Sunday, March 15, 2009

Recycling old posts

For those who have recently joined my blog thanks to the circulation of “I’m Tired” on the net, below are a few of my earlier posts that you might be interested in. By recycling, I figure I can fight Global Warming by saving millions of electrons.

Thanks to the hundreds of folks who commented on various posts. I wish I had more time to respond to you. As of Friday evening, I had 165 hours in at work over the past three weeks, and have been getting about 200 e-mails a day at home. I'm hoping it will settle down on both fronts.

I do read all your comments, and find the wide varies of opinions and people interesting. I’m surprised and gratified at the number of supportive comments from around the world. And I’ve appreciated some intelligent dialog with those who disagree, including a guy named Tim who does beautiful woodwork for custom kitchens.

I also note that those who oppose my views are the ones most likely to need to resort to name-calling and profanity, and supporters are most likely to sign their names. There’s nothing to be afraid of by signing your name. Yes, I live in Chicago, but all the Outfit leg-breakers here work for the Mayor’s Democrat Machine—those who aren’t guests of the government. A poor Republican like me couldn’t afford a free-lance thug to bother you. So stand behind your opinions!

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If the links don't work, you can click back through my old posts a couple of months and find these.


  1. Good morning, I agree 100% if your too ashamed to post your name, it's because your ashamed of what you believe. I will come back this evening after Church to read more post. Thank you for careing enough to post these comments. I too worked 48 to 60 hrs aweek before retirement and I hate what is happening to our Country.

  2. At 63 I was widowed 8 years and still working up until now. Your comments about your "being tired" are against all The Teachings of God and His Only Begotten Son. Actually, I am tired and also completely disgusted with no representation for Americans during the last 40 years, mostly by your Republican Party who have made the "poor", the illegals, supported on the very Wealthy and enabled our Corporations and Companies to leave our shores for slave wages in foreign countries, exploiting the peoples of the poorest nations. I am tired the GREED, the abuse of power that starts wars costing billions of dollars that bankrupted our country, and I am tired of all republicans that continue to deny the reponsibility their policies have created to our people - you still have a job and have no compassion for your fellow countrymen who are now jobless through no fault of their own?? Where is your heart? You and individuals who possess these thoughts have no compassion at all and need to examine your conscience.

  3. Thank you for your thoughtful approach to circulating your well presented thoughts.

    I invite you explore my cynicism at the link below.

  4. Hi Robert:


    From one Marine to another, I totally agree with your posts and would like to take the opportunity to share my blog "A Nation ADrift! Why?" with you, to include a recent post titled: "Where Is America Today":

    Keep up the great job of sharing today's hot issues with all our God and Country loving Americans.


    Semper Fi!

  5. For whatever it's worth I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your "I'm tired" essay. I know soooo many people who share your sensible and common sense views, you wouldn't believe it (at least, from what you hear in the media!). I'm very grateful and wanted you to know it.

    Keep up the awesome work. God be with you and your family, and God Bless The USA!!!

    Semper Fi!!!

  6. Tea Party!!!!!!!! We are sick of what is going on in Washington DC! Change...yes, we have change....nothing but corruption from the president on down! How many people in his cabinet would be in jail if they were regular, taxpayers like us? And yet they get to be in control of our money???? This doesn't make any sense! Tim Gaither has no business being Secretary of the Treasury. William Holder has no business in the cabinet. I could go on but what is the point? We have to take back our country!!! I am second generation American (Italian) and my relatives must be rolling over in their graves! What has our country come to? We have a president with a printer printing more money every day and won't stay off the tv! Downturns happen every seven years. We never needed to bail out anyone! Survival of the fittest! I am mad that we do not check id when voting and we do not make voters pass a reading test! Tea Party! Enough is enough!

  7. Thank you for "I'm Tired"! It gave us fuel to win back our country!

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