Sunday, March 24, 2019

Mueller Report Screaming

Yes, the screaming is just as bad as I expected. The Washington Post just published a lengthy article about how regardless of anything about further indictments, there is this long, long sequence of involvements of Trump and his people with Russians in various ways, and some of it rejoicing in the possibility of information coming out damaging to Hillary's campaign, and even hoping for more such. Some of this comes under the heading of "Duhh..." yes, Trump wanted to build a hotel in Moscow. What a shocker, after all, he's never been interested in hotels, resorts, and other kinds of business before, has he? Then there's "Duhh..." #2. Do politicians look for damaging information on their opponents? Let's see, did Hillary squeeze Bernie out of the running for the nomination for presidential candidacy? Did her agents find and hang onto the old recording of Trump talking trash about women and then release it as part of the late campaign? Did they look for anything and everything else possibly of use in slimming Trump, his family, everyone associated with him? If someone in a foreign country where Trump had a hotel or resort came forward telling everyone how badly Trump had treated them, would Hillary just maybe been happy about it and used it? And maybe brought them to the USA to talk on TV about it? Get serious, none of what Trump and his people did was remotely unusual in political campaigns. But they will go on and on and on about all of this. It's a compulsion, it's unreasoning fanaticism in action. And it's really, really tiresome and boring at this point. --Del They were big fans of the Mueller investigation before the report.​ And didn't the Clinton Foundation get millions from Russia, and didn't Bill get paid for a speech while Hillary was Sec of State? The really unfortunate part is that, as a friend said, it would make geopolitical sense for the US to cozy up to Russia to play them off against China, the major threat. This is probably politically impossible for Trump now. ~Bob

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