Thursday, March 21, 2019

Not a right-wing gunman

In Christchurch, Signs Point to a Gunman Steeped in Internet Trolling
from Globe Trot by Mindy Balz: Brenton Tarrant, the man accused of Friday’s terror attack in Christchurch, is not the right-wing extremist portrayed in establishment media. In the manifesto Tarrant purportedly wrote and distributed to 30 recipients, including Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the Australian describes himself as an “ethno-nationalist eco-fascist” who sees the People’s Republic of China as an ideal state. Tarrant said he is first a communist, then an anarchist, then a libertarian, and he denounced conservatism in all caps, saying “Conservatism is dead, thank God.” Misreading the attacker’s intent has far-reaching implications, notes commentator Rod Dreher, and writes prominent Australian law professor Augusto Zimmermann. Tarrant was active for more than half an hour, police said, in their first official timeline of events that left 50 people dead at two mosques. Facebook says it removed 1.5 million videos within the first 24 hours of Friday’s attack

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