Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Black Privilege

Robert Bianchi: Stunned by decision to let Jussie Smollett walk? So is this former prosecutor
Excerpt: We all know why this happened: Politics. District attorneys in Illinois are elected (National Review article noted Soros contributed $408,000 to Kim Fixx's campaign. --Barb), rather than appointed to office. In New Jersey, our system is appointment by the governor. This is done for the very reason of taking politics out of prosecution. When I was appointed a prosecutor, I didn’t have to worry about angering my political allies. Make no mistake about it, politics intermingled with prosecution is a toxic cocktail to the justice system. It poisons it! Further, we are learning people in high places reached out the DA, who was receptive to their calls. She should have politely told them this is a law enforcement matter and refused to discuss the case, indicating that the case will be determined on facts and law, not political pressure or favors. ... If I represented the mayor or police, I would advise them to file a civil suit against Smollett. I would be seeking money damages as the taxpayer dollars funded this farce, and police resources wasted pursuing this bogus claim, were immense. Then, the civil discovery process would expose the facts of this case that have amazingly been “sealed” by the court – something I have never seen before. But, they can’t fool us. We know it is bad, a coverup, a miscarriage of justice. Justice itself was wounded yesterday. Shame on the prosecutors for lessening the reputation of prosecutors all over the nation who are doing their best to serve their citizens, rather than themselves personally.

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