Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Murder Jewish Kids

Islamic Hate
Excerpt: The article is about the murder seven years ago of several Jewish kids at a school in France. The killer was a man named Mohammed Merah, who very deliberately held a gun to the head of a little blonde girl, just 7 years old. When he pulled the trigger, it didn't fire, so he adjusted quickly, took out his second pistol, and this time things worked better, although he did shoot her twice more just to make sure. He'd already killed the rabbi and his two little boys, ages 6 and 3. Yes, he murdered a three year old, very happily and proudly. But here's the real horror. Merah is considered a hero by many in the Islamic community, people celebrate him, try to name kids after him, hold him up as an example of a true Muslim man. Anti-Semitic violence in France has been increasing ever since, and now more and more French Jews are leaving reluctantly for Israel because they rightly fear for their lives. Anti-Semitism is a foundational part of Islam, Mohammed himself personally slaughtered Jewish men and took their wives for concubines. It's enshrined in the Hadith and in the teachings of the majority of Islamic scholars and imams. It infects the majority of Muslims in varying degrees, and we have seen ample evidence of that here in the USA, including most recently from a Muslim woman member of Congress. People want to turn away and not see this for what it is. And that's to their shame. -Del

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