Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Help a small bakery

This is a campaign to help the family owned bakery that's been badly affected by the undercutting of their business by a "progressive" college administrator, because one of the family had the temerity to chase a shoplifter who tried to smuggle out two bottles of wine. The thief and two friends assaulted the store clerk, were arrested, pleaded guilty, admitted their crime. But they were Black and the clerk was White, and the college executive claimed very publicly that this was racism in action by a well known racist firm. (Whose Black employees denied this vehemently!) Their business has suffered and they are in a lawsuit with the college. I think this is a cause worthy of some support and made a small donation. Take a look at the site, read the story, decide for yourself what you think about it and might wish to do. And please pass on to others. -Del

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