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I will be out of pocket visiting with friends (yes, I have some) Sunday, so posting now, but will be backed up on email for a few days. ~Bob

Book Recommendation: Lazarus Man (The Cyberhawk Series) (Volume 1) by Chet Nagle 
Chet Nagle is a Naval Aviator, former CIA Agent, occasional contributor to this blog and the author of two earlier thrillers about terrorism, The Iran Covenant and The Woolsorter's Plague. Having loved and recommended them, I ordered my copy of Lazarus Man from Amazon as soon as it was available. I wasn't disappointed; this is Nagle's best thriller so far, right out of tomorrow's headlines. I don't want to say too much about the plot and give it away, but you can read a synopsis on Amazon at the link. It starts with a cybercrime. The high-tech bank robber is the good guy, the money speculator he robs is the bad guy, and the former East German STASI Colonel sent to look for him is a worse guy. The book features non-stop action and believable characters. I mainly read non-fiction about politics, economics and history, but like the occasional adventure novel for relaxation. This one doesn't disappoint. The best two words are in the title: Volume 1.

Book Recommendations: As regular readers know, I frequently recommend books on my blog. I don't recommend every book I read, and in fact have reached an age where if I start a book and it isn't holding my interest, I don't feel guilty about putting it out in our Little Free Library. Blog readers have asked me how I can read so many, and still keep up with the blog, other writing and my health regimen. The secret is I watch almost no TV, which eats people's lives. If I am watching Pawn Stars, American Pickers, the news or a football game, I always have a book in my hand for the commercials or less interesting parts. One reader asked how I can get through books so fast that I sometimes recommend them in back to back blogs. Simple: I read in three places. If I have an electronic book, like recently read Riding the Read Horse, Tom Kratman and Vox Day's terrific collection of short stories and essays about war in the future, I read a chapter every day at the computer after finishing the blog. I also have two "real" books going at any time; one on my night table for before lights out and one on the kitchen island for reading during my six daily nebulizer treatments. ~Bob

General News and Comment

Trash Talk Diplomacy, US-Israel Relations, and Iran. By Jeffrey Herf
Excerpt: On October 28, 2014, the conduct of the foreign relations of the United States of America reached a low point when an anonymous "senior Obama administration official" went on public record in an interview with the journalist Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic magazine and called the Prime Minister of Israel a "chickenshit." In the vernacular of American sports language, perhaps familiar to sports fans in Israel as well, this was an example of "trash talk" — the kind of insult intended to undermine the self-respect and focus of an opponent.

Comment On Feb. 3rd blog post: Obama Does Have a Strategy: Once you see what he is trying to accomplish, it all makes sense. By Victor Davis Hanson 
If he hadn't been so transparent and forthcoming about his views, Obama would indeed be the 'Manchurian Candidate.' It's really hard to imagine the mass of the American people (save the guilt-driven extreme left) being satisfied with this outcome. Undoing this mess will be left to the next administration, which will start with the skepticism and incredulity of the world. Cordially, Larry Greenberg

Thus Freedom Dies: Police stop teens seeking snow shoveling work
Excerpt: In the process, Matt Molinari and Eric Schnepf, both 18, also learned a valuable lesson about one of the costs of doing business: government regulations. ... "Are you kidding me? Our generation does nothing but complain about his generation being lazy and not working for their money," he wrote on Bound Brook NJ Events' page. "Here's a couple kids who take the time to print up flyers, walk door to door in the snow, and then shovel snow for some spending money. And someone calls the cops and they're told to stop?" (it dies not with a jack-booted bang, but with a strangled whimper, as slowly, slowly, all for their own good of course, government laws and regulations hedge everyone in. ~Bob)

Needed to handle Obamacare? IRS rehired 141 former employees with issues paying their own taxes. By Sarah Westwood
Excerpt: Hundreds of former Internal Revenue Service employees who had a history of misconduct and poor performance on the job were rehired by the tax agency, including some who had committed fraud or falsified documents. The previously cited IRS staff included 141 employees who had problems paying their own taxes, the agency’s inspector general said in a report made public Thursday. Several had “willfully failed to file their federal tax returns,” the report said. (They are rehired, but told until they owe millions like al Sharpton, they can't be White house Advisors. ~Bob)

Police Probably Couldn’t Believe What Florida Man Listed as His Occupation on Arrest Report
Excerpt: Officers eventually arrested 25-year-old Richard Phillips and found 22 grams of heroin and $2,316 in cash on him as well as 5.3 grams of cocaine in the vehicle. They also discovered the car he was driving was stolen. He would later list his occupation as “drug dealer” on his arrest report.

Obama Regime: National Security Means Climate Change, Gay Rights. By Mark Horne
Excerpt: How serious is the Obama Administration about international threats to the United States? White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice recently spoke at the Brookings Institution and let it be known that this administration likes national security issues as a way to push their agenda on alleged global warming and “gay rights.”

Sickening: 25 Quotes That Show You How Much Liberals Hate Soldiers Like Chris Kyle. By John Hawkins
Excerpt: 4) “American fighters of the Pacific War were not heroes. The desperation of island combat included exchanged barbarities of which no one would willingly speak for a generation. On the American side, there were foul racism, vengeful refusals to take prisoners, a generalized brutality that extended to a savage air war.” —James Carroll in the Boston Globe

Gun News

Police: Attempted Robbery Victim Fatally Shoots Toy Gun-Wielding Suspect In Upper Darby
Excerpt: Sources say the suspected robber has been identified as 18-year-old Tyler Williams of West Philadelphia. Investigators say a 67-year-old man was walking on a path when the suspect ran up and demanded cash. ... During the struggle, police say the victim pulled out his own weapon and fired one shot striking the attempted robber in the head, killing him.

Wilmington business owner who fatally shot would-be robber won't face charges
Excerpt: Saturday evening, the owner of a video poker business at 420 Raleigh St. was walking to his car when men with guns walked toward him, according to police. Bullets were exchanged and one of the alleged robbers, 38-year-old Frankie Stukes of Wilmington, was hit. Police found his body alongside the building about 10 p.m.

Race Card News

Green is the color that counts: Tribe fighting Redskins name plans ‘Oz’ casino despite author’s racist past
Excerpt: The Native American tribe leading the movement to change the name of the Washington Redskins plans to open a $20 million casino that pays homage to the work of L. Frank Baum, who was born in this village outside Syracuse and later wrote “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.” Just one problem with the Oneida Indian Nation’s Yellow Brick Road Casino: A decade before Baum wrote one of this country’s most celebrated children’s tales, he campaigned for a Native American genocide. “The Whites, by law of conquest, by justice of civilization, are masters of the American continent, and the best safety of the frontier settlements will be secured by the total annihilation of the few remaining Indians,” he wrote in late 1890 for the Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer in South Dakota.

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

Hollywood Republicans? Hollywood's Vaccine Wars: L.A.’s "Entitled" Westsiders Behind City’s Epidemic
Excerpt: More parents in this demographic are choosing not to vaccinate their children as medical experts advise. They express their noncompliance by submitting a form known as a personal belief exemption (PBE) instead of paperwork documenting a completed shot schedule. The number of PBEs being filed is scary. The region stretching from Malibu south to Marina del Rey and inland as far as La Cienega Boulevard (and including Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills) averaged a 9.1 percent PBE level among preschoolers for the 2013-14 school year — a 26 percent jump from two years earlier. By comparison, L.A. County at large measured 2.2 percent in that period. ©2014 The Hollywood Reporter. All rights reserved Terms of Use | Privacy Policy Many preschools in this area spiked far higher, including Kabbalah Children’s Academy in Beverly Hills (57 percent) and the Waldorf Early Childhood Center in Santa Monica (68 percent). According to World Health Organization data, such numbers are in line with immunization rates in developing countries like Chad and South Sudan. These two schools aren’t outliers; dozens more — including Seven Arrows, Turning Point and Calvary Christian — report PBE levels that are five times the county average. And THR has found that administrators at many of these facilities are hardly alarmed.

Certain Allergy, Depression Meds Tied to Higher Odds for Dementia. Class of drugs interferes with a key brain chemical, but study can't prove cause-and-effect. By Robert Preidt
Excerpt: Long-term and/or high-dose use of a class of medications used for hay fever, depression and other ills has been linked in a new study to a higher risk of dementia.
The drugs -- called anticholinergics -- include nonprescription diphenhydramine (Benadryl) and tricyclic antidepressants like doxepin (Sinequan). This class of medications also includes older antihistamines like chlorpheniramine (Chlor-Trimeton) and "antimuscarinic" drugs for bladder control, such as oxybutynin (Ditropan).

Docs to Dems: ‘How Can We Force Vaccination?’
Excerpt: Government knows best! I know the flu shot makes me sick. It’s getting old on how much the government thinks they can take our freedoms away. Check it out: Less than one day after a prominent doctor warned that a totalitarian push for universal vaccination might be developing, California Democrat Sens. Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein) began calling for exactly what the medical expert feared. (Isn't time these useless old hags retired or expired? --JB. Thy may find that most opposition to mandatory vaccination comes from rich liberals--see above. I get a flu shot every year, haven't been sick from I or had the flu or a cold in years. But I also use a Neti Pot twice daily. ~Bob)

Undocumented Democrat News

One of Obama’s Illegal “DREAMers” Just Did Something Sickening in Texas… Twice
Excerpt: Suddenly, a pickup truck pulled up next to Spencer’s vehicle. Without any provocation, the driver of that truck pulled out a gun and shot him. He died from that attack. The alleged shooter was Victor Manuel Reyes. He was a known drug dealer from Houston — and he wasn’t done causing violence. Just hours after the first murder, Reyes reportedly killed again. He approached a different intersection and shot a second man named Juan Garcia. ... There is an obvious question that comes to mind: How did an illegal alien with a criminal record manage to evade deportation?

"You're Greener than Gore" News

Worth Reading: My life as a climate lukewarmer: The polarisation of the climate debate has gone too far. By Matt Ridley
Excerpt: I am a climate lukewarmer. That means I think recent global warming is real, mostly man-made and will continue but I no longer think it is likely to be dangerous and I think its slow and erratic progress so far is what we should expect in the future. That last year was the warmest yet, in some data sets, but only by a smidgen more than 2005, is precisely in line with such lukewarm thinking. This view annoys some sceptics who think all climate change is natural or imaginary, but it is even more infuriating to most publicly funded scientists and politicians, who insist climate change is a big risk. My middle-of-the-road position is considered not just wrong, but disgraceful, shameful, verging on scandalous. I am subjected to torrents of online abuse for holding it, very little of it from sceptics. I was even kept off the shortlist for a part-time, unpaid public-sector appointment in a field unrelated to climate because of having this view, or so the headhunter thought. (Telling the Warmist fanatics that you are "lukewarm" about it is like telling the ISIS you are lukewarm about Allah and Shari'a. Good luck. ~Bob)

Worth Reading: The Alarming Thing About Climate Alarmism. Exaggerated, worst-case claims result in bad policy and they ignore a wealth of encouraging data. By Bjorn Lomborg
Excerpt: Facts like this are important because a one-sided focus on worst-case stories is a poor foundation for sound policies. Yes, Arctic sea ice is melting faster than the models expected. But models also predicted that Antarctic sea ice would decrease, yet it is increasing. Yes, sea levels are rising, but the rise is not accelerating—if anything, two recent papers, one by Chinese scientists published in the January 2014 issue of Global and Planetary Change, and the other by U.S. scientists published in the May 2013 issue of Coastal Engineering, have shown a small decline in the rate of sea-level increase. (Ridley and Lomborg, two renowned scientists who both have a popular following, are both adherents of "climate change." However, they think that it is much smaller than alarmists contend, that doing little or nothing radical is called for, and there are more pressing world problems that should be addressed before trying to take on something whose causes may not be so clear. Cordially,
Larry Greenberg)

Religion of Peace News

Obama: We're No Better than Islamic State. By Raymond Ibrahim
Excerpt: As the world reacts with shock and horror at the increasingly savage deeds of the Islamic State (IS)—most recently the immolation of a captive—U.S. President Obama's response has been one of nonjudgmental relativism. Speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast on February 5, Obama counseled Americans to get off their "high horse" and remember that Christians have been equally guilty of such atrocities:

Jindal Mocks Obama on Crusades: "We’ve Got ‘Medieval Christian Threat’ Under Control.” By Josh Feldman
Excerpt: “We will be happy to keep an eye out for runaway Christians, but it would be nice if he would face the reality of the situation today. The Medieval Christian threat is under control Mr. President. Please deal with the Radical Islamic threat today.”

Excerpt: The Islamic State set off an international controversy when its fighters burned a Jordanian pilot alive. Conveniently, the group now claims that Jordan's bombers killed an American hostage. It is not clear how the Islamic State knows the bombers that supposedly hit this area were Jordanian, as opposed to other coalition aircraft. Moreover, the statement says that Mueller was killed by the "fire" caused by the bombings. This is, again, convenient given the manner in which Mu'adh Yusuf al Kasasibah was executed. It is an attempt to draw moral equivalency between Jordan's attacks on the Islamic State, and the means by which the Islamic State killed a Jordanian pilot. In fact, the group's supporters have been aggressively making "an eye for an eye" justifications on social media since the grotesque execution video was first aired. (I'd bet that she is dead--or a sex slave never to be heard from again--but bet against the Jordanian bombers killing her. I'm not going to a Muslim country as an aid or humanitarian worker--the Religion of Peace has a way of doing for them. Be happy to go armed, with a Marine Division--surely there is something I could do to help at my age. ~Bob)

Why ISIS Murdered Kenji Goto. By George Packer
Excerpt: In this sense, ISIS is less like a conventional authoritarian or totalitarian state than like a mass death cult. Most such cults attract few followers and pose limited threats; the danger is mostly to themselves. But there are examples in modern history of whole societies falling under the influence and control of a mechanism whose aim is to dictate every aspect of life after an image of absolute virtue, and in doing so to produce a mountain of corpses. ISIS doesn’t behave like a regional insurgency or a global terrorist network, though it has elements of both. It joins the death cult to an army and a rudimentary state. It presents itself as the avant-garde of a mass movement, like the Khmer Rouge. The Islamic State resembles certain modern regimes driven by murderous ideologies, but it is also something new—as new as YouTube—and this makes it even harder to understand. One thing we’ve learned from the history of such regimes is that they can be stronger and more enduring than rational analysis would predict. The other thing is that they rarely end in self-destruction. They usually have to be destroyed by others.

What are the practical steps we need to take to end FGM in the UK. By Anna Leszkiewicz 
Excerpt: It was once an obscure, hidden strain of violence against women. Ignored by the state, its victims were silenced and isolated, their pain dismissed. But, in recent years, female genital mutilation has been brought into the public consciousness. We now have data on how widespread FGM is in the UK, and it tells us that 170,000 women and girls are living with the effects of this abuse in the UK, and another 65,000 girls aged 13 and under are at risk. For the first time, an accused practitioner of FGM is being prosecuted. (It's their culture and the left assures us that all cultures are equally valid. But the article doesn't dare mention that the vast majority of people who cut little girls belong to one religion. ~Bob)

Worth Reading: Are Jihad and the Crusades Morally Equivalent? By Gary DeMar
Excerpt: Thomas F. Madden writes, "It is generally thought that Christians attacked Muslims without provocation to seize their lands and forcibly convert them. . . Every word of this is wrong. Historians of the Crusades have long known that it is wrong, but they find it extraordinarily difficult to be heard across a chasm of entrenched preconceptions." Watch this informative video by Dr. Bill Warner that compares the perpetual wars of the Jihadists with the Crusades.

Worth Reading: Inventing the Crusades. By Thomas F. Madden
Excerpt: On September 11, 2001, there were only a few professional historians of the Crusades in America. I was the one who was not retired. As a result, my phone began ringing and didn’t stop for years. In the hundreds of interviews I have given since that terrible day, the most common question has been, “How did the Crusades lead to the terrorist attacks against the West today?” I always answered: “They did not. The Crusades were a medieval phenomenon with no connection to modern Islamist terrorism.” That answer has never gone over well. 

BOOM: Black Preacher to Obama, ‘Close Your Mouth, Not Guantanamo, and Defend America Instead of Islam’
Excerpt: MUST WATCH! Bishop E.W. Jackson goes off on President Obama and his comparison between ISIS and Christians. Yowza! Watch Bishop E.W. Jackson’s response to Obama’s National Prayer Breakfast speech. He really lets him have it. Share if you agree with this preacher. Enjoy.

The defiance of Jordan: Queen Rania leads thousands of protesters on the streets of Amman to honor 'Martyr Moaz' who was burned alive by ISIS
Excerpt: Queen Rania of Jordan led protests on the streets of the capital Amman this morning as thousands took to the streets after Friday prayers to urge King Abdullah II to step up airstrikes against the Islamic State to avenge the brutal murder of pilot Moaz al-Kasaesbeh. Crowds massed near the city's main Husseini mosque, then marched chanting 'Death to Daesh', using a derogatory Arabic acronym for the terror group, in the latest sign of mounting public anger. The rally came three days after Islamic State released a video purporting to show Kasaesbeh being burnt alive in a cage as masked militants in camouflage uniforms looked on. 

"Moderate” Muslim Leader says all Muslims are “Radical” and “Extremists”
Excerpt: Of course. This is what we’ve been saying for quite some time and what our leaders in Washington seem so reticent to understand. There really is no such thing as a “moderate” Muslim. I’m not saying this to denigrate nice, law-abiding American Muslims… I’m saying this because of the overwhelming amount of evidence that orthodox Islamic teachings are in line with what we call “radical Islam.”

Jordan Tells ISIS That Revenge Airstrikes Are Just 'The Beginning.' By Alastair Jamieson and Ziad Jaber
Excerpt: It also released a statement pledging to continue with "the killing of evil where it hides," saying the airstrikes were carried out "in response to the criminal, cowardly act … that was carried out by a treacherous and tyrannical gang against the body of our pure martyr." "This is the beginning... you will know who the Jordanians are," it said. Jordanian planes were taking the lead in anti-ISIS airstrikes on Friday, according to Pentagon sources.

Canadian terrorists tied to Muslim Students Association. By Brian Daly
Excerpt: Eleven of Canada's highest-profile jihadi terrorists, terror suspects and alleged extremists have ties to the Muslim Students Association, a security conference has heard.
The data was presented on Thursday evening by the Canadian Military Intelligence Association in Ottawa, where three men were charged Tuesday with terrorism-related offences.

Al Azhar “freely” promotes slaughter of Christians and infidels. By Raymond Ibrahim,
Excerpt: Egypt’s Al Azhar University — seen by many as Sunni Islam’s most authoritative voice — continues to incite enmity for and violence against non-Muslim “infidels.” (So much for President Sisi’s exhortation before Al Azhar that its sheikhs and ulema reform Islam in a way that makes the Muslim world cease to be “a source of anxiety, danger, killing and destruction for the rest of the world.”) Political writer and thinker Dr. Khalid al-Montaser revealed in a February 2 article for El-Watan News that Al Azhar continues to encourage enmity for Christians and even incites their murder.

Egypt: Coptic Christian arrested for “blaspheming” against Muhammad. By Raymond Ibrahim,
Excerpt: When news, or the accusation, that Michael Munir had posted something offensive concerning Muhammad, dozens of Muslims surrounded his house in the village of Dimyana in Daqhiliya governate, Egypt.

Islamic State fatwa points to Muhammad to justify burning pilot. By Raymond Ibrahim,
Excerpt: Next the fatwa quotes the eminent Hafiz ibn al-Hajar (d. 1449) who comments that “the deeds of the companions [of Muhammad] evince the permissibility of burning, and the prophet put out the eyes of the men of Urayna with heated iron [he also cut their hands and feet off], and Khalid bin al-Walid burned some of the people who apostatized.” As for Khalid—the revered “Sword of Allah”—I wrote about him here, including how he once beheaded an “apostate,” raped his beautiful wife, and then set the man’s severed head on fire before cooking his dinner on it.

Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. For a free PDF of Collapse, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at) Hall’s eleven books are listed here:

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