Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Interesting article on health care

Sweden's Government Health Care
by Walter E. Williams

Government health care advocates used to sing the praises of Britain's National Health Service (NHS). That's until its poor delivery of health care services became known. A recent study by David Green and Laura Casper, "Delay, Denial and Dilution," written for the London-based Institute of Economic Affairs, concludes that the NHS health care services are just about the worst in the developed world. The head of the World Health Organization calculated that Britain has as many as 25,000 unnecessary cancer deaths a year because of under-provision of care. Twelve percent of specialists surveyed admitted refusing kidney dialysis to patients suffering from kidney failure because of limits on cash. Waiting lists for medical treatment have become so long that there are now "waiting lists" for the waiting list.

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  1. This is unadulterated bullshit - the NHS in the UK is an excellent service. Also in Sweden, health care is first class. In the US, health services are great - if you're as rich as Croesus, but god help you if you're middle class or poorer.
    The US is the only major developed society where health care is a for profit industry. In Europe it's a service.

  2. This guy is an absolute idiot. I hope he moves to the UK. They need some more just like him.

  3. If this man is so "TIRED" I'm sorry, This country is upside down, needs to turn back up and get things moving again. It's people like him that have caused this problem. Quit the gripping and do something about it. I praise his time with the Marines, but isn't that kind of a normal thing to do if a war comes to your country???? Stay tired my friend - quit feeling sorry for yourself.

  4. "keep on hoping"

    My son volunteered for about 5 yrs. in Scotland and England. He would call home excited about their helath care system. He had a serious infection . He went to a doctor's office immediately, was seen and given antibiotics and was well within 5 days. Another time he broke his hand - same thing-no wait - no hassle. He had no bills, no hassle and was treated by a good doctor who took his time. AND he didn't have to pay for it!!! I agree with the other blogger about the propaganda about the UK and Scandinavian system being bullshit. My husband and I saw a report - a Danish man was talking about the take of 50% of his salary - he was asked if that made him angry and with a puzzling but big smile said, "of course not, why would it, when I go to sleep I know that my family will always have access to the best medicine" !!
    Just think, doctors, dentists, nurses, all in the medical system because they love the service they are doing - it is not just a job - so you get the best. We are killing people quietly, ha, in this country everyday. A friend of mine was diagnosed last year in Dec. with a cancerous tumor on her thyroid. She couldn't get it removed until March - need I say more. What are we getting for our taxes? Then we tax our social security when we receive it, we pay taxes on our own money that was taxed before!! God, will someone start something soon - a revolution of sorts - of course not violent, but mass protests to make people wake up. We have a complacent, imprisoned society, afraid to even say the truth, let alone face it. We have to do something soon - we are already killing babies, the poor and the old. Did everybody know about the elder murders that quietly go on everyday. And people with MS are guinea pigs and are left abandoned everyday with side effects of medicines and they can't do anything about it and they are dying. Wake up PEOPLE, PLEASE!!!

  5. Another comment - mr. williams blog about patients being denied dialysis treatments in foreign countries, did you ever try to get new medical insurance in this country with a pre-existing condition, especially if you had end stage renal disease - needing dialysis. By the way I hope this makes everyone who will glance at this note a trace of fear - my daughter in law could not get into my son's insurance plan because they called her pregancy "A PRE EXISTING CONDITION - God help us all.