Monday, March 16, 2009

World Wide Reach

My blog piece “I’m Tired” translated into Portuguese by a really nice guy in Brazil.

Lumières: I'm Tired
By Fernando Sampaio

Robert A. Hall é um veterano do Vietnam que por 5 vezes foi eleito para o Senado Estadual de Massachusetts. Em seu blog, escreveu um desabafo intitulado I'm tired sobre a conjuntura política em seu país. ...Lumières -


  1. Thanks for the "nice guy"!
    If anyone wants some insight in Latin America's political situation I recommend this post (in english):

    Greetings from Brazil.

  2. I agreed with all that was said, very well-said, in this piece. However, as a Catholic who also served with the Marines in Viet Nam, I object to the gratuitous reference to Catholics wanting to kill his forebears hundreds of years ago. That may be true,and I am not here to defend wrongs whomever may have committed them, but a balanced reference would cite how many Catholics were killed by Protestants in Europe during and afer the the Reformation, including England up until the mid-seventeenth century. I say "right on" with his other comments.

  3. If your tired,set down and rest like I did for the last 8 years.Be thankful for what you have and quit bitching and whinning and living in the past. If you don't like things now get the rag tag group back togeather and elect your leader NEXT ELECTION.THAT'S WHAT WE DID'

  4. Thank you so much, Robert A. Hall, for being articulate and accurate. I was surprised by thoroughly enjoying the entirety of your ideas that were so well put together. It seemed to mirror most of my thoughts and also enlightened me to more facts of life. Thank you for your service, dedication and honesty. Our country would do well to have more of your positive influence than those who choose to REST and remain IGNORANT. Will you run for President please?