Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hussein is back...and he's proud!

During the campaign, the Obama forces called any attempt to depict BO as having a Muslim connection as a smear. In fact, they opposed use of "BHO," as the media did "JFK" and "LBJ," as it called attention to his middle name of Hussein, and said it was an attempt to smear him as a Muslim (Fight the Smears on the Obama Campaign website). Therefore, in deference to his feelings, I've been calling him just "BO" for short. More respectful, more solid than "W."

But guess who's bragging about his "Muslim roots" now?

The Emergence of President Obama's Muslim Roots

Of course, this is from that right-wing mouthpiece, ABC.....


  1. I posted about one of his comments concerning the Muslim religion yesterday too! "Did anyone else catch that on the news tonight!? Mr. Obama sitting with the Saudi King said to the camera's he reverently said he "wanted to visit the birthplace of Islam"!!!! Proof positive about where his heart lies. All the while bowing & scraping like a lap dog. This is scandalous behaviour on our 'leaders' part!" (my post)

    We are now in a clear and present danger by this illegal president. Will no one help us?

  2. I read the text of his speech in Cairo . Although he mentioned his muslim roots and showed an understanding of the religion, I don't think he went overboard and overall I don't have much to complain about. I hope you will give your take on his words.

  3. I have read BHO's speech from Cairo. Although he does mention is muslim roots, he also states specifically that he is a Christian. Overall I really do not take umberage with what he said. He advocated for dialog and cooperation, but made it clear the US would not tolerate any crap. I hope you will blog your thoughts on the speech. Thanks