Thursday, December 28, 2017

Junk Science

'Junk science'? Studies behind Obama regulations under fire
It's a nightmare at the EPA for the fanatic environmentalists who took sway there under Obama. Hey, I'm a devoted environmentalist, but I want only very solid science to be used in evaluating what is really risky to humans and the enviroment, and not continue to make the kind of over-the-top mistakes made in the past decade. The problem with some people is they are so sure that any kind of chemistry must be bad, maybe super bad, that they end up doing limited studies that on confirm what they suspected in the first place. Meanwhile, a bunch of government scientists have just claimed not just that the planet is warming (which it probably is) but that the only reason for it is the use of fossil fuels. Which neglects utterly the fantastic complexity of planetary weather and its changes and various details like the periods in the past when CO2 was much higher than today and the planet didn't warm up. Apparently the belief in CO2 as planetary poison has infected even those with science degrees. I guess this is going to go on until we are all shivering in the winters and sweating in the summers and not driving very far very often because the use of all fossil fuels will be curtailed. Won't that be nice? --Del i'm looking forward to Vineyards in Greenland again, as they were when the Danes settled it. ~Bob

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