Saturday, July 23, 2011

Guest Post - Random Thoughts from Paul

1.       When we liberated Iraq, I do recall that President George W. Bush said that we would take a share of Iraq’s oil revenues (that are supposedly larger than Saudi Arabia’s) to help pay for our work  in providing their freedom in a land without Saddam Hussein. Was I imagining things and, if I wasn’t, what happened?

2.       Why, when it has been reported that our POTUS would consult  with our military leaders about how many of our U. S. troops could be pulled out of Afghanistan without jeopardizing our military gains that the POTUS did not consult with them, with the result being the apparent comments from all members of the JCS that his decision risked undermining the surge that he approved last year; that he was withdrawing too many troops too soon that would, as a result, almost certainly negate those gains; or was his decision based solely on a 2012 re-election campaign that  would benefit from his hoped-for gains in the polls in light of  those gains being in freefall for the past 6-7 weeks?

3.      In WWII, the catch phrase was, among other memorable comments, “Loose lips, sink ships,” with the stated and implied inference being “think before you say anything because what you said could give  the enemy all that he needed to plan for, move forces in place, etc. to take advantage of such a withdrawal, lie low, for a time, and then take control after we leave."  Why would we be so stupid as to telegraph such plans to our enemy?  The enemy is not stupid either, and they are very patient.   I believe that it was a Taliban leader in Afghanistan who, after being caught during interrogation, said, “You may have the watch, but we have the time.”

4.      What is this term “exit strategy” supposed to mean, other than being something that, from a political standpoint, might placate the political opposition as well as the electorate.  In the past wars that we’ve won, the only exit strategy was “Win the war!”  To most ill-educated, ill-informed, uninformed everyday people whom I have talked with over the past 30-some years – beginning with the ignominious end of our involvement in Vietnam – philosophically, “exit strategy to those majority of individuals meant that we had already lost that war, even before it had really begun, and was already looking for a way to get out in some way, while “saving face,” somehow.

Anyone with even a smidgeon of knowledge gained from history, not to mention those with a military background, understand clearly the huge moral and psychological edge that this would give to any  enemy.  As NVN General Giap said, “We knew we couldn’t beat you on the battlefield, but we also thought that you would defeat yourselves in the streets of Chicago, New York, and Washington, DC.”  While  that may not be his exact quote; it is certainly what he was inferring. And that is exactly what happened.  Led by an active national media and certain politicians, we beat ourselves.

5.      With respect to the current federal budget deficit and the POTUS  demanding a tax increase, too, two economic facts are most germane. The first is the fact that taxes of any kind should never be raised in the middle of a very fragile economy.  The second is the fact that every time federal taxes were reduced, tax revenues actually increased.  Why? Because both businesses and individual consumers had more money to spend, which they did and increased economic activity in the process.

The opposite has usually been the case when taxes were raised.  (If you don’t believe me, then “Google” it to check for yourself.)  While the  POTUS and most of his advisors have never run a business, had to  make a payroll, or even served in the military, they seem to have no clue as to what taxes due in an economy when raised or lowered. Instead, even though most of his advisors have advanced degrees, I would have to believe that they have all forgotten what they would have learned in Economics 101.

6.       And finally, when politicians see an opening to rack up political  gains for their party – and not for the U. S. A. and its people – you get what we did to ourselves in 2008.  Hopefully (and I’m not going to hold my breath on this one, either), we can use some common sense and unfiltered information from sources other than our American news media to pull the correct lever on Election Day in 2012 and save this country and ourselves from dying a long and horrible death.

Best regards.
Paul Rendine


  1. Good one. Every point is well made.

    Ron Pittenger

  2. Sir, I just discovered your bolg and so far I like what I've seen. I'm not up to speed on blogs so I figure there will be a long learning curve. Thank you for your srevice to the Marines and the state house of reps.
    Dusty Cronin