Thursday, March 19, 2009

Two interesting economic articles

Administration escalates the trade wars. Let’s help the economy by killing American exports.

Each generation does better under a Free Market economy. But will the next generation have the benefits of a free economy, or the drudgery of one controlled from Moscow, er, Washington?


  1. Mr Hall made one very bad misstake when he said that gay people did't choose to be gay,you obviously are not edgucated in this area because all gay people have chosen their own route if you will or maybe you do not even believe in the bible or you have not ask enough gay people. This one thing I have done many times and most will tell you they made their on decission on this matter.

  2. Both thought provoking articles.

    Free trade (really, without restrictions, no matter what the other guy is doing) would be a huge boon to Americans. Everyone would benefit including the poor with the possible exception of the special interests groups like teamsters and the steel industry (but even they would benefit int he long run). Actually the whole globe would benefit hugely. And contrary to the beliefs of most people, lowering the cost of items by doing away with tarriffs would stimulate more jobs and increase standard of living for everyone in the US. Our GNP would be greater, not less.

  3. Totally free trade would have the effect of leveling wages through out the world in all fields. Now do you think wages will go up in China to American scale? I don't think so.

  4. I wish Mr Hall had published his article's in a national publication. The whole country should see what he has to say because everything he says is the truth... I wish the media would let us TRUE AMERICAN'S, have our say instead of listening to the whiney whimpy ass politician's, whose only concern is who's vote they are trying to garner for the next election. If the politician's were concerned about what their constituant's wanted they would regularly canvass their district's to see what people really were thinking. Mr. Hall, you are exactly right with what you are saying....... Bravo !!!