Monday, July 18, 2011

Bonus Post: Random Thoughts

Among the most important Civil Rights are the right to own property and enjoy it's use as we wish, and the right to engage in commerce for our labor or goods without the interference of government, as long as we deal honestly and without fraud. Without these, most of what the ACLU spouts is meaningless.

Why Bipartisan Compromise doesn't always work so well: An enemy is determined to shoot you twice in the head. You don't want to be shot at all. Compromise: he only shoots you once. A rapist wants to kidnap a young girl and rape her repeatedly over several days. She doesn't want to be raped. Compromise: he only rapes her a few times. A thug wants to steal all the money in your wallet. You want to keep your money. Compromise: he only steals half of it. If compromise is such a good thing, these folks should all be content with the outcomes here. But the media is fond of demanding compromise. So I'll take half your money now, see you next week for another "compromise."

It was a hot Chicago evening when we spotted three senior citizens sitting outside a grocer store with a pack of cones and a half gallon of ice cream, making themselves cold treats. Still one of the great pleasures of life, regardless of age. Reminds me of the fellow on a remote Scottish island, in the days before electricity arrived. He was offered a dish of ice cream a summer visitor brought on the ferry. "I dinna want it to get a grip on me like the tobacco has," he said.

In the old days, you had to work for what you wanted, or steal it and take your chances with a long drop on a short rope. Now days, you get the government to take it and give it to you. If you want something and someone doesn't want to give it to you, you start a "justice" campaign. Economic Justice, Environmental Justice, whatever. Soon we will have the "Campaign for Sexual Justice," demanding that one-third of the times when an attractive, young woman makes love, it has to be with a fat, old guy. Say....

47% of the people pay no federal income taxes. And we are told the top 5% of earners, who pay 60% of the taxes already, aren't "paying their fair share." It's funny how often liberals who say that cheat on their own taxes. Not surprising, though.

Muslims committing Allahmurders create more "Islamophobia" than a million cartoonists ever could. Black thugs in gangs murdering black kids and robbing decent black people, as well as in flash mobs attacking whites, create more racism than all the KKK members left in the country could ever hope to create in their pathetic lifetimes.

Is it true that Latte is Italian for "over-priced coffee"?

In every historical example, bigger government has always led to tyranny and oppression. But liberals always say, "This time we'll do it right."

Great tee shirt: "Things to do: Pray. Vote. Buy more ammo."

A conservative believes the money you earn is yours, and that it's unfortunate that the government must take a little for defense and general needs. A liberal believes the money you earn is the governments, and any it lets you keep is a "tax expenditure."

I doubt that if the Founders were to look at the size of government today, the huge deficit, the level of spending and taxation, the restrictions on private property and how easy it may be seized by the government to put it to a "better use," the endless list of government agencies and mountains of government regulations, they would think we were "free" as they understood it. I think they'd be proud of how great the USA became--and appalled at what it is becoming.

I love Canada. During the Vietnam war, they took in our garbage and sent their best young men to serve in our armed forces. Many died and I read one was awarded the Medal of Honor.

Why do we spend all that money having a Congress? If Obama wants a Dream act, he issues an executive order. If he doesn’t want the Senate to confirm, he creates a Czar not subject to the Senate. If he wants to start a war, he calls it “kinetic military action.” Who needs checks and balances and co-equal branches of government?

Our granddaughter has been visiting. Since it was for a month, we made up the hide-a-bed in the office. We were sure it was the most comfortable option. "No," she said, "I want to sleep on the couch." And she did. I like that she is willing to take a position and stand by it, is not easily swayed by other opinions. She's ten. That trait gives me hope for her in the difficult days ahead, when Grandpa won't be there to sort things out.

There are a lot of people who voted for "change" whose kids and grandkids are, I fear, going to die in the change that is coming.

If the government keeps trying to fix the economy, we won't have to worry about what the rich are making. Or the middleclass either. There won't be any.

I saw a good cartoon. It has Obama saying, "I won't allow the half Americans who pay no taxes to bear the burden of the other half who aren't paying their fair share." Pretty much nailed it.

In ten or fifteen years, I think that most of the survivors will be too worried about feeding their families, heating their hut and keeping gangs of marauding thugs from raping, robbing and killing them to be the slightest bit worried about global warming, where Obama was born, Casey Anthony (who?) or gay marriage.

I'm almost as tired of hearing "shout out" for recognize as I am of "reach out" for contact, call, write or speak to.

The joke is that Greece is starting to pay their debts in Gyros instead of Euros. Yeah, I told it before. I still like it. We have to laugh at the coming tragedy.

Too bad Obama wasn't around to help Bill Clinton out in his hour of need. "I did not have sex with that woman. I just had kinetic oral action."

It's been hot in Chicago, but when I want to complain, I think of January. And of our troops in full battle rattle in Afghanistan, dying to postpone defeat until 2013 and thus get Obama re-elected in 2012. Stops me from whining.

The women (and a few men) running for the good seats at the Casey Anthony murder trial make me queasy. People who closely follow the latest celebrity trial must have empty lives. I want justice done, but I have neither the time nor the inclination to obsess over the details. And we have much bigger issues in this country.

When global warming gets so bad Al Gore lowers his carbon footprint to only twice mine, instead of at least 100 times mine, I'll think about taking it seriously.

There will be no "do over," or "my bad, I'll fix it" if Obama gets it wrong on Iran and they give a nuke to a terrorist group. Who is so naive that they think the Islamist fanatics of that "Religion of Peace" wouldn't incinerate Washington, DC, New York, Chicago or Los Angeles if they had the means?

Do you get what the results of a nuke hit on an American city would be to our society? It wouldn't be only those in the nuked city who would die, they would just die faster. Our economy would go to 1890 levels. I hope you can hunt, fish, forage and are good at subsistence farming.

I picked up my Granddaughter at Dance Camp. I was a few minutes late, so just hit my Marine Hymn car horn. A few girls peeked out the window, but she didn't come out, so I went in. "Didn't you hear my horn?" I asked. "That was you? We thought it was the ice cream truck!" she said. I still have work to do.

From their comments, Leftists reading my blog apparently assume I get all my news from watching Fox. Actually, as I've said, I watch little TV. Sometimes I put Fox or the local station on in the morning, but Fox apparently thinks Casey Anthony was the most important story around and that Donald Trump has something enlightening to say on the issues. They also have panels of guests who mostly shout at each other. How do you get anything worthwhile from that? So I get my news from reading. If you check my blog links, I read many sources.

They also complain that I have it good on my pensions from the Marines and the Massachusetts Senate, though I don't, and won't, get a penny from either. They like to make up stuff about you, then attack their made-up visions.

Zen update: If a leftist does something stupid or corrupt and the media protects him by ignoring it, did it happened?

People ask me if I wrote The Coming Collapse of the American Republic thinking I'd change the world or save the country. No. I wrote it thinking I want to look at myself in the mirror in the morning and know I've done all in my power, however little that might be, however long the odds, to save it.


  1. Thanks for sharing your "Random Thoughts" some of them validate some of my own...and others give me something to think about. What an awesome deal!

    Today I stated, "I've lost my marbles" to which my son quickly responds, "Tell the truth mom, it's marble." Gotta love it, when he's quick with an awesome comeback...

  2. You've pretty much summed up how I see the whole of western civilisation going - even the bits Obama and his team aren't ruining - sorry - running.

    We have the same bunch of lunatic liberals ruining Britain and Europe. Their biggest problem is that they cannot tell the difference between the contents of your wallet and theirs...