Sunday, July 31, 2011

Guest post – Straight Talk

OK, folks. It’s time for some straight talk now about President Barack Obama. Statistically, over 90 percent of all Americans say that they get ALL of their news from television, an already self-described liberal-biased media that will tell you only what THEY want you to know, in place of all of the real news that we all need to make properly informed decisions. Most people in America don’t even read any more.

That is evidenced by the numbers of newspapers, for example – large and small – that are closing their doors today. All that is left today are books, news magazines, and the Internet.

Even book stores are closing, while even the better, time-respected news magazines like Time, U. S. News & World Report, etc. are either drastically down-sizing their content or also closing their doors, too. Right now, that pretty much leaves the Internet.

With that preamble, let’s talk some truth about Barack Obama. And don’t start playing the “race card” with me. It won’t work. Black or white, the man was elected not only by other blacks and liberal Democrats, but, more to the point, by a substantial number of white voters, as well. That fact alone should, more than anything else, trump the race card. The man is an avowed socialist. That’s why he is determined to bankrupt America and transform it into a totally socialist state.

Any number of recent current books or articles that I have read suggests clearly that his philosophy has been ingrained from birth by his father, enhanced by liberal professors at the elite schools of higher learning, and honed to perfection as a “community organizer” in Chicago. He has been blessed with higher intelligence than the average American, and enhanced by incredible oratorical skills. His entire life has been influenced by liberal and socialist leanings, all of which were increased substantially by his student club activities on campus, first at Occidental College and then coalesced with his time at Harvard Law School. He hates America and its capitalist ideals and first made his real intentions known with a slip of the tongue with “Joe the plumber” in a campaign stop just before the election in 2008 when he said “redistribution of wealth” in an impromptu discussion with “Joe,” who also called him on that, as well. The fawning media glossed that over quite nicely, too.

His blueprint for turning America into a socialist country is already becoming clear, and it’s right out of the socialist “rule book.” First, you bankrupt the country by spending more and more borrowed money to create programs that are intended to create the notion with its people that they can’t live without governmental help. Then you work at developing a mob mentality that ultimately leads to martial law enabling him to become a virtual dictator to “calm” the country down. That “groundwork laying” culminates with an all out attack on businesses and wealthier Americans who risk their wealth to create new businesses, which adds to our free economy and substantially results in the hiring of more employees.

He began his plan with the pressing and passage of Obamacare, with the immense help of a totally Democrat-controlled Congress. Basically, no one really knew what was in the plan (remember then-Speaker Pelosi’s comment that “We won’t know what’s in the plan until it’s passed.”) We do know NOW about several other catastrophic features in that plan, which include: taking well over half a billion dollars out of Medicare to switch to Obamacare to make their numbers look better; the much ballyhooed medical cost savings were anything but, resulting in the plan’s costs being almost double what they were before; adding, as yet, many still un-detailed new taxes inside the bill; and insulting our friends, while trying to make friends out of avowed enemies by “buying” them with more borrowed money.

His plan began with the passage of Obamacare, while, at the same time, demonizing the Republicans’ proposed budget cutting plan based on their (“the Republicans balancing the budget on the backs of our senior citizens, children, and middle income households, etc.”) lies; followed by calling in his chits with labor unions by inducing them to develop protest mobs, straight out of the socialist rule book – starting with Wisconsin – to nearly overwhelm state houses with mass demonstrations, threats to governors and legislators; and then rippling across the country in other states, counties, and cities who were having their own budget problems with most of their budget woes coming from overly generous pensions for their teachers and other city and county employees; followed by his world “apology” tour and its pronouncements that America was not a Christian nation whose strength and power had been constantly used to bully or oppose other nations to bend them to its will. His comments have even led to lesser governmental bureaucrats issuing edicts that, for example, would disallow the name of God even in burial services for our returning servicemen who had fallen in service for their country’s call to combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He has lied – not just misstated or misspoke – to both our citizens and the Congress about numerous issues in America with impunity, while almost never being fact-checked by a supportive national media.
We cannot afford to re-elect him in 2012 or we will literally risk seeing the rapid demise of America into a new form of government that will not hold to the U. S. Constitution and the values we have always held dear in America. He has already made his contempt known for the U. S. Constitution by issuing various “Executive Orders,” many of which ignore the legalities of the Constitution or, at least, run over them anyway. If you don’t believe any of this, then I would urge you to Google with the words: “Why is Obama trying to bankrupt America?” There are a number of excellent articles and recent books available on the Internet about Obama’s real intentions. In particular, I would commend to you those articles and books written by Delwyn Lounsbury, with all of these concerns – and others – quite well detailed with supporting facts and figures.

That said, all of us Americans must begin to look further than the evening news to find out as much of the real story about any given issue – especially when it concerns politics – as possible, and that also means READ more about the world, whether it’s through your local newspaper, a favorite news magazine, and/or the Internet. The more we know, the more we can trust ourselves by looking below the surface for the real reason or motivation that compels anyone – in this case, President Obama – to do or not do anything that clearly needs to be resolved NOW. If we can’t draw an intelligent conclusion about issues such as why is the President continually changing the end zone for issues that are so important for all of our citizens and the U. S. economy, then maybe we rightly deserve what we got or what we may lose? If we keep our heads in the sand and do nothing, then we will have proven the words of the great American philosopher of the Sunday comics pages of the 50s, 60s, and 70s, Pogo, who said: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

 Paul Rendine

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