Sunday, December 31, 2017

The inextinguishable allure of Communism

One Hundred Years of Evil by DOUGLAS Murray
The inextinguishable allure of Communism
A recent poll at some college had something like 20% of the graduating students saying that communism could be a valid alternative system of goverment. (I don't know which college, sure wish I did, but I have encountered young Communists myself in recent years, who, when asked about its historical failures, answered "they made some mistakes, but NEXT TIME we'll get it right"- how scary is that?) The writer does a very nice job on this, and for me the bottom line is simple. Naive idealists look at the theoretical outcome of a classless, prosperous society with total social justice and think "that's ABSOLUTELY the way to go!". And then they stop looking at the realities of human nature and all the past experiences, and decide they are going to live on that planet where this ideal is readily obtainable, and yeah, sure, you have to break a few eggs now and then, but hey, we know the ends justify the means. Heaven help us...Del

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