Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Roy Moore

May Roy Moore Never Darken Your Morning Campaign News Again
Excerpt: As I noted late last night, the Republican party dodged a bullet yesterday. As frustrating as it is to lose a Senate seat in a ruby-red state, it would be worse to spend the next three years having every inane, offensive, and Constitutionally illiterate utterance from Roy Moore’s mouth hung around the necks of rest of the party. (This assumes that the GOP didn’t feel the moral and political need to expel him after a Senate Ethics Committee investigation.) Sometimes your primary voters completely mess up and nominate a walking liability. Better to take the short term pain for the longer-term gain. Roy Moore got a bit more than 48 percent in a state where Republicans consistently win 65 percent or more statewide. To the extent there is still a Republican mainstream, Roy Moore isn’t in it. Nationally, this group doesn’t like the idea of thirtysomething men dating teenage girls in general and wasn’t so certain that Moore didn’t do something inappropriate with those four named girls. Whatever their concerns about Islam, they don’t think that Muslims should be barred from holding public office. They’re big fans of all the current constitutional Amendments, not just the first ten. They don’t think the era of slavery was great for family values. They don’t think that you could say America is the focus of evil in the modern world. Most Republicans know that you are not legally required to take the oath of office on a Bible; it’s not clear that Moore campaign spokesman Ted Crockett knew this.

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