Saturday, June 6, 2009

Defending our values

Sixty five years ago today, the United States invaded a country that had not attacked us. True, we were attacking soldiers of another country that occupied the country we invaded, but not all the citizens there wished us well. In fact, the armed forces of the country we invaded had fought ours when we invaded their territories in North Africa years earlier.

And even the country which we were fighting that June day had not attacked us first. In the months following that invasion, in several countries, hundred’s of thousands of innocent civilians, men, women and children, were killed by our forces. The enemy’s cities and civilian population were targeted. Enemy combatants were taken prisoner, held indefinitely, and denied any protections under the US Constitution, including trials and lawyers.

It was thought by Americans of that generation, and the Democrat president and Democrat Congress who led us, that defeating a great evil justified these acts. Today, those of us who still believe in America and what it stood for remember and honor those who died in what the current administration would doubtless view as abandoning our “values.”

Our highest value used to be protecting the freedom and safety of the American people. God willing, we will again have leaders who have empathy for that value.

But this day, we honor those who fought and died for our freedom and safety on the beeches of Normandy, sixty five years ago.


  1. I am eternally grateful that the brave men and women who fought in WWII had the fortitude to continue forward and defeat evil and that I am not speaking Japanese or German today. I often wish that the men and women of my generation could understand what it means to stand for something. To stand a little taller. To serve something greater than your own self intrest. I do not think people remember what it takes to defeat evil anymore. We just want to lay down and be multi cultural.
    They can do what they want in their own little sand box, but if they leave their sand box, then game on.
    We need to realize that those people who seek to destroy us must be dealt with. They have given us two choices, we can convert to their version of Islam or we can be destroyed. Much like the choices we had with Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. I don't want to convert to Islam so I guess that leaves the second choice and I don't feel like laying down, rolling over and letting them do me in.
    If anyone doubts how real this is, just remember how you felt on Sept 12, 2001 and see if you are willing to roll over and play dead.

  2. Germany (which occupied Normandy) didn't attack the US?

  3. No. Japan attacked us. We declared war on Japan. Germany, allied with Japan, then responded by declaring war on us, to Roosevelt's relief. We then attacked Germany. Rightly so, in my view, but they had not attacked us, except some of our destroyers (See Ruben James) which were protecting ships taking war supplies to Britain, an act of war on our part.

    We invaded France, another country that had not attacked us, except French soldiers shot & killed American soldiers invading French territory in north Africa.