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Pilot burned to death by ISIS and other uplifting news


Last night I was to introduce Jim Daley (Marine Sgt in Vietnam, Purple Heart, Bronze Star, retired Army BG) who is running for the Wisconsin Supreme Court in April. We were getting three inches of snow. Three inches? No big deal, I thought, before I hit the 5MPH traffic. I was 40 minutes late, just in time to apologize to him. "No excuse, Sir!" ~Bob

Here today, up tomorrow: Why gas prices may be on the rise
Excerpt: "The industry is the best in the world at cutting costs when they have to reduce spending. What's happening is we're shutting down drilling rigs," Hofmeister said. "Not completing the wells that have just been drilled. And we're going to eat off the surplus oil out there probably by mid-year." (This would be the result the Saudis are pushing for by keeping production high. I filled up at $1.89 last week, now $2.09. ~Bob)

General News and Comment

Snipe. By Andy Weddington
Excerpt: America's national security strategy (and foreign policy) is, to the say the least, bewildering. Explainable it may be but it's not comprehensible, to the sane mind. 

Scott Walker works to harness national donor network for White House run
Excerpt: It was not yet 8 a.m. on a recent Sunday morning, but a crowd of heavyweight GOP donors already was gathered on the back patio of Carl and Jimmy Westcott’s desert home, nestled at the base of a mountain in an exclusive community in Indian Wells., Calif. The early morning attraction: Scott Walker, who stood before a rolling golf course and laid out why his tenure as governor of Wisconsin shows he has the right qualities to be the next president of the United States. The eager reception for Walker — who picked up a $100,000 check on the spot from one attendee — was repeated as he hopscotched across the country last week in the first fundraising tour for his new political committee.

The Vanilla Candidate: Unlike the rest of the current field, Scott Walker can boast support from both wings of the GOP. By Jonah Goldberg
Excerpt: The big deal is the vanilla factor (which sounds like a terribly boring spy novel). According to the Register story that accompanied the poll, 51 percent of caucus-goers want an “anti-establishment candidate without a lot of ties to Washington or Wall Street who would change the way things are done and challenge conventional thinking.” Meanwhile, 43 percent prefer a more establishment figure “with executive experience who understands business and how to execute ideas.” Walker is in the golden spot. 

In Detroit, Jeb Bush Prescribes Principles for American Prosperity, ‘Whole Lot of New Conservatives.’ By Ken McIntyre
Excerpt: Jeb Bush, in a speech in economically distressed Detroit aimed at linking conservatism to the realization of Americans’ aspirations, called today for reforms that he said would reverse “the failures of liberal government.” “Let’s embrace reform everywhere, especially in our government,” the former Florida governor said in a luncheon speech to the Club designed to begin to lay out themes of a campaign for next year’s Republican nomination for president. “Let’s start with the simple principle of who holds the power,” Bush said, according to excerpts of remarks as prepared for delivery. “I say give Washington less and give states and local governments more.”

20 Percent of Children Are on Food Stamps. Here’s How to Change That. By Alexandra Gourdikian
Excerpt: According to a Census Bureau report released last week, 20 percent of American children received food stamps last year. More than half these children, approximately 8.6 million, reside in a single-parent household. This report is a stunning reminder of the vital role marriage plays in combating child poverty and the expansion of welfare rolls. Children in single-parent homes are about six times as likely to be poor than their peers in married-parent households.

Obama Versus America. By Thomas Sowell
Excerpt: In his recent trip to India, President Obama repeated a long-standing pattern of his -- denigrating the United States to foreign audiences. He said that he had been discriminated against because of his skin color in America, a country in which there is, even now, "terrible poverty." Make no mistake about it, there is no society of human beings in which there are no rotten people. But for a President of the United States to be smearing America in a foreign country, whose track record is far worse, is both irresponsible and immature. ... Far from benefitting ghetto blacks, the vision presented by the Obama administration, and the policies growing out of that vision, have a track record of counterproductive results on both sides of the Atlantic -- that is, among low-income whites in England as well as low-income blacks in the United States.

Excerpt: I guess Brian Williams has been telling a story for years about the time his helicopter was shot down in Iraq. According to Stars & Stripes, he told that little tale one too many times last Friday...

WaPo Fact Checker: The missing context behind the widely cited statistic that there are 22 veteran suicides a day. By Michelle Ye Hee Lee
Excerpt: They cautioned against the use of the 22-deaths figure more than once in the study: “It is recommended that the estimated number of veterans be interpreted with caution due to the use of data from a sample of states and existing evidence of uncertainty in veteran identifiers on U.S. death certificates.” To account for uncertainties, researchers gave a range of 18 to 22 veteran suicides a day, which is consistent with previous VA estimates using CDC data. The report does not include some states with the largest veteran population (including California, Texas, Georgia, Arizona and North Carolina), so it is unclear how this would affect the rate. (There has been a bogus claim around for years that three times as many Vietnam vets have died from suicide as in the war. Used to prove how evil America drove the vets crazy. ~Bob)

GALLUP: Yeah, That 5.6% Unemployment Figure Is A Lie. By Matt Vespa
Excerpt: Finally, Gallup has pointed out that this is highly misleading. Reports will show the unemployment rate is at 5.6 percent, but it’s hardly worth celebrating about once it’s all broken down: If you, a family member or anyone is unemployed and has subsequently given up on finding a job -- if you are so hopelessly out of work that you've stopped looking over the past four weeks -- the Department of Labor doesn't count you as unemployed. That's right. While you are as unemployed as one can possibly be, and tragically may never find work again, you are not counted in the figure we see relentlessly in the news -- currently 5.6%. (Gallop better be careful. If they start spreading the truth, the media will stop covering them. ~Bob)

The Vanderbilt Rape Case. Dr. Carol Swain

Snellville barber offers 'old man' haircuts for misbehaving kids
Excerpt: Have a kid who is acting out and out of control? Three days a week, a Snellville barbershop offers a free haircut called the "Benjamin Button Special," that'll make your misbehaving child resemble a senior citizen. A picture of the cut was posted to Instagram by Russell Fredrick, who owns A-1 Kutz in Snellville and goes by the name Master Barber Rusty Fred on the social site.

ODOT Qualifies Vendors To Help Build, Manage Oregon’s Road Usage Charge Program
Excerpt:  “Our vision is to create a reliable, easy-to-use, low cost, enforceable, and publicly acceptable ‘open’ system,” said Jim Whitty, Manager of ODOT’s Office of Innovative Partnerships and Alternative Funding. “A charge based on measured road use preserves fairness and accountability in supporting the state’s system of roads and highways.” (Can you say, "Track your location"? --JB)

Interesting: John Judis: About That Inevitable, Permanent Majority for the Democrats
Excerpt: A few days ago, John Judis, the co-author of the book on every liberal's bookshelf, The Emerging Democratic Majority, took to the pages of National Journal to write an article called The Emerging Republican Advantage. ... According to a Democracy Corps study, white working-class voters overwhelmingly agree—by 12 percentage points more than the average voter—with the statement: "When something is run by the government, it is usually inefficient and wasteful." For their part, middle-class voters have long been mistrustful of government. In a 2010 study based on the extensive General Social Survey conducted semiannually by the National Opinion Research Center, political sociologists Leslie McCall and Jeff Manza found that those with college but not postgrad degrees exhibited more marked opposition than any other educational grouping to government spending, and to policies that promised to redistribute income from the rich to the poor. So, who does Judis think can win consistently for Republicans. No surprise: RINOs. 

Gun News

Quote from The Patriot Post
"No free government was ever founded or ever preserved its liberty, without uniting the characters of the citizen and soldier in those destined for the defense of the state.... Such are a well regulated militia, composed of the freeholders, citizen and husbandman, who take up arms to preserve their property, as individuals, and their rights as freemen." --Josiah Quincy Jr., Thoughts on Standing Armies, 1774

Wyoming Moves To Ban Criminal Empowerment Areas aka “Gun Free Zones”
Excerpt: Common sense is poised for another big win as in Wyoming, a sensible thinking state rep by the name of Allen Jaggi introduced House Bill 114. A bill which passed the Wyoming House of Representatives without any watering down amendments by an overwhelming vote of 42-17. What does HB 114 do? It outlaws the state of Wyoming from enforcing the fatal fallacy of Gun Free Zones. From the bill itself:

Excerpt: A survivor from the 1999 Columbine school shooting is now pushing for relaxed carry restrictions on public school property. Colorado State Representative Patrick Neville, who saw the carnage of the Columbine massacre first hand, is introducing legislation that would eliminate the “gun free zone” among the state’s schools. 

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

9 Times The White House Declined To Endorse A Vaccination Mandate. By Conn Carroll 
Excerpt: The White House press corps repeatedly tried to get White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest to endorse a vaccination mandate Tuesday, but Earnest rejected such invitations every time. We counted nine different denials. (Christie: "I also understand that parents need to have some measure of choice in things as well." Media beats him up. Obama spokes person Josh : Earnest "...the president believed 'that these kinds of decisions are decisions that should be made by parents...”' Media loves him. ~Bob)

Why Obama’s Budget Cuts $50 Million From National Vaccine Program
Excerpt: President Obama has proposed a $50-million cut to a federal immunization program, citing diminished need for government-funded vaccinations thanks to the Affordable Care Act. The funding reduction, included in Obama's 2016 budget blueprint released Monday, comes amid a measles outbreak nationwide and growing debate over vaccinations.

Blame Hollywood for Anti-Vaxxers. By Asawin Suebsaeng
Excerpt: We can run down the long list of powerful politicians and influential celebrities who have uttered dumb thoughts about vaccines in America. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain have flirted with autism-vaccine wackiness, so this isn’t an inherently partisan issue. And when you consider Hollywood’s roster of vocal anti-vaxxers, a few names quickly jump to mind: Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Charlie Sheen, Bill Maher, Billy Corgan, Mayim Bialik, Alicia Silverstone. McCarthy and Carrey have been hated on plenty for their part in this, and deservedly so. So why should Oprah Winfrey get a pass?

Worth Reading: These Anti-Vaxxers Are Funding ‘Ready for Hillary’
Excerpt: Albert Dwoskin and his wife, Claire, have been heavy hitters in Democratic politics for decades, boasting fundraisers with access to top Democratic leaders—even the Clintons. Bill Clinton has spoken at their mansion in McLean, Virginia twice. Albert, a real estate developer, donated more than $10,000 to Ready for Hillary—Clinton’s campaign in waiting—in 2013. That’s on top of the thousands of dollars both Clintons have received from the pair since the 1990s. But it’s Albert and Claire Dwoskin’s other hobby that is under scrutiny now. The Dwoskins fund a multimillion-dollar family foundation that has publicly tied the use of vaccines to a rise in autism, and is dedicated to addressing “gaps in the knowledge about the biological and genetic risk factors for vaccine induced brain and immune dysfunction.”

The Doctor Will See You in 18.2 Weeks. By Kenneth Artz 
Excerpt: A report by a Canadian think tank documents long waits for necessary medical care in Canada's government-run, single-payer health care system. Canada’s single-payer health care system is frequently touted as a model for the United States to follow. According to the report by Bacchus Barua and Frazier Fathers of the Fraser Institute, Canadians wait for necessary medical treatments an average of 18.2 weeks between referral from a general practitioner and the time the patient receives treatment from a specialist. The authors found the average wait time is 96 percent longer than in 1993, when it was just 9.3 weeks. (Coming soon, to an Affordable Care Act plan near you. ~Bob)

Religion of Peace News

Important: Jordanian king vows 'relentless' war on Islamic State's own ground. By Suleiman Al-Khalidi
Excerpt: Jordan hanged two Iraqi jihadists, one a woman, on Wednesday and vowed to intensify military action against Islamic State. ... Government spokesman Mohammad al-Momani said on Wednesday: "We are talking about a collaborative effort between coalition members to intensify efforts to stop extremism and terrorism to undermine, degrade and eventually finish Daesh." Daesh is used as a derogatory Arabic term for Islamic State. (No doubt the liberal media and pundits will be deep in hand wringing over this. The fact is that if you are fighting for your life against thugs and savages (ISIS does not rise to the level of barbarians), and you fight according to Marquis of Queensbury Rules, they will eat your liver for lunch. ~Bob. I'm going to go out on a limb here and bet that nowhere in the Quran or anywhere else is it recommended that you burn to death a prisoner of war. Not that anyone in this gang of truly savage barbarians has the least concern with details like that, they are all the way into the blackest kind of evil, and reveling in it. Maybe they will somehow manage to finally get through to everyone in civilized societies as to what they really are, and why it's absolutely necessary to loose total Hell on them. I think the Jordanians will be very serious about this now, and perhaps some other Muslim nations and preachers will take the lesson and declare these monsters to be targets for annihilation. Maybe some of those Western intellectuals who have been holding back from being too "judgmental" will decide they've reached a limit on their tolerance. Who knows, it might even get Mr. Obama, Mr. Kerry, and Mrs. Clinton to forget about trying to empathize with them. --Del)

Panel: Unlike Obama, Jordan's King Shows Leadership in Terror War. By Melissa Clyne
Excerpt: The execution of two Iraqi jihadists by Jordan as punishment and revenge for the Islamic State (ISIS) burning alive a 26-year-old Jordanian pilot captured by the terror group shows how seriously King Abdullah takes the threat, a far cry from the lackluster response shown by President Barack Obama, according to Texas Rep. Kevin Brady and retired military commanders Paul Vallely and Derek Harvey. (Maybe an example Obama can learn from? OK, just kidding, I only wish Mr. Obama could look at the actions of others who stand up straight and learn from them, but that is not something that has ever or will ever happen. He knows he's the cool guy, the one who has it all under control, and that all those supporters who look at him as a near-messiah are smart people, so why would he ever consider looking at anyone else for lessons in leadership? The good news is that this latest level of barbarism, forbidden expressly in the holy books of Islam, makes it very difficult for any Muslims to look at the ISIS guys as the true followers of the Prophet. This does mean fewer supporters rushing to join them, more imams condemning them, less money being sent to them, and maybe even some Arabs really getting serious about helping with their extermination. --Del)

After ISIS execution, angry King Abdullah quotes Clint Eastwood to U.S. lawmakers
Excerpt: Members of the House Armed Services Committee met with Jordan's King Abdullah Tuesday not long after news broke that ISIS had burned to death a Jordanian pilot captured in the fight against the terrorist group. In a private session with lawmakers, the king showed an extraordinary measure of anger — anger which he expressed by citing American movie icon Clint Eastwood. "He said there is going to be retribution like ISIS hasn't seen," said Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter Jr., a Marine Corps veteran of two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, who was in the meeting with the king. "He mentioned 'Unforgiven' and he mentioned Clint Eastwood, and he actually quoted a part of the movie."

New Nasheed from Islamic State's Ajnad Media: "Soon, soon." By Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi
Excerpt: Both the threatening lyrics and sound effects of this nasheed produce a terrifying effect, perfectly in keeping with the terror tactic employed in the latest video of the burning alive of the Jordanian pilot (for analysis, see this great piece by my colleague and friend Shiraz Maher): "Soon, soon, you will see the wondrous sight, A fierce conflict. And you will see, There will be battles in the heart of your abode. To destroy you, my sword has been sharpened. We have marched by night, to cut and slaughter, By the knife of revenge is a road for whoever is suitable, With the specters of night and the young men of terror, And an explosion of woe, that he may be defeated. You have begun to fight me with the ally of shelter, So taste my curse when it has fired up. You will remain for a while, and you will suffer in my war. (I'm in the phone book, Ajnad. ~Bob)

Worth Reading: Obama Defends Islam in Remarks about Jordanian Pilot being Burned Alive by Islamic State. By Pamela Geller
Excerpt: The operative speaketh. Whatever ideology they are operating under is “bankrupt.” Whatever ideology? That’s his default narrative in the wake of jihadi attacks. Scrubbing, whitewashing and sanitizing Islam. As for “bankrupt,” the Islamic State is the richest Islamic terrorist group in the world. And their daily oil revenues are in the millions. The Islamic State was quoting Quran chapter and verse, and that’s all Obama can come up with? “Whatever ideology.” He is evil. He didn’t want to talk about the pilot being set afire. (As Voltaire said, “If we believe absurdities, we will commit atrocities.” ~Bob)

'Whatever Ideology'? From The Patriot Post
Barack Obama refuses to acknowledge that basic tenets of Islam are the ideological foundation of the Islamic State and its army of terrorists. That ideology is metastasizing throughout the Middle East. Obama’s premature withdrawal of our forces from Iraq prior to his 2012 re-election – so he could claim “I ended the war” – left a vacuum filled by ISIL, which has now largely negated all the blood and treasure we expended to establish democracy in Iraq. Yesterday, as King Abdullah II of Jordan, one or our most dependable allies in the region, met with Obama, ISIL released a professionally edited video of caged Jordanian pilot, Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, being burned alive. According to Obama, “It’s just one more indication of the viciousness and barbarity of this organization. … It also indicates the degree to which whatever ideology they are operating off of, it’s bankrupt.” Memo to Obama: The “organization” has a name – it’s “The Islamic State,” and the “ideology they’re operating off of” is radical Islam. And the most prized target in their sites would be Americans – on American soil.

Muslim outrage grows against Islamic State but questions linger over next steps in fight
Excerpt: “This killing really strikes at home for audiences across the region. Most of the people executed by [the Islamic State] have been foreigners, but this time it was an Arab-Muslim man,” said Labib Kamhawi, a political analyst based in the Jordanian capital, Amman. “That has had a bigger impact on people.” So beheading foreigners is not so bad? Actually, the vast majority of those killed in Allah-murders by ISIS have been Muslims. ~Bob)

Islamic State Justification for Burning Alive the Jordanian Pilot: Translation and Analysis. By Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi
Excerpt: Below I have translated the document circulated by the Islamic State's al-Eftaa wa al-Buhuth committee on the subject of the burning alive of the Jordanian pilot. This committee is responsible for providing Islamic textual justifications for various decrees on the acceptability of certain acts. This latest example is perhaps the most notorious. It is important that these documents be brought to light because as the corpus of Islamic texts- whether verses of Qur'an, the ahadith and acts from early Islamic history- is so vast, the Islamic State will likely find some reference that can justify its actions and make its supporters and members feel more sure of themselves. My friend Hassan Hassan has already noted this problem, and it presents a significant challenge to those who wish to counter the Islamic State on interpretation and counter-interpretation grounds.

Jordanian pilot's father: 'Annihilate' ISIS
Excerpts: The family of a Jordanian fighter pilot mercilessly killed by ISIS is calling for total revenge. Lt. Moath al-Kasasbeh, 27, was burned alive while confined in a cage. In response, Jordan executed two prisoners -- Sajida al-Rishawi, a would-be suicide bomber whose release ISIS had previously demanded as part of a prisoner exchange, and Ziad Karbouli, a former top aide to the deceased leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The pilot's father is demanding his country do more.

A SEAL's parents speak: A Legacy of Retreat, Shame, and Betrayal. By Karen and Billy Vaughn 
Excerpt: Tuesday’s State of the Union speech was yet another glaring reminder of just how out of touch our president seems to be with reality and the true threat of radical Islam on the West. Our son Aaron was a U.S. Navy SEAL. He’d seen the enemy our president refuses to acknowledge face-to-face. His heart had been seared by the blackness of those who exist solely to discharge the terror of Jihad not only on America, but the entire globe. After returning from a deployment in 2010, he uttered hauntingly clear words to his father, “Dad, they hate us, but they fear us. Brute, lethal force is all they respect.” In August 2011 Aaron drew his last breath shoving the full weight of his brute, lethal force down the throats of those terrorists. He died a hero. In return for that courage, ultimate sacrifice, and willed determination to defeat evil at any cost, he was made a promise—that his actions would mean something. (They have spelled it out beautifully, clearly, concisely. I recommend you read and pass on, even to friends who may not be conservative. Their reasoning is so solid that maybe people will find it hard to ignore. --Del. "Oderint, dum metuant" - Seneca. [Let them hate, so long as they fear.] ~Bob)
Excerpt: Hundreds of suspected Boko Haram fighters have been killed since January 31 as Chadian forces, backed by Nigerian and French aircraft, overran the jihadist group's strongholds in northern Nigeria. The latest outbreak of fighting occurred after members of Boko Haram ambushed Chadian forces who had been staging in nearby Cameroon. The Chadian military has liberated the Nigerian towns of Baga, Dikwa, Malam Fatori, Damasak, Ngala and parts of Bama in the past four days, according to a spokesman for a Nigerian militia group and reported by Bloomberg.

Using troops and planes, 3 African nations battle Boko Haram
Excerpt: Three militaries, using ground troops and warplanes, fought Boko Haram on at least two fronts Wednesday with hundreds of the Islamic fighters reported dead as the conflict took on a growing international perspective.

Excerpt: The director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Lieutenant General Vincent R. Stewart, warned during congressional testimony yesterday that the "security challenges" the US faces are "more diverse and complex than those we have experienced in our lifetimes." Stewart delivered his remarks to the House Armed Services Committee during a hearing devoted to assessing worldwide threats. While Stewart addressed diverse national security issues, much of his written testimony was focused on what was once called the global war on terror. (And those challenges start with the multiculturalist fantasy living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. ~Bob)

Excerpt: The US military targeted the chief of Shabaab's external operations and intelligence branch in a drone strike that took place in Somalia last weekend. The US has not confirmed the death of the jihadist leader. Shabaab is al Qaeda's official branch in Somalia and East Africa. The drone strike, which targeted Yusuf Dheeq, was announced earlier today during a press briefing by Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby.

The Real Islam: Gaza Terrorist Groups Rebuilding Militaries, Training Recruits for War
Excerpt: Hamas and other Gaza-based terrorist organizations are intensifying efforts to rebuild military capabilities damaged during last summer's war with Israel, the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center reports. In light of ongoing delays in civilian reconstruction, Hamas clearly is prioritizing re-arming its terrorist forces over the population's wellbeing.

The big flip: U.S.-backed fighters switch to ISIS
Excerpt: Before it even begins, the U.S. training and equipping of Syrian opposition forces to fight the Sunni army ISIS appears to have become more difficult with the decision by a U.S.-backed Syrian rebel group to join an Islamist coalition closely associated with ISIS and the al-Qaida-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra Front. The Hazzm Movement, associated with the Free Syrian Army, is a secular Syrian insurgent group backed by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. It was one of the last of the non-jihadist opposition groups fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in northern Syria. (Dear Mr. President. THERE ARE NO GOOD GUYS IN SYRIA! You might want to write that down. ~Bob)

ISIS win: United Arab Emirates, Key U.S. Ally in ISIS Effort, Disengaged in December
Excerpt: The United Arab Emirates, a crucial Arab ally in the American-led coalition against the Islamic State, suspended airstrikes against the Sunni extremist group in December, citing fears for its pilots’ safety after a Jordanian pilot was captured and who the extremists said had been burned to death, United States officials said Tuesday. The United Arab Emirates are demanding that the Pentagon improve its search-and-rescue efforts, including the use of V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft, in northern Iraq, closer to the battleground, instead of basing the missions in Kuwait, administration officials said. The country’s pilots will not rejoin the fight until the Ospreys, which take off and land like helicopters but fly like planes, are put in place in northern Iraq.

Excerpt: Tourists inquiring as to whether the city is safe in all areas are often told that they will remain unmolested if they stay within the Périphérique, the 20-mile-long ring road that encircles the city. Broadly speaking, they will be, for it is outside this barrier that almost all of Paris’s darknesses lie; out there, in les banlieues, where many fear to tread. ... In consequence, a Parisian who brings up the topic almost certainly means to talk not about the royal grandeur at Versailles, but about the crime-ridden, immigrant-heavy, and disproportionately Muslim purlieus of lore, in which unemployment has reached dangerous levels, assimilation is a pipe dream, and the government’s good-faith attempts to provide housing and welfare services have yielded a panoply of unintended — and often deleterious — consequences. “I am glad you are going there and not me,” a friend told me the night before. “That area is a disaster.”

Obama plans to meet with “American Muslim leaders” at the White House today and the Press is barred. 
Excerpt: President Obama plans to meet with American Muslim leaders at the White House, the day after a video of a Jordanian pilot being burned alive was released by Islamic State terrorists. The meeting will take place later this afternoon, according to the White House, but it will be closed to the press according to the schedule. Photographers will also be blocked from the event.

The Iranian dream of a reborn Persian Empire. By Ralph Peters
Excerpt: The sight of vast graves opening and the undead clawing out should unnerve us all. But we haven’t even noticed. As more blood flows than any horror film offers, it’s brought the hope of eternal life to bygone empires we all thought dead and buried — and good riddance. Blinded by the flash of headline events, we fail to see the strategic arcs of our era: the agonized collapse of Europe’s empires — climaxing in the Soviet Union’s demise — and now, amid the chaos and fanaticism, the belief on the part of once-mighty powers that they can rebuild fallen empires. (Just more good news from the world of today. I really wish I could tolerate alcohol, I'd like to knock down enough rum and coke so that I would forget all this or just stop caring about it. --Del. Might spoil your aim...~Bob)

Worth Reading: When Moderate Muslims Speak, They're Ignored. By Tarek Fatah, The Toronto Sun
Excerpt: Kenji Goto, a fellow journalist, died Saturday. Another innocent man beheaded by those among my co-religionists who wish to rule the world and to annihilate all non-Muslims. This in order to pave the way for an end-of-times apocalypse. Many Muslim heads hung in shame as Goto's head rolled into a barren desert ditch, while western politicians and media refused to call the Islamic State jihad what it is - a jihad. Similarly, the now-familiar masked man who kills for the camera and who beheaded Goto, was referred to by most media not as a "jihadi terrorist of the Islamic State" (which is who and what he is), but rather as "a militant with a British accent".

Major General Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret) on Benghazi with Hank Giesecke
Excellent short interview with General Vallely about Benghazi and the recent developments. The shoes keep dropping, and at some point I hope this will get to where the media can not long dismiss and ignore it, and the American public will finally get all the information about the huge network of culpable errors and damnable lies the Administration put out there. --Del

Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. For a free PDF of Collapse, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at) Hall’s eleven books are listed here:

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