Saturday, March 23, 2019

The report is in

Those are the heads exploding of the super-hate-Trump crowd, now that the Mueller report is out and there are no further indictments coming. This means two years of intensive digging, questioning, cajoling, threatening, and unrelated prosecutions did not find a smoking gun, a rusty gun, any
gun parts at all. It was in fact a witch hunt, and there was no witch to be found. Sorry, no "high crime" to justify an impeachment attempt, and yes, Trump won the election without sucking up to Putin for help to do so. He actually got elected by the process pretty much as it's supposed to be. Now this doesn't mean there are no other criticisms to be leveled against Mr. Trump, I have lots of them, and have no problem with people who don't like him and didn't vote for him being critical too. As long as they stick to reality, not fantasy, and stop sliding into real viciousness about Trump, his family, anyone who voted for him, anyone he appoints, and in fact anyone they think doesn't hate him. But Schumer et al. will still be screaming for some time to come, the investigation was flawed, the wrong people did it, someone got bought off, or Trump's guys were such incredible geniuses that they managed to do the nefarious stuff and hide it so well that it can't be found... BUT WE KNOW IT'S THERE SOMEWHERE! I am ashamed to admit I enjoy listening to that popping sound..... bu feel free to enjoy it with me. --Del

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