Sunday, June 28, 2009

Interesting Political Items

I’m back. Nothing like riding horses with your granddaughter in the Black Hills, instead of reading newspapers and the ‘net, to restore the soul.

So I return to find that “Cap & Trade,” probably the Smoot-Hawley bill locking in this recession, has passed. And people are gushing over the late Michael Jackson. I suppose they will honor him on a postage stamp, in a new “Famous Child Molesters” series, to go with Elvis from the “Famous Drug Abusers” stamp series. Meanwhile, men and women dying to protect an America pass with little but perfunctory notice. One wonders, in the black hours of the night, if this nation deserves protecting.

Prediction. Within two years, there will be an attempt to eliminate the Marine Corps. After all, they can’t expect to make the Republic subservient to foreign interests and anti-freedom statist policies while the Corps exists.

Friends have been filling my inbox with interesting items. A few are below.

Republicans in the Wilderness
Another “Good Thing”
Two by the brilliant Dr. Sowell

We Now Have Gangster Government
When politicians run businesses, the decisions will be political, not economic

Cap & Trade
Largest hit on your wallet yet

Oppression of Women
The beauty of Multiculturalism

An African Woman on Obama
African Colonial?

The Stoning of Soraya M.
Oh, like American liberals care about third world women.

Maine: Dhimmi bureaucrats fine anti-jihad group $4,000 for "inflammatory anti-Muslim message"
You just think you have freedom of speech

PETA’s puppy killer
You can make this stuff up.

Brit Global Warming documentary
For the true believers among your friends.

Unions pass out non-union hard hats to Congress
Too funny

DeNuke Iran
Sign the declaration

The American Welfare State
On life support

Little Boy Blue Devil
Another Duke rape case


  1. Hi Old Jarhead!

    Do you live near the Black Hills? I'm from South Dakota, though from the Eastern part of the state. I love the Hills and hope to get back there some day.

    Thanks for your site. I think I got to it via Michelle Malkin's site. I appreciate the way you think and articulate your opinion.

    Thank you, too, but most of all, for your service in the Marine Corps. I'm an AF brat and
    truly appreciate the sacrifices made by folks such as yourself more than words can express.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  2. Found your blog over on Molly's. After what I've just read here you may interested in this give away on my blog. If you don't catch it by tomorrow, when its over no problem, I have lots to give away. Pop on over and check out The Marxist Attack on the Middle Class.

    Here is the link