more than three years, recent pressures—both practical and political—have caused the Obama Administration to become more hawkish on the Iran nuclear issue in recent weeks.

Dems’ dire seat-uation. By Josh Margolin
Excerpt: Top aides on President Obama’s re-election team are terrified that there will be scores of empty seats when he makes his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, party insiders said. Obama, once the biggest draw in politics, won’t likely attract crowds as large as those at the 2008 convention because voters have gone sour on the poor economy, insiders said. (Racists are probably requiring IDs to get in, thus suppressing minority turnout because, according to Dems, minorities are too dumb to get IDs. My suggestion is to offer free cell phones and upgraded food stamp cards—place will be mobbed. ~Bob.)

Dems worried they can’t fill Bank of America Stadium for Obama’s acceptance speech. By Doug Powers 
Excerpt: It wouldn’t be too surprising if the Dems ended up moving Obama’s speech to Time Warner Arena where the first three nights of the convention will be held. As an excuse all they’d have to do is pretend they just found out the larger stadium is named after the greedy Bank of America and was built with non-union labor.

Egypt vows crackdown on "infidels" after border massacre
Excerpt: Egypt branded Islamist gunmen who killed 16 police near the Israeli border as "infidels" and promised on Monday to launch a crackdown following the massacre that has strained Cairo's ties with both Israel and Palestinians. An Egyptian official said insurgents crossed into Egypt from the Gaza Strip before attacking the border station on Sunday. They then stole two vehicles and headed to nearby Israel, where they were eventually killed by Israeli fire. (Huh. Turns out they weren’t Muslims, but “infidels.” Probably Southern Baptists—they create a lot of trouble in that area. ~Bob.)

Greece to deport 1,600 immigrants arrested in Athens
Excerpt: Greek police say more than 1,600 illegal immigrants will be deported following a major crackdown in Athens in recent days. (Even left-wing Euro-progressives know what needs to be done… ~Bob.)

Oxfam says hundreds being killed, raped, homes torched in security vacuum in east Congo
Excerpt: With Congo’s army diverted to fighting a new rebel group in eastern Congo, new militia groups have arisen and older ones are reasserting themselves, killing hundreds of defenseless civilians, the British charity Oxfam said Tuesday. (Or, as they call it in that part of the world, now blissfully free of white colonialism, “Tuesday.” ~Bob.)

Gunmen Kill 16 in Central Nigeria Church Attack
Didn’t get the “Islam is a religion of peace” memo. ~Bob. Excerpt: Gunmen killed 16 people when they fired on worshippers at a church in Nigeria's central Kogi state during a Monday evening service, police said on Tuesday.

Mali crisis: Gao protests 'stop hand amputation'
Excerpt: Hundreds of people in northern Mali have protested against plans by an Islamist group to amputate the hand of a thief, reports say.

Social Security Disability Insurance’s incentive not to work. By Charles Lane
Excerpt: Social Security Disability Insurance, however, pays people who can show that they are too mentally or physically impaired to remain in the labor force. In short, for many workers, SSDI creates a quasi-right not to work. This paradox is getting expensive. SSDI spending has doubled as a percentage of gross domestic product in the last 25 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Harry Reid not releasing his own tax returns
Excerpt: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid again deflected questions Monday about releasing his tax returns, even as he continued to pound the demand for Mitt Romney to make more of his own public. Instead, Reid pointed to the financial disclosure forms he files as a member of Congress, which provide different information.

Tehran Takedown. By Michael Ledeen
Excerpt: The nuclear question is at the center of most countries' Iran policies. China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States have all engaged in negotiations to convince Tehran to give up its presumed quest for the bomb. Now, with talks sputtering, Western powers have implemented increasingly tough sanctions, including the European Union's recent embargo on Iranian oil, in the hope of compelling the regime to reverse course.

After the Fall. By Clifford D. May
Excerpt: Call me a squish but I can’t be blas├ę about mass murder. The genocide carried out by the Communists in Cambodia in the 1970s, and the slaughters of Tutsis by Hutus in Rwanda in 1994, of Muslims by Serbs in Srebrenica in 1995, of Darfurians by Sudanese jihadis in recent years — these were shocking, appalling atrocities by any standard. They also were failures of American and European leadership, proof that the “international community” is a fiction and that the United Nations is useless.

It’s Far From Safe to Say That al-Qaeda is Dead. By Daveed Gartenstein-Ross
Excerpt: A growing chorus of Western analysts is arguing that al-Qaeda is dead, and that it is time to end the “global war on terror.” As the ubiquitous CNN terrorism analyst and bestselling author Peter Bergen put it: “We can declare victory against the group and move on” to such challenges as “a rising China, managing the rogue regime in North Korea, continuing to delay Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons, and — to the extent feasible — helping to direct the maturation of the Arab Spring.”

Taliban Opens Office in Zahedan, Iran. By Thomas Joscelyn
Excerpt: The Wall Street Journal reports that the Iranian government is expanding its ties to the Taliban and even allowing Mullah Omar’s organization to set up an office in eastern Iran. The arrangement works as follows: A member of the Taliban's leadership council, the Quetta Shura, set up an office in the eastern Iranian city of Zahedan in late May, according to a senior Western diplomat in Kabul and a senior Afghan official.

56% Think Loan Guarantees for Solyndra Were A Bad Idea
Excerpt: Most voters don’t think the federal government should have invested in the failed alternative energy firm Solyndra which ended up costing taxpayers more than a half-billion dollars. But most also think it’s business as usual for government officials to help companies they like. Just 16% of Likely U.S. Voters believe it was a good idea for the government to provide loan guarantees for Solyndra, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. (The other 44% are, at best, not paying attention. At worst, corrupt Democrats or idiots. ~Bob.)

Allen West Sends Chick-Fil-A To Black Caucus Meeting And Offends Everyone. By Jennifer Bendery
Excerpt: A Democratic lawmaker says Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) offended the entire Congressional Black Caucus by delivering Chick-fil-A chicken and biscuits to their weekly meeting -- and then walking out -- when it was his turn to provide the group with a formal lunch.

Excerpt: Emails obtained by The Daily Caller show that the U.S. Treasury Department, led by Timothy Geithner, was the driving force behind terminating the pensions of 20,000 salaried retirees at the Delphi auto parts manufacturing company. The move, made in 2009 while the Obama administration implemented its auto bailout plan, appears to have been made solely because those retirees were not members of labor unions.

Excerpt: A new report from the conservative Government Accountability Institute (GAI) finds that President Barack Obama’s and Attorney General Eric Holder’s failure to criminally charge any top Wall Street bankers is likely a result of cronyism inside the Department of Justice and political donations made to Obama’s campaign.

Temple hero a Brooklyn son Cop shot nine times helped save the day
Excerpt: The tough-as-nails cop who was struck by up to nine bullets while aiding shooting victims at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin is a Brooklyn-born ex-Marine known for his bravery, his proud pop told The Post yesterday. “That is him, believe me. He was a Marine. (Need to tell the post there are no “ex-Marines.” ~Bob.)

October Surprise Israel said to be readying October attacks on Iranian nuclear sites. By Bill Gertz
Excerpt: U.S. intelligence analysts watching for indicators of Israeli military action recently reported that there are signs the Jewish state plans an attack against Iran in October. The Obama administration, meanwhile, is preparing to provide logistical support for a military strike but is pressing Israel to delay any action until the administration’s policy of sanctions have had more time to work, and that any attack would be put off until after the November presidential election. (Obama can win back Jews and look strong by supporting this, and what is his anti-Semitic progressive base going to do—vote for Romney? ~Bob.)

Two govt sites show high drunk driving for Hispanics
Excerpt: Caetano’s analysis of FBI statistics for 1981 indicated that among persons 18 years of age and older, the arrest rate for driving under the influence was more than twice as high for Hispanics as non-Hispanics (Caetano 1984). Specifically, the rate per 100,000 population was 1,712.2 for Hispanics and 742.6 for non-Hispanics.

Green Profiteers. By Jacob Laksin
Excerpt: While the economy limps along, one industry is thriving: Environmental lawsuits against the federal government are moving ahead at a steady pace — and taxpayers are picking up the tab for the expensive litigation.

Suicide as a Jewish Value. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: A month ago, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz sat down with the host of a Jewish television channel and could not name any reason for Jews to vote for Obama except for his support for abortion. Which is to say that the favorite muppet of the Democratic Party could not think of any reason to support B.O. except a mutual commitment that fewer Jews be born. It is a little-known fact that Margaret Sanger, that pioneer of eugenic solutions to “racial, political, and social problems”, began by targeting Jews, opening her first center in Brownsville, Brooklyn, complete with Yiddish and Italian flyers, aiming for the two immigrant groups whose high reproduction rates were considered a social problem.

Excerpt: Yesterday, Abdelfatah Mourou, a prominent Tunisian Islamist figure, was hospitalized after he was attacked by an attendee of a conference entitled, Tolerance in Islam, which he was heading in Kairouan.

Five Pakistani militants killed by own bomb
At least five militants were killed Monday when a bomb they were planting on a roadside exploded prematurely in Pakistan's north-western tribal region, an official said. (I love a happy ending. ~Bob.)

Al Qaeda trio arrested in Spain 'wanted to attack busy Gibraltar shopping centre from the air during the Olympics'
Excerpt: Three suspected Al Qaeda terrorists arrested in Spain last week could have been planning to launch a devastating attack on a busy Gibraltar shopping centre from the air.
Spanish security services suspect the trio - two Chechen Russians and a Turk - were planning to assault the British colony to the south of Spain from above.

Riyadh deports 35 Ethiopian Christians for praying
Excerpt: International Christian Concern wrote on its website that “Saudi Arabia deported the last of the 35 Ethiopian Christians who were detained for holding an all-night prayer vigil. Saudi security officials assaulted, harassed and pressured the Christians to convert to Islam during their incarceration.”

Why Europe Matters… And How Spain Could Wipe Out Your 401(k)
Excerpt: Many people have been writing in to ask me, “why are you focusing on Europe so much? Who cares about Spain?” The short answer is that everyone should care about Spain. Spain could potentially take down the banking system in Europe, which would mean the US facing a Financial Crisis at least on par with 2008.

Cops Go After TWITTER After It Shields Theater-Threat Nut. By Jamie Schram
Excerpt: The NYPD will subpoena Twitter today to force the social-media site to identify a psycho poster who is threatening a “Batman”-style shooting rampage at a Broadway theater, The Post has learned. “This s--t ain’t no joke yo — I’m serious, people are gonna die like aurora,” the lunatic scrawled in one tweet, referring to last month’s massacre at an Aurora, Colo., movie theater during a midnight premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises.”

The Sex Bots Have Arrived
Warning: Adult content (ideas, not dirty pictures). Technology is catching up with Time. --Ron P. Excerpt: So in the case of we Millennials and our immersion in a culture of Baby Boomer-fueled, post-60s, mainstreamed sex and pornography, what is it that we have dekhed and what will the backlash be as these new bizarre sex-simulators develop into full-blown digital, virtual sex? (Darn it, Ron, I told you only send WITH dirty pictures! ~Bob.)

Tolerance, Kuwait Style. By Baron Bodissey
Excerpt: Kuwait is a country where a person faces ten years in jail for tweeting some “insulting remarks” considered to be blasphemy. Kuwait is a country where drinking water in public during the “holy” Ramadan will land you in jail until the end of the Ramadan and bring you a heavy fine or prison. Kuwait is a country where Hindus, Sikhs and other “pagans” are explicitly forbidden to have temples and to hold their religious observances.

Take Me Down to Parasite City: Washington, D.C. By Gene Healy
Excerpt: The District is booming! "Washington may have the healthiest economy of any major metropolitan area in the country," says New York Times D.C. bureau chief David Leonhardt in Sunday's Gray Lady. "You can actually see the prosperity"! Yes we can!

Brussels 2012: Conny Axel Meier's Speech. By Baron Bodissey
Excerpt: Conny Axel Meier is a publicist living in Gemmingen (Southern Germany). He is the Chief Executive Manager of B├╝rgerbewegung Pax Europa (Citizens’ Movement Pax Europa, BPE), the foremost Human Rights organization in Germany, which fights against the rising threats being imposed by the Islamization of Europe. BPE is an independent non-partisan movement and distances itself from all right-wing or left-wing extremists and all xenophobic movements.

The Real Poll Numbers. By Dick Morris
Excerpt: Romney is currently leading in every state McCain carried plus: Indiana, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Nevada, North Carolina, and Colorado. If he carries these states, he’ll have 228 electoral votes of the 270 he needs to win.

Federal government’s open-door immigration policy on welfare under fire. By Caroline May
Excerpt: The federal government allows immigrants to enjoy America’s vast welfare safety net, from food stamps to housing benefits and Medicaid, and remain immune from repercussions to their immigration status. And on Monday, ranking Republican members of the Senate Finance, Agriculture, Budget, and Judiciary Committees wrote to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton demanding to know why. circulates petition for Reid. By Caroline May
Excerpt: The liberal advocacy group is rushing to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s assistance, circulating a petition currently boasting 2,239 signatures to get Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to release 10 years of tax returns. “We stand with Majority Leader Harry Reid in asking Mitt Romney to release 10 years worth of tax returns,” the petition reads.

Allen West: Students who voted Obama in ’08 ‘are back home with mommy and daddy.’ By Melissa Quinn
Excerpt: Tea party favorite Florida Rep. Allen West described progressive political ideals as “enticing to young people at first, but that reality has a way of deflating those ideals…. “When you think about now that you have about forty five to fifty percent of those college graduates that just matriculated through that have probably voted for the president back in 2008, they are back home with Mommy and Daddy,” he continued. “So the hope and change message, and all that enthusiasm and all the rah-rah sounded real good to them but now the practicality of life has hit them in the face and it doesn’t work out.”

Trailer Talk: ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Teaser Taunts Accusations Of Intelligence Leaks
Excerpt: It's almost as if the folks who spliced and diced the 1:15 minutes worth of promotional footage were mocking the fact that a sitting Congressman suspects the White House leaked secret information to the film's crew in an effort to boost President Barack Obama's re-election chances….."Zero Dark Thirty" was originally slated to bow before the Nov. 6 elections until conservatives questioned the timing of the release as well as the intelligence issues surrounding the film. And that was before we learned a stack of papers on the topic was suddenly found - but not immediately handed over to the public - by the C.I.A.

Obama Administration Paves The Way For Sharia Law. By William Bigelow
Excerpt: The most terrifying danger Americans face from a second Barack Obama term isn’t the economy, which is scary enough. The most harrowing prospect is the Obama Administration’s passivity in the face of attempts to introduce aspects of sharia law into our legal system. Now there is strong and open evidence of the Obama administration collaborating with Islamist activists to ensure the path toward sharia law is accelerated.

The Watch (2012)
Excerpt: Four everyday suburban guys come together to form a neighborhood watch group…. (Now playing at a theater near you. Used to be titled “Neighborhood Watch” until, well, you know…Barb.)

Just Curious
Excerpt: Why is it that when a nutjob gunman named Nidal Malik Hasan goes on a murderous rampage yelling "Allahu Akbar!" the authorities insist there's 'no connection to terrorism," but the dumb-ass loony white guy named Wade Michael Page goes on a murderous rampage without saying a damn thing ... and the authorities immediately label it an act of terrorism before they even know the motive behind it or have investigated it?

Study: One-third of doctors wouldn't take new Medicaid patients last year. By Sarah Kliff
Excerpt: [Sandra Decker's] research, published this afternoon in the journal Health Affairs, is the first that has ever given a state-by-state look at doctors’ willingness to accept Medicaid. That makes it a helpful report to understand the factors that influence doctors’ participation in Medicaid, alongside the public policy levers that could encourage them to join up.

The Natural Map of Europe. By Pat Buchanan
Excerpt: "Apart from political maps of mankind, there are natural maps of mankind. ... One of the first laws of political stability is to draw your political boundaries along the lines of the natural map of mankind." So wrote H.G. Wells in "What Is Coming: A Forecast of Things to Come After the War" in the year of Verdun and the Somme Offensive. In redrawing the map of Europe, however, the statesmen of Versailles ignored Wells and parceled out Austrians, Hungarians, Germans and other nationalities to alien lands to divide, punish and weaken the defeated peoples.

New Obama slogan has long ties to Marxism, socialism
Old article, but since this article, Wikipedia reportedly has been censored; no longer contains information on use of “Forward” by Marxists and Communists. So much for free speech. What law? –Barb. Excerpt: The Obama campaign apparently didn't look backwards into history when selecting its new campaign slogan, "Forward" — a word with a long and rich association with European Marxism. Many Communist and radical publications and entities throughout the 19th and 20th centuries had the name "Forward!" or its foreign cognates. …The slogan "Forward!" reflected the conviction of European Marxists and radicals that their movements reflected the march of history, which would move forward past capitalism and into socialism and communism.

Wikipedia Kills Page Linking Obama Slogan to Socialist Movement. By Noam Cohen
Excerpt: The effort to get Wikipedia to include articles on the socialist roots of the Obama-Biden campaign’s slogan, “Forward,” ended in failure on Tuesday. The article, linking the Democratic slogan to uses of the title “Forward” by various leftist publications, had become a subject of interest among some publications on the right, including The Daily Caller and commentators like Neal Boortz. …. After a debate among readers who also cast votes on the issue, the Wikipedia administrator essentially killed the page by having it redirect to the general article on the Obama-Biden presidential campaign; all that is left of the original article is the simple statement: “On April 30, 2012, the campaign announced that its slogan would be ‘Forward.’”

The 1% Solution. By William L. Gensert
Excerpt: Yet it is the elite progressives who are the true 1%. The hardcore left, while few in number, seem to always dominate the national conversation, in support of an America where everyone does as he is told -- for the good of humanity, of course.

Airing Harry Reid’s Dirty Laundry. By Steve Baldwin
Excerpt: Senator Harry Reid claims to be an ethical politician and he often employs his Mormon religion in order to demonstrate his alleged immaculacy. However, the reality is that he is, in fact, one of the most ethically challenged politicians in office today. This report will review his alliances with corrupt individuals, his support of ACORN, his ties with organized crime figures and his chronic failure to comply with campaign finance laws.

Prince of fools, a multitude of fools
Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way that you can quickly understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic. Someone over there has it figured out. It was translated into English from an article in the Prague newspaper Prager Zeitungon on 04.28.2010. "The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president." De Tocqueville, who was so enamored of the commitment of Americans to liberty and limited government, would now condemn us (probably would have done so with Woody Wilson as president) for succumbing to the soft tyranny of government blandishments, the proliferation of federal laws and regulation, and rule by a host of bureaucrats--and now czars. And Obama is enabling himself to rule by fiat, executive orders:
Cordially, Larry Greenberg

GOP insider: Religion destroyed my party: A veteran Republican says the religious right has taken over, and turned his party into anti-intellectual nuts. By Mike Lofgren
Excerpt: Having observed politics up close and personal for most of my adult lifetime, I have come to the conclusion that the rise of politicized religious fundamentalism may have been the key ingredient in the transformation of the Republican Party. Politicized religion provides a substrate of beliefs that rationalizes—at least in the minds of its followers—all three of the GOP’s main tenets: wealth worship, war worship, and the permanent culture war. (From the left. Need to know what they are thinking and saying. ~Bob.)

Sharia Law in Canada
Excerpt: Sharia Law is advancing in Canada at both provincial and local levels. The provincial governments of Canada for years have tacitly recognized Sharia law for Canada’s Muslim minority by sending multiple welfare checks to polygamous Muslim men who raise multiple families in Canada.

US kills AQAP bombmaker, 9 fighters in pair of strikes in Yemen
Excerpt: The US launched two drone strikes against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen today, killing a senior bombmaker and nine other fighters. The US has now conducted three strikes in Yemen in the past four days. Meanwhile, jihadists named one of the AQAP fighters killed in Saturday's drone strike.

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