Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Comcast Update

Comcast contacted me. They said they would be sure the new 100+ channel service was updated so I’d get the Military History Channel. But that I wouldn’t get it on the bedroom TV where I usually watch, unless I paid another $8 a month for a different box.

I went home and still couldn’t get the military history channel on either TV. Which was the only reason I upgraded. So I contacted them again.

They responded that the Military History Channel wasn’t part of my new package! I had specifically told them when I called that was all I wanted. They said I would have to take the premier package to get it, so I did. And it's not part of the package.

So I’ve upgraded, I'm paying more per month, I'm paying a one-time upgrade fee, and I'm not getting the only channel I wanted.

The only question left is, does Comcast hire only idiots, or does working there make them one?


  1. Ooh, Me! Me! My answer is, "Both!"

  2. We have a "Comcast Free zone" in our home. Our neighbors surrounding us are in luuuuvvvv with them. But all I hear are complaints (daily?) about their outages, low signals, etc., blah, blah, blah.

    We're DirecTV baby. All.the.way.