Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just Blame it on Bush!

Is Gitmo still a thorn?
Does your base look so forlorn?
You can still protect your tush—
Just blame it on Bush!

Has Detroit just cooked your goose?
Is Osama still on the loose
Out in the Hindu Kush?
Just blame it on Bush!

Are the banks still going down?
Does Korea make you frown?
Oh, when shove comes to push,
Just blame it on Bush.

Is Iran still hanging Gays,
And your cabinet no taxes pays?
Well don’t let them frost your tush—
Just blame it on Bush!

Is Joe Biden mouthing off?
And the terrorists think you’re soft,
While Israelis your buttons push?
Just blame it on Bush!

As new problems now evolve,
There are none that you can’t solve,
You’re got answers up the tush—
Blame them all on Bush!

~Rab the Rhymer

Where's yur Willie Shakespear noo?

Okay, you can do better. Post additional verses as comments.


  1. If the repo man's in town;
    And no job there can be found.
    Is Obama blaming Bush?
    You can bet your sorry tush!

  2. The world hates what's mine and yours
    Let's do some apology tours
    Iran we mustn't push
    Just blame it all on Bush!

  3. This guy does a better job. My internet isn't letting me go to youtube. But I have it linked here

    He does a far better job with his Obama Man then I do. For some reason I think you posted this Video once and thats where I saw it for the first time.

  4. Mr. Hall, God bless you and all our military! I have the honor of playing taps for military funerals and singing "The Star Spangle Banner" at dedications, etc in Hillsboro,Ohio and surrounding area. The guys on my honor guard are truly the best! Your story "I'm Tired" is great. If those of our nation are not yet sorry they elected Obama, they will be. Our government is so out of control. We sure are fast fulfilling the Bible,though.