Monday, July 18, 2011

Comcast Strikes Again

About three weeks ago, I called and asked about upgrading my account so I could get the Military History Channel. Oh, they were happy to do so, though I had to sign up for premium service with a lot more channels, that was supposed to make my Internet run faster as well. And they would mail me a guide to all the new channels I was getting as soon as the upgrade--48 hours tops--went through.

So far, no guide came, no new channels appear when I surf on the TV and the Internet doesn't run any faster as far as I can tell, though I unpluged my modem for 30-minutes as directed a week later. But I bet they upgraded the amount they are charging me, at least.

How does Comcast stay in business? Oh, yeah, they are a monopoly.


  1. Sorry for the trouble. I can help in speed issue that you are experiencing. Feel free to contact me, provide your contact and account info at the email provided below.

    You can also access your local guide here:

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  2. Nice they told you where to find the channels that you don't have yet.

  3. How funny--not! I recently wrote a piece critical of NAMI and the Conflicts of Interest inherent in their "advocacy" and the next day received an email inviting me to participate in a offer to correct the really serious issues I wrote about of course!

  4. Maybe you should look into satellite tv. It's a great way to get the military channel and avoid Comcast at the same time!