Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tea, anyone?

Ah, bitter Americans, clinging to God, Guns and...Tea?

Most of us struggling to keep things going hardly have time to gulp down a cup of tea, let alone go to protests.

If you are into mailing yours, I recommend you send your tea bags, or perhaps better just the tag and string, to your Congresscritter's district office. Mail at the capital in DC is screened for terrorism, and I think tea bags will just be discarded.

I suppose airport screeners will be checking DC-bound passangers for tea bags next.

Be kind and remember that the elites who know how your money should be spent better than you do prefer fancy, flavored herb teas. It's so much more refinded to drink while they are listening to their favority programs on NPR--paid for, of course, by you "little people."

Here's a link to a video about the growing number of "tea party" protests.

And there's a report that the producer of the "Thomas Paine" YouTube videos, which urge Americans to send in tea bags, has been summoned to the White House, to discuss the "disturbing content" of the videos. Imagine the cries of horror if Bush had "summoned" a critic to the White House.

If you are involved in a tea party protest, please post a comment on it, below.


  1. Thank you for posting on this important topic! I am the State Coordinator for the RI Tax Day Tea Party When I signed up, I thought I would be protesting with 5 other people at the State House, but it has evolved into a huge event with speakers, bands, kids activities and more! People from all walks of life from rock band members to religious conservatives and everyone in between are coming out of the woodwork to make their voice heard on April 15th. This will be an historic day!

  2. Oldguy,

    Consider sending this notice to both Fed and state politicians! There is one foe each!

    Termination of Employment Notice

    It is my intent to terminate your employment as my elected representative at the earliest opportunity!

    Failure to secure our borders, support of amnesty for illegal aliens, outrageous spending and general disregard for the Constitution and well being of U.S. citizens impel me to take this action!

    Consider yourself on NOTICE!

    Your irate employer,

    Termination of Employment Notice

    It is my intent to terminate your employment as my elected representative at the earliest opportunity!

    New Jersey is the:
    * Highest taxed most regulated state in the nation.
    * Second most corrupt state with only Illinois beating us.
    * Second from the bottom in Federal dollars returned to the state… $.62 for each
    tax dollar you send to Washington.

    Taxes are rising dramatically yet again. Tolls have already risen sharply.

    You have failed in looking out for the best interests of the citizens of New Jersey!

    Consider yourself on NOTICE!

    Your irate employer,

  3. This post is a suggested read at,

  4. Our family will be attending a tea party in Spokane, Washington. Our coordinator is expecting over 1000 people. He had originally planned to have a little get together at a coffee house, but obviously, that's out now.

  5. Dear Jarhead:

    I'm not doing a tea party per-se, and I may have posted this up here earlier. Tea is great, but it doesn't mean it's going to change anything. If you're going to send a bit of tea (the tag maybe) then why not put a letter into it.

    I've constructed a website that will list every candidate for office who pledges their "sacred honor" to the 9 principles and 12 values Glenn Beck has mentioned on his program.

    The letter is three pages. Page 1 is from you. Page 2 is a sample version of the "contract" and page three is instructions on how to make sure the signed document gets posted online. It's actually fairly simple.

    So, if you're going to write do something more than tell them you're upset. Ask them to commit to basic American values. You know, the one's our parents taught us.

    Sir, you've worked in politics, and you know that this is probably far-fetched. I can't give up hope in our future. Some days it seems hope is the only commodity we have left.

    Citizen, Patriot, Veteran

  6. I was thrilled to see the number of Tax Day Tea Parties that have been planned for April 15th - hundreds of them!! You do not have to go to Washington DC to participate and show your support. Please check out what is planned for your area by visiting