Monday, June 29, 2009

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While in the Black Hills, a part of the country where freedom and individualism are still cherished, I saw a bumper sticker:

“Gun Control is not about guns. It’s about control.”

Since I was reading Mark Levin’s bestseller Liberty and Tyranny, it struck a chord. More about the book when I finish.

Today’s interesting items:

Taking the Tea Party to DC
Problem is, is taxpayer who want to protest, & we have day jobs!

These are the Thugs that are killing Iranian protestors
Hasn’t BO talked them out of it?

Dissecting the Kennedy Health Bill
Brace Yourself.

SHERMAN FREDERICK: Why I dumped Obama's party
Switch & Fight!

Times Reporter Escapes Taliban After 7 Months
When it’s a reporter in danger, they can keep it quiet. American Troops in danger? Tough—the public has a right to know.

Removal of an inspector
Where are the media who complained about Bush firing some US Attorneys?

Slaughter of Westerners in Yemen bears mark of former Gitmo detainee
And we are closing Gitmo….

Obama Ally Tries To Squelch Another Whistleblower
It’s the Chicago Way!

Afghanistan: Jihadists behead university student
The folks BO shares values with, he says….

Reading Miranda Rights to Terrorists Is 'Crazy' and 'Stupid,' Say GOP Congressmen
Suppose we’d conducted WWII this way?

True story of the atomic bombing of Japan.,_War_Criminals_&_The_True_Story_of_the_Atomic_Bombs/1808/
The Good Old Days.

From Del, a Marine buddy:
Here's one of the stories of the war that of course no one ever heard at the time. And it's special in that it highlights the great performance of South Vietnamese Marines in battle; the forces of the South so seldom ever get credit for how well they fought in the years 1968-75.

Product Description
In Ride the Thunder, Richard Botkin breaks new ground in telling the heroic story of a few American and Vietnamese Marines who fought brilliantly and turned the tide of the Vietnam War, only to have policymakers surrender the battlefield. Botkin recounts the exploits of the American Marines and their Vietnamese allies who were largely responsible for thwarting the North Vietnamese invasion of the northern portions of South Vietnam—known as the 'Easter Offensive of 1972' in the West3that was intended to bring the nation to its knees. These are the men who 'rode the thunder' and almost saved a nation. Botkin tells the story of Captain John Ripley's daring raid to destroy the Dong Ha Bridge; Major Le Ba Binh and his seven hundred Marines bravely holding off more than 20 thousand North Vietnamese troops; Lieutenant Colonel Gerry Turley's leadership and bravery that helped thwart the Easter Offensive—and much more.

About the Author
Richard Botkin is a former United States Marine Corps infantry officer.

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