Sunday, July 3, 2011

Random Thoughts

I often get sent scurrilous quotes and stories about Obama and other leftists, without sources. I don't use them, unless I can find a source willing to stand behind them. If you say Obama said that he wants to poison old people, show me the video clip or news report. I want to defeat the left. I don't want to become them, making up lies, chasing through Obama's trash as they do with Palin's.

If you are feeling too calm, and your blood pressure is too low, I recommend buying something from a TV infomercial. Recently my wife wanted the special meatloaf pans. They offered two for one (But Wait!). I called. They asked how many pans I wanted. I said two. Their voice mail hell--you aren't allowed to talk to a real person--then proceeded to try to up-sell me to the deluxe pans for $10 per pan. Finally I hung up, but it was too late. Four pans arrived. I can go through the hassle of trying to return the two extras and get the charge cancelled, or just eat it. We will eat it, not worth my time, but I will never again buy anything through an 800 number offered on TV. This is one of the reasons I don't watch much TV, but this ad was on the morning news. So beware.

It may be a measure of our cultural collapse that in many offices, the refrigerator is a major problem, with employees either not cleaning up after themselves or stealing coworkers’ food.

The new urinals with a flush button on top are really annoying. You try to rest you head for a little nap while doing your business and WHAM it goes off, jerking you awake. And you ladies think you have problems.

I'd like to have all the money charities and politicians have spent over the years, asking me for money. They must have me confused with Bill Gates.

Have you noticed that folks who call you for money--either selling or begging--start out the same way? That is, once you say who you are, you get a cheery, "How are you today, Mr. Hall?" This alerts you. I often say, "Doing fine for a fellow with a terminal illness." That tends to throw them off their game. Okay, it's not like I won't make it through the week, but sometimes dragging an oxygen tank makes me grumpy with strangers aiming at my wallet.

An oxygen does tank makes an interesting conversation piece. At recent Scottish Games, a fellow walked up and started off with, "How many years did you smoke?" "None" I said, "Pulmonary Fibrosis is not smoking related." Another person said he hoped my condition was temporary. "Oh, it is," I assured him. "Eventually you die from it." My favorite was the two five-year-old cousins in a store, who, after they broke the ice by squeezing the bike horn on my oxygen tank dolly, started a lively conversation. Then one looked at the tank and asked, "Are you going to vacuum?"

I'm not complaining about my health. Every day I talk to or hear of folks, often younger, who are worse off. I've already lived longer and better than 99% of the humans who ever lived. Longer thanks to good luck and modern American healthcare. Better because I won the lottery--I was born in the United States. If you are in reasonably health, and of reasonable average intelligence, you can make a decent life for yourself as an American. Of course, some kids are handicapped by their parents or government by being given a sense of entitlement instead of a work ethic.

The real problem with giving Obama OJT for president is that it doesn’t seem to take.

If you can remember when Iraq was a distraction from the “War of Necessity” in Afghanistan, you must have a really good memory. You know, when Obama said Iraq was sucking up translators needed in Afghanistan (where they speak different languages)? You probably even remember back when all the Democrats were publically fretting about the growing debt under George W. Bush. Maybe even so far back you remember when they were all saying Saddam had WMDs. I think that was during the Garfield Administration, it was so long ago.

I was going to make a career of the Marines. I decided to get out because it was apparent that the politicians were screwing up Vietnam, and I thought I could serve America better by going to college, then into politics. I remember that whenever someone tells me I'm smart.

Imagine giving your troops a pep talk now in Afghanistan. "Okay. men, we are going into combat, facing a tough, battle-hardened, ruthless foe. A lot of us will die. But I know you men will fight like those who served gallantly in this outfit in other wars, and will kill enough of the Taliban that they won't take over until after the President is re-elected!"

As I get older, I find most of my regrets are of little stupidities, that more experience would have let me avoid. But I've mostly forgiven myself. No one died or suffered irreparable harm. And I mildly regret one or two women I dated and three or four I didn't.

Once Obama leaves the White House, he will get far richer than Clinton on lectures and books, world wide. There will always be a paying audience for trashing America. Lets make it soon so he has time to enjoy his wealth, before the fiscal collapse.

At a sporting event, I will boo the refs for a bad call. I will boo the opposing team if they do something dirty or that I think is cheating. I don't boo them just because they showed up to play my team. Nor do I ever boo my team no matter how badly they play. I'm not known for having a lot of class--but I have some. Booing your own team, or the opponents just for being there, is bush league.

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  1. Bob,
    My 80 year old Mother in law fell and broke her neck and has been wearing a "Halo" for the past 6 months. Last night while watching the fireworks a young boy (about 5 or so)walked up, looked Mom up and down and said "Are you an Alien?"