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The Collapse gathers steam
About four years ago, I wrote The Coming Collapse of the American Republic: And what you can do to prevent it. The royalties go to the Semper Fi Injured Marine Fund, not to me. Of my 11 books, it has sold the most copies--not that it is close to a best seller. Or a fair seller.... But we must all do what we can.
In the book, I postulate that, if not curbed, four trends will lead to fiscal, political and social collapse, chaos, riots and violence in the United States. They are: 1. The enormous growing debt and much worse unfunded liabilities of government at all levels, federal, state and local, 2. The continued unchecked growth of illegal immigration which threatens to bankrupt the system and change the culture in ways that neither citizens nor immigrants will like, 3. The growth of China as a military and economic power determined to dominate Asia and bring the countries around her under her control as vassal states, and 4. The growing threat of Political Islam challenging Western values, freedom and culture. Since it was published, each of these threats has grown exponentially worse. And if I were to write a new version today (I'm cannot due to health and time) I would add two more threatening trends. 5. The rise of Putin and a militant Russia determined to recreate the old Soviet Empire, and aware that the US and Europe cannot project enough power to stop her if it comes to war. We do not have the fit, patriotic population today, nor the industry, to fight WWII. 6. The accelerating collapse of our culture among native-born Americans with the pathologies of increasing non-marital births, crime in the cities, drugs, domestics violence, lack of education and declining civic participation, membership in religious and civic organizations and the declining marriage rate. And lest you attribute the pathologies in our cities to race, you should read Life at the Bottom by British Psychiatrist Anthony Daniels, writing as Theodore Dalrymple. The same culture-destroying pathologies are growing in British cities--and they are growing among the white, native British, much more than among black or brown immigrants. It's not race, it's culture and a system that rewards bureaucrats for making people helpless dependents of the government. If you would like me to email you a free 80-page PDF of The Coming Collapse to read on your computer, write to me at tartanmarine(at)

Pray for Global Warming
It was 8 degrees when we went to church this morning, wind chill -2. Tonight supposed to get to -11 with the wind chill down to -30--not that I'm going out to check! ~Bob

General News and Comment

Excerpt: Never in the history of public relations have an institution and its representatives been so mismatched as at the current U.S. Department of State, where, tasked with articulating America’s position toward Middle East terror outfits, Russian aggression, and the world’s other vicissitudes, are Jen Psaki and Marie Harf, currently in the midst of an interminable Lucy-and-Ethel routine as Foggy Bottom’s spokesperson and deputy spokesperson, respectively. In an administration that has always given the distinct impression of being directed by second-year poli-sci majors from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Psaki and Harf are the only two under the impression that Legally Blonde was a documentary — one that they are apparently trying to re-create, with little success, at Foggy Bottom.

Video: Silver & Gold Dealers To Be Shut Down? Update On Operation Chokepoint. By Mike Maloney

Giuliani says Obama had 'communist' influences at an early age. By Tristan Lejeune
Excerpt: “He doesn’t talk about America the way John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan did, about America’s greatness and exceptionalism,” Giuliani said in an interview with The New York Post published Saturday. “He was educated by people who were critics of the U.S. And he has not been able to overcome those influences.” The former GOP presidential candidate walked through Obama's life, "from the time he was 9 years old," when Giuliani says "he was influenced by Frank Marshall Davis, who was a communist," to his "17 years in the church of Jeremiah Wright … the guy who said 'God damn America, not God bless America," a critique Obama faced during his first presidential campaign.

Excerpt: As useless and distasteful I find these gotcha questions, I would concede that it wouldn’t hurt for GOP candidates to have some succinct answers that reconcile their faith and science. Me? I’d be happy to vote for a proselytizing creationist, if that candidate believed in basic economics and individual liberty. The real problem is that these episodes feed the bogus notion that Democrats are less prone to ignore settled science than Republicans. And the same journalists who fixate on “science” that makes the faithful look like slack-jawed yokels almost inevitably ignore science that has genuine moral and policy implications. So in other words, any science that isn’t “climate change.” And since we’re on the topic, I’d love for informed science-loving liberals to be asked questions such as:

The Fake Warrior Project

Remember that time the media held all Democrats accountable over something one Democrat said? Me either. #RudyGiuliani

FLASHBACK: Bill Maher Says Obama Is A ‘Drop Dead Atheist.’ By Jamie Weinstein
Excerpt: During an appearance last June on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” liberal comedian and mega-Obama campaign donor Bill Maher said he was confident that the president was really an atheist. “He’s a drop dead atheist,” Maher, who himself is an atheist, said of Obama. Maher went on to argue that Obama joined Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church in Chicago only “because it was politically necessary.”

U.S. weighs more sanctions against Russia over violations in Ukraine
Because sanctions worked so well against Iraq, Iran and Russia so far. ~Bob

The making of Hillary 5.0: Marketing wizards help re-imagine Clinton brand
Excerpt: Is Hillary Rodham Clinton a McDonald’s Big Mac or a Chipotle burrito bowl? A can of Bud or a bottle of Blue Moon? JCPenney or J. Crew? As she readies her second presidential campaign, Clinton has recruited consumer marketing specialists onto her team of trusted political advisers. Their job is to help imagine Hillary 5.0 — the rebranding of a first lady turned senator turned failed presidential candidate turned secretary of state turned likely 2016 Democratic presidential nominee.

Marine sniper is saluted as more than the video scandal that defined him. By Greg Jaffe and Matt McClain
Excerpt: His three combat tours in Afghanistan had been boiled down to a 38-second video clip, played and replayed on YouTube more than a million times. In it, Rob Richards and three other Marine Corps snipers are seen urinating on the bodies of Taliban fighters they had just killed. “Total dismay” were the words then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton used to describe the video when it surfaced on the Internet in January 2012. “Utterly deplorable,” agreed then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. Richards’s career in the military was finished. More than two years later — long after the rest of the country had moved on to other scandals — Richards, 28, died at home and alone from an accidental painkiller overdose. (And there you have it. Men compelled to serve in the midst of a demonically controlled populace; to parse "good from bad" when all evidence and gut level sense tell you none can be trusted. Witnessing friends and fellow Warriors, decimated by the crude and most inhumane means who then, having properly defined the cretins for who they are, urinate on their corpses to punctuate their disdain for the horror they perpetrate and for the perpetrator...are then judged by lesser men, with the most vile of intention, to seek political "High Ground" and at the cost of these men they simply dumped, in Hell. I hold out hope that if not in this life, they will be forced to pay, eternally, in the next. --Bernard)

Gov. Scott Walker’s newfound visibility has exaggerated impact. By Dan Balz
Excerpt: The rapid rise of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker as a top-tier contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016 is one of the more surprising stories of the opening months of this year. Whether he was prepared for this sudden emergence is an open question.
The second-term governor is in an unusual position today. Only a few months ago, his prospects of winning the Republican nomination were judged somewhat equivocally. Today he is touted in the media and Republican circles as a serious long-distance runner in the presidential marathon.

If Obama Loves America, Why Did He Transform It?
Excerpt: Leadership: "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America," candidate Barack Hussein Obama said on Oct. 30, 2008, just before his election as our 44th president. Was it just rhetoric? Many no doubt thought it was, chalking it up to boilerplate election-eve hot air. But now are we seeing — some would say tragically — what he meant.

Studies have shown repeatedly that conservatives are more prone to philanthropy than progressives. Also true on a policy level.

WPRI Poll: Wisconsinites Support Right-To-Work Legislation
Excerpt: A majority of Wisconsinites approve of labor unions and believe they have a positive effect. But nearly twice as many state residents would vote for a right-to-work law as would vote against it, according to a survey of 600 adults conducted for the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute by University of Chicago Professor and Pollster William Howell. “Though there are important partisan disagreements, Wisconsinites on the whole are pro-labor and see value in unions,” said Howell. “What’s interesting here is that, at the same time, most state residents — Republicans and Democrats alike — support right-to-work legislation. The argument that workers should not be obligated to join a union in order to hold a job resonates broadly.”

Gun News

Man who shot escaped convict Roy Bieluch: "You don't mess with Marines"
Excerpt: Then, Thursday night, 38-year-old Wallace homeowner Brian Becker heard something that would change everything: his dog started barking. Becker lives in the Placer Creek area, just south of Wallace. He's a marine and former member of law enforcement. Becker says when he heard his dog Jasmine barking, he grabbed a gun and flashlight, then went to check it out. Becker says when he went outside, he saw escaped convict Roy Bieluch standing in his yard. "You don't get to pick where violence happens," says Becker. "It happens all over the place. The only thing you can do is be ready if it does. ... He says he told Bieluch to stay put and put his arms up. "He finally says, I'm not going to do it and I says oh yes you are," Becker says. "He stepped toward me and that's when I shot. He went down immediately. 

Race Card News

Blacks’ Loyalty to First Black President Got Blacks Nothing. By Chrystal Wright
Excerpt: Obama is proof that when blacks elected a black Democrat to the White House based only on his “blackness,” blacks get ZERO! In the past six years Obama has been president blacks have lost economic ground. The unemployment rate remains in the double digits and since the black president came to town, black wealth came down. Way down! (Wright is black-I follow her on Twitter. ~Bob)

FYI #Muhammad captured slaves, sold slaves, bought slaves as gifts of pleasure, received slaves as gifts, and used slaves for work. (During the period when 500K blacks were brought to North America as slaves, 1M white European slaves were kidnapped to Muslim N. Africa. ~Bob)

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

How Obamacare Is Destroying Health Insurance. By John C. Goodman 
Excerpt: The health insurance market is changing. And the changes are not good. Even before there was Obamacare, most insurers most of the time had perverse incentives to attract the healthy and avoid the sick. But now that the Affordable Care Act has completely changed the nature of market, the perverse incentives are worse than ever.

Undocumented Democrat News

"You're Greener than Gore" News

The Climate Con Goes On. By Paul Driessen 
Excerpt: Nearly 200 countries may sign a modest Kyoto II climate treaty, say December 2014 media reports from Lima, Peru. But will they agree to stop using coal to generate electricity? No. Curtail their economic growth? No. Cease emitting carbon dioxide? Maybe, but only a little, sometime in the future, when it is more convenient to do so, without any binding commitments. Then why would they sign a treaty? Primarily because they expect to get free energy technology transfers, and billions of dollars a year in climate “mitigation, adaptation and reparation” money from Western nations that they blame (and which blame themselves) for the “dangerous climate change,” rising seas and “extreme weather” that they claim are “unprecedented” and due to carbon dioxide emissions during the 150 years since the Industrial Revolution began.

Too funny: Inverness To Insanity. By Tim Blair
Excerpt: Roger Lewis reviews the life and times of Dylan Evans, a global warming fanatic whose demented beliefs led him to abandon civilisation: Evans couldn’t wait to create his retrograde society, where waif-like girls ‘with long, tawny dreadlocks’ would be doling out ‘bowls of bean stew from a steaming cauldron’. He sold his house, gave up his academic career and moved to a field near Inverness. He looked at an adjacent waterfall and thought it could ‘generate electricity’. He gazed at an acre of scrubland and believed he could ‘keep a few pigs and chickens’. He spotted a deer and, though he had no butchery or tanning training, imagined turning its hide into shoes and gloves. 

So, Veto Keystone to Protect the Environment? Feds predict 10 fuel trains could derail per year
Excerpt: The federal government predicts that trains hauling crude oil or ethanol will derail an average of 10 times a year over the next two decades, causing more than $4 billion in damage and possibly killing hundreds of people if an accident happens in a densely populated part of the U.S.

Religion of Peace News

Worth Reading: We Can Kill Our Way to Victory. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: “We can not win this war by killing them,” Marie Harf said on MSNBC. Reversing thousands of years of battlefield experience in which wars were won by “killing them”, the State Department spokeswoman argued that you can’t defeat ISIS by killing its fighters. "We can not kill our way out of this war,” she said. “We need in the medium and longer term to go after the root causes that lead people to join these groups, whether it is lack of opportunity for jobs." War is one of the few things in life we can reliably kill our way out of. The United States has had a great track record of killing our way out of wars. (I agree, but note that there are many other aspects to war as well as killing. In Vietnam, we killed a million Communist fighters, they killed 58,000 of us [counting accidental deaths], and our people, led by left wing politicians, Communist support groups and the progressive media, gave up. ~Bob)

ISIS? No they are watching us: DHS warns of “right wing terrorism” again
Excerpt: CNN reports that the Department of Homeland Security is back to warning law enforcement about the threat of “sovereign citizens” as terrorists.
A new intelligence assessment, circulated by the Department of Homeland Security this month and reviewed by CNN, focuses on the domestic terror threat from right-wing sovereign citizen extremists and comes as the Obama administration holds a White House conference to focus efforts to fight violent extremism. Some federal and local law enforcement groups view the domestic terror threat from sovereign citizen groups as equal to — and in some cases greater than — the threat from foreign Islamic terror groups, such as ISIS, that garner more public attention.? The Homeland Security report, produced in coordination with the FBI, counts 24 violent sovereign citizen-related attacks across the U.S. since 2010. (If someone shouts "Allah Akbar" and begins shooting, count on Obama or Kerry to pop up and say, "Look over there! A gun and bible clinging rightwing red-necked sovereign citizen!" I'd like to review those 24 cases. ~Bob)

DHS intel report warns of domestic right-wing terror threat. By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: In the middle of this story on the CNN page was a link to another CNN story that shows just how ridiculous this is: “ISIS burned up to 40 people alive in Iraq, official says.” Have “right-wing sovereign citizen extremists” burned anyone alive? Have these “right-wingers” kidnapped large numbers of left-wing women and pressed them into sex slavery? Boasted that they would conquer the United States and ultimately the world, and that they had sleeper cells in place in the U.K. ready to start killing? Have they actually killed anyone beyond the two officers mentioned in this report? Do “sovereign citizens” give children weapons training and severed heads to play with? Do they burn musical instrumentsmurder left-wingers for the sole crime of being left-wingers, crucify people as children watch, chop off women’s hands for using cell phones, and behead people for smoking cigarettes? Yet “some federal and local law enforcement groups view the domestic terror threat from sovereign citizen groups as equal to — and in some cases greater than — the threat from foreign Islamic terror groups, such as ISIS, that garner more public attention.” Yeah, sure. This is just more of the Obama Administration’s unstinting efforts to deflect attention away from Islamic jihad terror.​

500 Muslims attend funeral of Copenhagen jihad murderer. By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: Can we get 500 Muslims anywhere to gather together and protest against Omar El-Hussein’s murders, and all killing for blasphemy? Can we get 500 Muslims anywhere to gather together and protest against Omar El-Hussein’s murder at the synagogue and denounce Islamic anti-Semitism?

Aussie jihadists were on the dole
Excerpt: ALMOST all of the wannabe terrorists who have snuck out of Australia to join jihadist armies in Iraq and Syria were on the dole or some form of welfare payment, The Saturday Telegraph can reveal. A federal investigation into the welfare status of Australian foreign fighters, prompted last year by revelations in The Telegraph, shows 96 per cent had been on welfare benefits when they fled to the Middle East. Most had continued to collect payments from Australian taxpayers while training with Islamic State to become terrorists intent on wanting to kill Australians.

Detroit Muslim accused of stabbing victims over religion not charged with hate crime
Excerpt: Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper didn't charge a Detroit man with a hate crime after it's suspected he stabbed two people at a Southfield bus stop, possibly motivated by religious hate. Nick Loussia, Deputy Chief of Police for the Southfield Police Department, said the suspect, 39-year-old Terrence Lavaron Thomas, "is Muslim, and asked the victims what religion they were" before allegedly attacking them. (But a left-wing atheist who said he preferred Muslims to Christians, before killing three of them over a parking dispute, is being investigated for a hate crime. ~Bob)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Falsely Claims Detroit Muslim ‘Targeted Muslims,’” by Warner Todd Huston
Excerpt: On Tuesday news went national of a Muslim man who was arrested in Detroit for stabbing two non-Muslims at a bus stop after asking their religion. But the next day the Atlanta Journal-Constitution falsely claimed that the “attacker targeted Muslims” when in fact it was a Muslim who targeted two non-Muslims.

Obama: 'Islam Woven Into the Fabric Of Our Country Since Founding'
Excerpt: In his bloviating speech on Thursday at his summit on countering violent extremism, President Obama bent over backwards to make nice with Islam. Not only were terrorists not Muslim, President Obama stated, but Islam played a crucial role in America’s founding. “Here in America,” Obama stated, “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.” (Well, we owe a lot to George al-Washington and Thomas bin Jefferson. But name two more. ~Bob)

Twitter can’t tame terrorism. By George F. Will
Excerpt: The Obama administration’s semantic somersaults to avoid attaching the adjective “Islamic” to the noun “extremism” are as indicative as they are entertaining. Progressives who believe that dialogues, conversations, engagements, conferences and summits are keys to pacifying the world have a peculiar solemnity about using certain words that are potentially insensitive. This mentality is perhaps especially acute in digitally drenched people who believe that Twitter and other social media have the power to tame turbulent reality. The New York Times reports that the Obama administration is preparing to go toe-to-toe with the Islamic State using, among other munitions, “more than 350 State Department Twitter accounts.” 

Indian millionaire accused of murdering guard over delay in opening gate
Excerpt: Muhammad Nisham allegedly pinned victim to wall with his Hummer and beat him with iron rod

Sorry Obama, Harvard study says poor Muslims are LESS likely to be terrorists!!
Excerpt: While the State Department keeps saying that all we need to do is get ISIS terrorists jobs at McDonalds flipping burgers, the rest of us who reside in the real world know otherwise, and a Harvard study lends support to the counter opinion. Watch below:

Dutch-Somali Nationals Carried Out Mogadishu Hotel Suicide Bombings
Excerpt: Twin suicide bombings at a Mogadishu hotel popular with government ministers and officials that killed 25 people were carried out by Dutch-Somali nationals, Somali intelligence sources said on Saturday. Somali intelligence believe both bombers - a man and a woman - were Dutch-Somali citizens who infiltrated the Central Hotel close to the presidential palace to carry out the attack on Friday.

Worth Hearing: Rubio To Colleagues: Don't Boycott Netanyahu Speech, Israel Deserves Our Support
Excerpt: All of you, I mean ALL OF YOU, must listen to this extraordinary speech by Senator Marco Rubio. The speech is remarkable and so is the man. For the Israelis among you, it is doubly important to listen to these sentiments in the Congress. Rubio represents the sentiments of the overwhelming majority of the US Congress, both parties, but how many times have you seen or heard him on Israeli media? --Sheila R.

True: It Doesn’t Matter One Bit What Obama Thinks ‘True Islam’ Is. There may well be a civil war going on within Islam, but it will be Muslims, not American politicians, who settle it. By Andrew McCarthy
Excerpt: In Egypt, the president is Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a pious Muslim. Having grown up in the world’s center of sharia scholarship and closely studied the subject, he has courageously proclaimed that Islam desperately needs a “religious revolution.” In the United States, the president is Barack Obama, a non-Muslim. His childhood experience of Islam, which ended when he was just ten, occurred in Indonesia — the world’s most populous Muslim country, but a non-Arabic one where the teaching and practice of Islam is very different from what it is in the Middle East. While Sisi sees a dangerous flaw in Islam, Obama believes America needs to be “fundamentally transformed” but Islam is fine as is. You see the problem, no?

Pakistan braces for a long and deadly war in tribal areas on Afghan border. By Tim Craig
Excerpt: When 10 Pakistani soldiers tried to dislodge Taliban militants from a madrassa near the Afghan border this summer, their advance was crippled by relentless gunfire. Within minutes, two soldiers were dead, and Imran Ali had so many bullets in his legs he couldn’t tell whether they were still attached. For 22 agonizing hours, Ali said, he curled up on the floor waiting for other soldiers to fight their way in to rescue him. After he was finally flown to safety, his left leg was amputated at the knee, and he became another victim of the Pakistani army’s latest offensive against Islamist militants in the restive tribal area of North Waziristan.

DEAR OBAMA: Christianity Is To Terrorism What Rosie O’Donnell Is To Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition
Excerpt: Man, don’t you love how Obama and his soft-brain disciples have made Christians out to be fish-stickered, bug-eyed equals to incensed Islam? If you were to accept what the White House says about Christians you’d think the Church is chomping at the bit to chop off some heads of unbelievers.

[VIDEO] This Peshmerga Warrior Needs A Dump Truck For His Balls Of Steel
Guy holding the camera must be nervy too! From the UXB teams in Britain in WWII to our road-clearing teams in Iraq and Afghanistan, the guys who deal with booby trapped ordinance have courage in spades. ~Bob

Al Shabaab calls for attack on Mall of America in new video
Excerpt: A new video from Al Shabaab purportedly shows the terror group calling for an attack on Mall of America, in Bloomington, Minn. According to Fox 9, the mall is one of three similar targets the terror group specifically names, including West Edmonton Mall in Canada and the Oxford Street shopping area in London. (This wouldn't stop me from going. By naming the malls, they terrorize people and impose costs on us in increased security and lower economic activity at almost no cost to us. In Vietnam, the month I was with the CAC unit in Khe Sanh Ville, intelligence would pick up a rumor the NVA was going to hit our compound that night. We'd sit up all night, while they slept soundly, those imposing a cost on us that was cost-free to them. We cannot stop this, nor block every attack if they have the assets here, as we have millions of very soft targets. But they are more likely to hit a target they haven't threatened in advance. ~Bob)

Excerpt: The ISD study, which examined the social-media postings of Western women who joined ISIS, found the women “celebrate the violence of ISIS, unequivocally.”
One woman called the beheading video of US Army vet and aid worker Peter Kassig “gut-wrenchingly awesome,” while others called the beheadings “beautiful.”

See What Happened When Hundreds of Muslims Surrounded a Synagogue to Show the ‘True Face’ of Islam. By Sharona Schwartz
Excerpt: A large group of Muslims made a powerful and symbolic gesture showing they want to protect Norway’s Jewish community, gathering hand-in-hand Saturday to form a “ring of peace” around a synagogue. Muslim youths organized the peace vigil in solidarity with the Jewish community following deadly shootings at a free speech event and at a synagogue last weekend in neighboring Denmark. The English-language website the Local reported that more than 1,000 Muslims and Jews formed a symbolic, defensive ring around Oslo’s main synagogue.

Media Hoax: 20 Muslims Holding Hands Become 1,000-Strong ‘Ring Of Peace’ At Oslo Synagogue
Excerpt: The weekend’s feel-good story about a Muslim “ring of peace” formed to “protect” Jews at an Oslo synagogue turned out to be a complete fabrication by the mainstream media, according to an eyewitness report, local officials, and attendees’ photos. According to a local eyewitness, only about 20 or so Muslims formed the “ring of peace” around the Oslo synagogue. 

Fake Islamophobia: Man arrested following business, mosque bomb threats
Excerpt: A man in his 50s is accused of making bomb threats at a Muslim business and the community center where he was staying Tuesday, according to a Travis County arrest affidavit.
According to the Austin Police Department, 54-year-old Azzam Ahmed Baytie made two bomb threats at a North Austin Muslim Community Center and a Middle Eastern-style food truck near the Arab Cowboy Cafe and Hookah Lounge. The community center is in North Austin, and the cafe is located in West Campus. (So, Mr. President, is this a "Hate Crime"? ~Bob)

The Real Islam: Kuwait court hands down two years jail sentence for insulting emir
Excerpt: A Kuwaiti appeals court on Sunday sentenced an opposition politician to two years in jail for insulting the country's ruler, local media reported.

Obama did not seek congressional approval for his 2011 assault on Libya. Vacuum he created was his own personal bizarre pet project.

Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. For a free PDF of Collapse, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at) Hall’s eleven books are listed here:

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