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My granddaughter, Britnye and her boyfriend, Shane, both 14. I suggested we invite them over for dinner and he could help me clean my guns....

We picked up a nice framed print of "The Tempest" by John William Waterhouse (1916) Sunday for $10.50 at a thrift shop. Checked on line. Plain print run around $48, while framed ones were going for $465. Cheap art. ~Bob

General News and Comment

Worth Reading: Scott Walker's national education effect: Column. The college dropout governor may bring reality back to an Ivy League-suffocated government. By Glenn Harlan Reynolds
Excerpt: A lot of people don't know much about him yet, and he may not even be running, but if Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is elected president in 2016, he'll immediately accomplish something that no other candidate being talked about can: He'll lay to rest the absurd belief that you're a nobody if you don't have a college degree. And he might even cut into the surprisingly recent takeover of our institutions by an educated mandarin class, something that just might save the country. Though Walker attended Marquette University, he left before graduating, which has caused some finger-wagging from the usual journalistic suspects. After all, they seem to believe, everyone they know has a college degree, so it must be essential to getting ahead. As the successful governor of an important state, you'd think that Walker's subsequent career would make his college degree irrelevant, but you'd be wrong.

NYT columnist blames Scott Walker for teacher layoffs … that occurred before he was governor
Excerpt: But the big error in Collins’s piece is her claim that “those layoffs happened because Walker cut state aid to education.” As you can see in the excerpt above, Collins is talking about teacher layoffs that occurred in 2010. Walker did not become governor until 2011. 

Jeb Bush hands out cash to win allies ahead of 2016 election. By Andy Sullivan
Excerpt: Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said on Friday he is giving out more than $100,000 to fellow Republicans, in a sign that he is banking on his fundraising prowess to build allies across the country ahead of a potential White House bid. The brother of former President George W. Bush and son of former President George H.W. Bush has emerged as an early frontrunner in what could be a crowded Republican field in the 2016 presidential election.

Hackers Steal $1 Billion in Massive, Worldwide Breach
Excerpt: Hackers have stolen as much as $1 billion from banks around the world, according to a prominent cybersecurity firm. In a report scheduled to be delivered Monday, Russian security company Kaspersky Lab claims that a hacking ring has infiltrated more than 100 banks in 30 countries over the past two years. (Right out of the novel I just read, Lazarus Man by Chet Nagle. ~Bob)

Isolated? Russia to Close on Huge, Multi-$Billion Deal to Build 20+! Nuclear Plants in India
Excerpt: Russia may set up a total of 20-24 nuclear energy units in India against previously agreed 14-16 plants as both countries are likely to come out with a roadmap for cooperation in the crucial energy sector during Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Delhi for annual summit talks on Thursday. (Oops! The Russia-isolating oligarchs forgot about India (and Egypt, where Russia is building 4 nuke plants, and Iran, which just signed a huge arms deal with Russia, and China, which will finance Russia as needed and has signed a huge gas pipeline deal,-- oh and Turkey, which has signed a huge gas pipeline deal, -- oh, and Europe and most of Asia, which are helping de-dollarize world trade, etc, etc). Gulp! NOW what? Could it be that Washington is isolating itself? --Don Hank)

Obama Routinely Breaches Bipartisan Deals. By Stephen Moore 
Excerpt: Among so many of President Obama’s flaws, near the top of the list is that he has never understood the art of the deal. Every successful president has cut deals with the other party to strategically advance his own agenda. Give a little, get a little. Washington, Lincoln, FDR, Reagan and Clinton were masters at this aspect of politics. Obama rejected the convention of reaching across the aisle from the very start. In his first two years in office this White House never moved an inch in the GOP’s direction and passed his major bills on stimulus and Obamacare without a single Republican vote. Those bills were written with zero input from Republicans and when asked why, he haughtily lectured “we won the election.” Then he pouts the Republicans were no help.

Worth Reading: 6 Reasons Why 'Starship Troopers' Is the New 'The Art of War.' By Joe Pappalardo
Excerpt: Robert A. Heinlein's Starship Troopers, published in 1959, is aging remarkably well. The tome chronicles the early military career of Johnnie Rico, who fights alien arachnids while clad in a heavily armed exoskeleton. The troopers drop from orbit one by one to wreak havoc on whatever target the Sky Marshal deems worthy of the attention. It's a cool adventure novel with a soldier's eye view that doubles a treatise on modern warrior culture, the limits of military technology, and the awful glories of fighting infantry. There's a reason military academies like West Point recommend cadets read the book. Like Sun Tzu's masterpiece, Heinlein's abounds with quotable axioms. You may not hear overly intense car salesman quoting from Starship Troopers anytime soon, but here are six reasons why the book is a practical guide to 21st century warfare. (Nice article. I read all of Heinlein's books as a kid and young man, and they weren't just entertainment, they were very educational. The article gives great examples of this. --Del. I also read every Heinlein book starting about 8th grade. Starship Troopers is one of my favorites, though I have always thought Time Enough for Love was his best. I recommend Riding the Red Horse [Kindle only] to Heinlein/Pournelle fans. ~Bob)

Obama Betrayal: Effort to Snatch $10 Billion From Veterans. By Betsy McCaughey
Excerpt: President Obama and the Veterans Administration bureaucracy are already sabotaging the VA reform law passed in August. The ink is barely dry on the 8.6 million "Choice Cards" that supposedly allow vets to see a doctor outside the delay-plagued system. Obama’s budget tries to snatch the $10 billion allocated for the Choice program and allow it to be spent however VA top administrators want. It’s a sickening betrayal. Even worse, VA secretary Robert McDonald is telling federal lawmakers that this underhanded move will better serve "VA system priorities." That’s the problem. He’s more interested in protecting "the system" than vets. It’s all about bureaucratic turf and union jobs. (Don't you just love how fast the politicians can turn around to wipe out the special benefit they were pressured to come up with for vets, after the debacle of vets dying while waiting for appointments? They have no shame at all. --Del)

Fox 5 San Diego mistakenly displays image of President Obama instead of rape suspect
Excerpt: KSWB-TV, also known as Fox 5 San Diego, displayed a picture of Obama speaking at a microphone rather than art of a suspect in a rape case in a report during its newscast on Friday night. The image, which included a caption that read “no charges,” appeared on a screen behind anchor Kathleen Bade for about five seconds. Bade's report discussed how the office of San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis’ has declined to prosecute a person of interest in a rape case, the Raw Story blog reported. The sexual assault case involved students at San Diego State University. (Someone will be fired for not knowing the difference between Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. --TH)

Very Important: Demographic Trends Forecast Next Phases for ChinaIndia, and the United States
Excerpt: The U.S. fertility rate is just at the level that presages natural replacement in the long run, before immigration is factored in (see Figure 3). Israel is the only country among the world’s affluent nations whose fertility rate is more than high enough to reproduce its population. All other rich countries will experience inevitable declines in their native cohorts if current fertility rates continue. Moreover, because these rich states have had below-replacement fertility rates for well over a generation, the size of their child-bearing cohort has been correspondingly reduced, which means that even a return to relatively high fertility rates is unlikely to restore native population levels anytime soon. (Europe and America will still be here in 50 years, but they will no longer resemble at all western civilization as we have known it, and as hundreds of millions of folks have benefited from in freedom from want, freedom from oppression and longevity. ~Bob)

Worth Reading: : The Age of Uncertainty: A 22-year-old can go from raising children to being a child by crossing the street onto a college campus. By Kevin D. Williamson
Excerpt: ‘If students want to learn biology and art history in an environment where they needn’t worry about being offended or raped, why shouldn’t they?” It takes a certain sort of academic mind to write that sentence — as though being offended and being raped were in the same continuum of experiences — and Eric Posner of the University of Chicago Law School has just such a mind. Professor Posner, taking a very broad view of universities’ obligation to act in loco parentis on behalf of college students who are, in his view, still children, argues in Slate that campus speech codes and micromanagerial rules of student conduct are desirable inasmuch as college-age people cannot be trusted to behave like adults: (I was 21 when I came home from Vietnam, 22 when I started college, 26 when first elected to the state senate and 34 when I earned my master's degree going nights. and, BTW, it's only prohibited to offend certain people on campus. offending Christians, Jews, conservatives, hunters, rural people or mountain folk is perfectly acceptable. ~Bob)

Obama's day: Return from California
Excerpt: President Obama is spending most of Monday's Presidents Day in sunny California before returning to the White House. Obama, who spent a golfing weekend in the Palm Springs area, isn't scheduled to leave California until around 1:25 p.m., West Coast time. (If the Islamic State has any members who are caddies, our president will find them. -- Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt)

Interesting: Mounting debt in the West makes the world a colder and darker place. By Dan Hannan
Excerpt: Three news items which you may have missed last week, what with everything going on in Ukraine and Syria. First, Greece ostentatiously disavowed an EU communiqué that criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s support for the Donetsk rebels. Second, Cyprus offered military and naval facilities to Russia. Third, Egypt applied to join the Eurasian Economic Union. These three snippets are worth pondering, not least because they help explain what’s going on in Ukraine and Syria — or help explain, at any rate, why bands of militiamen from Donetsk to Damascus feel they can breezily take on the United States. Let’s consider them in turn.

Wait, Williams Said He Flew Into Baghdad With Seal Team Six. By Matt Vespa
Excerpt: I thought we were done with Brian Williams; he’s been suspended and “real news” has ended…for those in liberal fantasyland. Yet, there’s one more incident that’s even more absurd than the “RPG-hitting-my-Chinook” story, which never actually happened. The embattled anchor claims that in 2003, he flew into Baghdad with Seal Team Six–the guys who killed Osama bin Laden (via CNN): ... CNN analyst Peter Bergen said on "Anderson Cooper 360" that he was told by sources in the Seal community that it would be impossible for Williams to have ever traveled with Seal Team 6. "We do not embed journalists with any elements of that unit ... bottom line -- no," one Special Operations Command official said.

Gun News

ATF Aims to Ban Popular AR-15 Ammo
Excerpt: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives issued a white paper to determine whether certain ammunition is “primarily intended for sporting purposes.” At issue is 5.56mm M855 ammo, which is considered “armor piercing,” and therefore the ATF says it’s of questionable merit for the average citizen. The ATF will accept comments until March 16, but, if the bureau carries through as it intends, the net effect would be a ban on one of the most common and affordable types of military surplus AR-15 ammo. ("Step by step, row by row, going to make your Second Amendment go..." ~Bob)

Homeowner who used a gun to stop a burglar breaks his silence
Excerpt: Rodriguez had reason to feel threatened. We tracked eight previous home burglaries near his west mistletoe avenue home. He says he grabbed his 9mm Smith and Wesson to stop the intruder in his tracks. "I practice at the range doing five shot bursts and lucky for him I only shot twice." He then used his cell phone to dial 911. When officers arrived 35-year old Rudy Perez was taken to the hospital and eventually charged with burglary. 

Bloomberg to Aspen Institute: Don’t Distribute The Footage Where I Said Let’s Take Guns Away From Minorities. By Matt Vespa
Excerpt: Three-term New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is asking the Aspen Institute not to distribute footage from his appearance last week, which included remarks about minorities and gun control. Both Aspen and Grassroots TV, who recorded the event, are going to honor the former Mayor of New York’s wishes... (Since he's a liberal, there will be no blowback from Obama, Sharpton or Jackson. ~Bob)

Race Card News

As Predicted: Big League Kids, Little League Adults
Excerpt: Enter those with no integrity at all: “Is this about boundaries or race?” wondered professional agitator Jessie Jackson. “This decision’s untimely and inappropriate at this time,” Jackson added. “It should not take six months after a team has played a championship game to determine eligibility to play the game in the first place.” (okay, it doesn't make me a genius to have predicted Jackson's remarks. the race baiters ALWAYS cry racism where they can find a black victim and a white perpetrator. Since the vast majority of black victims are victimized by other blacks, where there is no money to be made protesting, they have to look extra hard to find racism. probably looking for a little league payoff, as he does with corporations. Just as he blackmailed bud into making his [now convicted felon] son rich with a beer distributorship. ~Bob)

Reflections during Black History Month: How Government Policy Affects Quality, Affordable Housing
Excerpt: In honor of black history month, the NCPA has compiled a list of well-intentioned government policies that have actually hurt black Americans. Consider what government has done to limit the supply and available of affordable, quality housing:

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

Excerpt: Others are touting that Obamacare must cover pre-existing conditions, but they fail to mention the high premium costs that come with that coverage. Due to my diabetes and high blood pressure along with my wife’s irregular heartbeat, a cheap bronze plan which would only pay 60% of our medical costs after we paid our $4,000 deductible would cost us $816 a month. That’s a house payment and far more than we can afford, hence we will pay the mandated fines for being uninsured.

Excerpt: The Dartmouth Institute maintains that large variation in the use of various medical procedures demonstrates the inefficiency inherent in the way that the U.S. health care system is organized. The mere fact that variation exists also means that the U.S. system is inequitable. If procedure rates vary, some people have too little access to medicine while others have too much. ... If one believes these claims, then the solution to U.S. health care spending is to remove decision making power from individual patients and physicians. Instead, government should have the power to forcibly equalize treatment and resource use everywhere in the country. Fortunately, a large amount of evidence suggests that the Dartmouth Institute interpretation leaves much to be desired and that it is possible that government control is more likely to be the problem than the solution.

Undocumented Democrat News

Boehner: House ‘Has Done Its Job,’ Homeland Security Funding Up to Senate Democrats
Excerpt: During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Boehner, R-Ohio, said he is “certainly” prepared to allow the agency to shut down because Senate Democrats “would be to blame.” The Homeland Security funding bill passed by the House on Jan. 14 also includes language undoing the president’s executive actions on immigration. Senate Democrats say they want a “clean” funding bill that doesn’t defund Obama’s orders. (Hard for Congress to stand firm when the media is shilling for the President with the low-information voters. ~Bob)

"You're Greener than Gore" News

Schadenfreude: It’s Too Cold To Protest Global Warming At Yale
Excerpt: Yale anti-fossil fuel campaigners have indefinitely postponed a protest that was set for this weekend due to “unfavorable weather conditions and other logistical issues.” Fossil Free Yale, a group pushing the university to divest itself from fossil fuels, told the Yale Daily News that frigid, snowy weather set for this weekend will mean their global warming protest will have to be postponed.

Interesting: Kitzhaber and the Greedy Greens: Energy isn’t the only thing that’s green when you’re pushing the clean-energy agenda. By John Fund
Excerpt: If oil companies and pharmaceutical concerns shouldn’t exercise undue influence in government, the same is true for green energy — which can’t yet survive in the marketplace without giant subsidies or special tax favors. While Hayes was living in the governor’s mansion with the self-bestowed title of “Oregon’s First Lady,” she collected a series of consulting contracts and “fellowship” money from people with an interest in shaping state energy and environmental policy. She then ordered state employees to help run her private business and take actions in accord with the wishes of the green-energy groups that were paying her.

EPA’s mercury rules: Dumb and dumber. By Pat Michaels
Excerpt: This year, the Supreme Court is going to review the Environmental Protection Agency’s outrageous rules for mercury emissions from power plants, and hopefully SCOTUS will see through the Agency’s patently absurd reasoning. The EPA’s mercury rule is yet another example of the Obama administration’s extreme bending of the law in service of its perseveration on global warming. In this case, the point of regulating mercury emissions—which are miniscule—is to further the administration’s goal of shutting down every coal-fired power plant in the country, even though they currently supply about 40 percent of our electricity. 

Delaying Keystone Means More Carbon Emissions
Excerpt: The Keystone XL pipeline bill is heading to the president's desk for his signature -- or his veto. Doug Hochberg and Sang Kim of the American Action Forum have broken down the numbers on the Keystone delay. The result? Higher carbon dioxide emissions and fewer jobs. ... Much opposition to the pipeline has centered on environmental objections, despite that the president's own State Department has indicated the pipeline would have no impact on carbon pollution. As long as the project is delayed (thus requiring oil transport via rail car), 7.4 million additional tons of carbon dioxide will be released into the atmosphere.

Religion of Peace News

Libya: ISIS Beheads 21 Christians, Promises To ‘Conquer Rome, By Allah’s Permission
Excerpt: The Islamic State terror group released a video on Sunday showing the Islamic jihadis beheading 21 Egyptian Christians who were previously kidnapped in Libya. The Egyptian Copts, who were dressed in prisoner-like orange jump suits, were lined up along a beach and abruptly beheaded in the graphic five-minute video.

Excerpt: One of the Islamic State's so-called "provinces" in Libya claims to have captured the town of Nawfaliyah. The group has released a photo set showing a large convoy entering the town. The military-style parade likely took place earlier this month. One of the photos can be seen above and the rest are at the end of this article. In addition to the jihadists' purported gains in Nawfaliyah, the organization's fighters seized several key buildings, including radio and television stations, in the city of Sirte. Separate photos posted on social media show the Islamic State's province broadcasting propaganda from one of the captured media facilities. The WAL News Agency in Libya reports that the radio station has been broadcasting a speech by Abu Muhammad al Adnani, the Islamic State's spokesman.

Egyptian, Libyan airstrikes on ISIS targets in Libya after terrorists behead 21 Copts
Excerpt: Egypt’s Air Force has hit Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) positions in Derna, Libya, after the execution of 21 Christian Egyptians by the terrorist group. Libyan forces loyal to the authorities have also targeted the IS in the country, a commander said. Up to 50 militants have been killed in the airstrikes on Libya, Egyptian state TV reported. Egypt’s military has issued a televised statement, confirming the dawn strikes and stating that the attacks targeted IS camps, training sites and weapons storage locations in Libya, Reuters reported. (Obama issue his usual statement that terror is bad, but al-Sisi bombed the crap out of the bad guys in Libya who killed the Copts. BTW, Putin got a warm reception in Cairo, where Russia is building 4 new nuke power plants. The more the Western oligarchs sanction Russia, the more they push Russia into the arms of Eastern countries and lucrative trade deals in currencies other than the dollar. Meanwhile, Europe goes it alone in negotiations with Russia while Obama stays home and China, the world's no. 1 economy, shows whole hearted financial support for Putin. Who is really being isolated? --Don)

Shots fired at Copenhagen synagogue: Danish police
Excerpt: One person was shot in the head and two police were wounded in an attack on a synagogue in central Copenhagen, Danish police said, ...

Good News: Danish police kill gunman believed behind 2 shootings
Excerpt: Police in Copenhagen killed a gunman early Sunday they believe was responsible for a pair of deadly attacks just hours earlier, the first at a cafe hosting a forum on free speech and the second outside a synagogue where a bar mitzvah was underway. The killings, with their eerie echo of last month’s terrorist attacks in Paris, had sent Denmark’s capital into lockdown and had prompted a massive manhunt that extended across the border into Sweden. In all, the attacks left two people dead and five police officers injured. (More "random" killings, Mr. President? ~Bob)

Hundreds of tombs defaced in French Jewish cemetery: minister
Excerpt: France's interior minister said Sunday several hundred tombs had been defaced at a Jewish cemetery in the northeast of the country, in what he called "a despicable act". "The country will not tolerate this new injury which goes against the values that all French people share," said Bernard Cazeneuve of the incident in the town of Sarre-Union in the Alsace region.

More Women fly F-16’s in Israel than drive cars in Saudi Arabia.

Livni and Herzog’s delusions about 'peace.' While the Middle East is burning around us, the center-left political camp is still trying to convince Israeli voters that Israel can live in peace with its Arab neighbors and be embraced lovingly by the world. By Shoula Romano Horing
Excerpt: If these terrorists could do this to a fellow Arab-Muslim, imagine what Islamic Jihadists like Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah would do to the Jewish state. But despite this harsh, horrific reality in the Middle East.

Backlash After Students at South African University Demand Jews De-register

Michelle Takes Swipe At American Sniper: Criticizes Chris Kyle’s Sex In Military Movie, ‘It’s Always a HE’
Excerpt: First Lady Michelle Obama joined critics of American Sniper, taking issue with the gender of the main character -- even though the story revolves around the real-life exploits of Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle. "Of course, it’s always a 'he.' We sort of forget about the 1.5 million women veterans who have served in uniform," she said. (I look forward to the Obama girls serving and graduating from sniper school. ~Bob)

FLASHBACK: Check Out Reagan’s Response to Terrorism Compared to Obama’s
Times sure have changed, haven’t they? Both President Reagan and President Obama had to deal with terrorist actions during their time in office, but their responses couldn’t be more different

Westerners join Iraqi Christian militia to fight Islamic State
Excerpt: Thousands of foreigners have flocked to Iraq and Syria in the past two years, mostly to join Islamic State, but a handful of idealistic Westerners are enlisting as well, citing frustration their governments are not doing more to combat the ultra-radical Islamists or prevent the suffering of innocents. The militia they joined is called Dwekh Nawsha – meaning self-sacrifice in the ancient Aramaic language spoken by Christ and still used by Assyrian Christians, who consider themselves the indigenous people of Iraq.

Video: ISIS Suicide Bomber Was Set to Go Out with a Bang. But He Wasn’t Expecting It to Happen Like This.
Excerpt: This week, eight suicide bombers were killed by U.S. Marine trained-Iraqi Security Forces when they tried to infiltrate Ayn-Al Asad Air Base in Iraq. In a new video, shared by the Kurdistan Regional Government another potential attack doesn’t go as planned for Daesh.

Interesting: The anatomy of a failed hostage rescue deep in Islamic State territory
Excerpt: Yet the commandos who rushed through gunfire into the makeshift prison found only half-eaten meals and a wisp of hair. The hostages had been there. But they were gone. ... But some of those who worked on the rescue mission say they believe the White House itself is at least partly to blame for the failure. They charge that there were delays in bringing the plan to Obama’s desk, and that, as a result, the rescuers missed the hostages by a matter of days, or even hours. (A decision delayed is a decision made. ~Bob)

Why the (Toothless) Iran Sanctions Bill Matters. By Daniel Pipes
Excerpts: Nearly all the 54 Republican U.S. senators will vote in favor of the Kirk-Menendez bill requiring sanctions on Iran if the P5+1 negotiations fail. President Obama has promised to veto it. Now, the senate is gearing up for a high-drama vote; will Democrats provide the 13 to 15 votes needed for a veto-proof majority? Lost in the shuffle is a little-noticed section of the bill that, if passed, guts it.

Muslim school graduation ceremony cancelled over radical speakers
Excerpt: A graduation ceremony for a private Muslim school was cancelled Saturday due to the radical views of two guest speakers, the mayor said. The Academy of North American Sharia had planned to have Salah Alsawy and Omar Shahin speak at the ceremony, which was to be held in the Montreal suburb of Outremont.

The Real War on Women: Isis chops off women's hands 'for using mobile phones' in northern Iraqi city of Mosul. Five men were also flogged for using mobile phones. By Vasudevan Sridharan
Excerpt: "Today evening, the IS militants cut three women's hands off for unknown charges," an anonymous source in the Nineveh province told the Iraqi News, while later reports suggested they were punished for using mobile phones. The source added: "They also whipped five people for using cell-phones to contact their relatives while standing on the celebration stage in the Cultural Compound in central Mosul."

Life under Isis in Raqqa: The city where smoking a cigarette could see you publicly flogged, imprisoned and even decapitated
Excerpt: The group enforces a strict interpretation of Islam in areas in Syria and Iraq under its self-declared 'caliphate'. Some ultraconservative versions of Sharia denounce the habit as harmful and therefore haram (forbidden).

UT-Arlington student admits making up claim that gunman followed her to campus, threatened her
Excerpt: The student also posted on social media that the man might have targeted her because she is Muslim. In a Facebook post, she referred to the killings of three Muslim students this week in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Excerpt: Suspected Boko Haram militants attacked a village on the shore of Lake Chad early Friday, marking the first such violence against the neighbor contributing the most military might to the regional fight against the Nigeria-based terror group.

The Iran Axis Strikes Back in Golan Region. By Jonathan Spyer
Excerpt: A force consisting of Hezbollah fighters, Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Syrian regime soldiers launched an offensive this week southwest of Damascus, in the direction of Quneitra province and the Golan Heights. Their aim is to regain territory lost to Syrian rebels and jihadis over the past year, and to establish a strong defensive line before the capital.

Wow. We dropped 8 whole bombs on ISIS in the last 24 hours. How will they be able to withstand that kind of shock and awe?

US embassy issues alert after report of Lunar New Year terror plot in Kunming
Excerpt: The US embassy in Beijing says it is aware of unspecified media reports that terrorists are planning an attack in Kunming, Yunnan, over the Lunar New Year period. A source close to China's domestic security apparatus told the Post terrorists were planning to retaliate against Beijing's recent attempts to hunt down Uygurs from Xinjiang who fled to Indonesia and Malaysia.

Pope Francis Denounces ISIS Slaughter: ‘Their Blood Confesses Christ’
Excerpt: This morning, Pope Francis condemned the brutal slaying of 21 Coptic Christians perpetrated by ISIS in Libya over the weekend, proclaiming them martyrs killed out of hatred of their Christian faith. (Will the people protesting the murder of three innocent Muslim students in NC by a left-wing atheist over a parking dispute protest this? Or don't #ChristianLivesMatter? ~Bob)

The Political Left’s Marriage to the Islamic Jihad
Excerpt: This is the first of a four (4) part series on the long historical relationship between the political left/Progressives and the global Jihadi Movement over the last century and its current culmination in the attempt to bring down Western civilization in general, and the United States specifically. In this first edition, we will review the general history of the relationship between the Left and the Islamic Jihad movement, and the disconnect from reality that must take place for the Left to believe the leaders of any totalitarian movement will allow them to survive despite a hundred years of history to the contrary.

US Air Strike Filmed By ISIS Fighter in Iraq - ISIS Artillery Cannon Struck
Just gone! ~Bob

Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. For a free PDF of Collapse, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at) Hall’s eleven books are listed here:

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