Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I am dealing with several challenges, including my e-mail is not working right now. (Thank you Comcast.) So postings and contact may be slim for a bit.

Update: Comcast says they can't tell me why my e-mail is down, but they have bumped it to a higher level. No, I can't get a credit, because e-mail is a "free feature." (But if I don't pay the bill which just arrived in the mail, I bet that "free feature" goes away!)

So I'm working on changing providers, will notify correspondents when up and running. Thinking G-Mail.

Meantime, I'm writing to Comcast: Dear Sir/Madam. While paying your bill is mandatory, my actually mailing the check is a "free feature" and that service is down right now. I can't tell you why, or when it will be up, but I've bumped the problem to a higher level. In the meantime, feel free to drop by my home and pick up the check.


  1. Let me know when your e-mail is back up. I tried to send you a few things... nothing important. I have comcast also but have not had any problems. Hope all is well.

    Steve Mishket

  2. Dear Sir
    I was very intrested in your I'm tired email. I too am tired as you say. I was never in the military however I am an Army Brat, my stepfather, my exhusband & my brother all served in Viet nam . My son spent 8 years in the navy & my daughter 5 years in Army. My stepfather & husband also served in Korea. My marriage broke up due to tramatic stress syndrome. I know what you are saying & where you are ecoming from. I spent 27 years of my life as a military dependent I lived the life of uncertanty each time my family member went to war but I was proud because it was for my freedom & that of others that they were fighting. I am a christian & proud of it. I did vote for Bush both times & I stand proud for what he did. Even with his hands tied he did more for our country than our present so called president ever will. I am not only appalled at the press & media but also at our government who did not even check the simplest thing his proof of birth. We are all from other countries we came here for religious freedom. I do not dislike any race looking for a better life. My only fear is for my grandchildren who are doomed to live in a socialist society unless something is done to stop Obama now. He is selling our freedom down the drain. I am neither right nor left & I never vote streight ticket I vote for the best man & lately that has been difficult. I too am still working my choice. I also am working at trying to make the United States a place where I and my family & friends can woship God in freedom without fear. It is like our email soon Obama will regulate that too what then.

  3. Forget Gmail - their web interface sucks. I would go with Yahoo.