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I post things I think may be of interest, labeling the best ones "Worth Reading" to call attention to them. Today I labeled four writers "Consistently Worth Reading," as I always find their musings spot on.

High here Wednesday is predicted to hit 4 degrees F. Low Wednesday night at -11. We maybe only have 12 inches of snow on the ground. but lots of cold. ~Bob

General News and Comment

Confessed murderer on bail, immediately kills again. By Martin Barillas
Excerpt: In Texas, Judge Ryan Patrick of the 177th District Court of Texas decided to allow a confessed murderer out on bail for a bond of only $50,000. Dante Thomas (20) confessed to killing a girlfriend, Linda Vu (24), following a charge for the murder. He has since been charged again for another murder in a double shooting in which he allegedly killed his aunt and wounded a cousin, according to police reports. Judge Patrick is the son of Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick -- a Republican who had gained celebrity in Texas as a conservative radio talk-show host.

Excerpt: “Soylent Green is people!”

Schoolgirl, 12, fights off attacker with Israeli army self defence moves
Excerpt: The youngster was walking home at around 6pm on her way back from a Krav Maga combat class in Frognal when she was attacked by a man who grabbed hold of her. Her mother said: “With her year plus of Krav Maga training, she reacted quickly elbowing the perpetrator and then kneeing them in the groin before taking off at a clip to safety before calling me,”

Damaging Admissions. By Thomas Sowell 
Excerpt: A dean of admissions at Harvard, years ago, said, “the question we ask is: how well has this person used the opportunities available to him or her?” In other words, the issue is seen as which of the competing applicants are more deserving. Since some people have had far better educational opportunities than others, that is supposed to be taken into account in deciding whom to admit. This myopic view of admissions decisions, as a question of choosing between applicant A versus applicant B, totally ignores the reason for the existence of educational institutions in the first place. These institutions were not created in order to dispense favors to particular individuals, but to confer benefits on society at large, by supplying graduates with skills valuable to the other members of society.

Doomed by the South: Why the emerging Democratic majority may never happen. For years we've heard that Democrats will rise on a coalition of white liberals and non-whites. Here's the reality. By Michael Lind
Excerpt: “The Emerging Republican Advantage,” an essay by the journalist and historian John Judis in National Journal, has ignited a national controversy.  In part this has to do with the fact that in 2002 Judis co-authored, with Ruy Teixeira, “The Emerging Democratic Majority,” an empirically rich and well-reasoned study that convinced many progressives that it was only a matter of time until the numerical growth of a coalition of white professionals, African-Americans and Latinos produced a permanent or at least long-term Democratic majority.  In reconsidering this thesis, Judis puts a lot of emphasis on the aversion to taxes and big government of middle-income Americans, a discontent that benefits the Republican Party.

Ukraine says some soldiers taken prisoner in Debaltseve
Excerpt: Russian news agencies quoted Valery Chaly, chief of the Ukrainian presidential administration, as saying that Kiev wants the EU and NATO to "resolutely condemn" the separatists for violating the deals. The war in eastern Ukraine has already killed more than 5,600 people and displaced more than a million, the United Nations said on Monday. It has also left the country's industrial heartland in ruins. The government troops and rebels faced a deadline Tuesday to start pulling back heavy weapons from the front line.

Brinksmanship: Greece defies creditors, seeking credit but no bailout
Excerpt: Talks between Greece and euro zone finance ministers over the country's debt crisis broke down on Monday when Athens rejected a proposal to request a six-month extension of its international bailout package as "unacceptable". The unexpectedly rapid collapse raised doubts about Greece's future in the single currency area after a new leftist-led government vowed to scrap the 240 billion euro ($272.4 billion) bailout, reverse austerity policies and end cooperation with EU/IMF inspectors. (They are betting the EU has no choice but to keep pouring money in. They may be right. ~Bob)

Polanski to attend Polish extradition hearing, lawyer says
Excerpt: Filmmaker Roman Polanski will attend a court hearing in Poland next week that will consider a U.S. extradition request over a 1977 child sex crime conviction, his lawyer said on Tuesday. (Alert Whoopi and the Hollywood Brigade of Apologists for Child Rape, which is excusable if you are a talented member of their club. ~Bob)

‘Protest Mob’ Descends Upon Gov. Scott Walker’s Personal Home — but Guess Who’s Apparently Living There
Excerpt: Protesters descended upon a home in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, where they apparently thought Gov. Scott Walker (R) resided. Instead, Walker’s sons, Alex and Matt Walker, both tweeted on Monday night that the home is where his grandparents are living.

Melissa Harris-Perry says, “Abortion Is Like Removing a Cancer
Excerpt: Is a human embryo comparable to cancer? A child is no different than a tumor if you are MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry. (She's inviting some fanatic nut with a gun to remove her "like a cancer." ~Bob)

U.S. to allow wider export of armed drones
Excerpt: The Obama administration will permit the widespread export of armed drones for the first time, a step toward providing allied nations with weapons that have become a cornerstone of U.S. counterterrorism strategy but whose remotely controlled power to kill is intensely controversial. The new policy, announced Tuesday after a long internal review, is a significant step for U.S. arms policy as allied nations from Italy to Turkey to the Persian Gulf region clamor for the aircraft. It also is a nod to U.S. defense firms scrambling to secure a greater share of a growing global drone market.

Remember the story of the boy who found $20 and gave it to a soldier? This is the follow-up.  Be sure to watch to the end.

Student loan debts are over $1.6 trillion. This is about 10% of our entire GDP and will be a drag on the economy for decades to come. (But think how all those Social work and gender studies degrees are helping the economy. ~Bob)

Gun News

Suspect shot during break-in
Excerpt: The homeowner told deputies that around 11:00 pm he heard loud knocking at the front door and two people trying to get in. He then heard glass break and saw a male suspect inside the home. The sheriff’s office says the homeowner grabbed a gun and shot the suspect. The homeowner then called for help. A second suspect was found running from the scene and was arrested.

Armed Resident Shoots Intruder
Excerpt:   When a would be home invader smashed his way into a house on Limestone Mill, which is off Woodlake Parkway in northeast Bexar County, he found himself facing an armed man inside the house. The two men exchanged gunfire. The homeowner was a better shot, and the wanna-be home invader stumbled outside with a bullet to the belly.
Excerpt: Relatives of Adric White, 18, believe the Good Samaritan who opened fire should have "just left the store." The Good Samaritan told FOX10 News he was shopping at the Family Dollar on Stanton road when he noticed a masked gunman leading one of the employees to the front of the store. Relatives of Adric White, 18, believe the Good Samaritan who opened fire should have "just left the store." The Good Samaritan told FOX10 News he was shopping at the Family Dollar on Stanton road when he noticed a masked gunman leading one of the employees to the front of the store.

In NJ, Second Amendment Doesn’t Even Cover a Musket!
Excerpt: According to New Jersey’s law (or the prosecutor’s and cops’ interpretation of the law), not even flintlocks in use back when the Second Amendment was actually written are covered by the Second Amendment. A seventy-two-year-old retired teacher is being threatened with a decade in prison because he had an unloaded, antique flintlock.

Gun Violence

‘Anti-gun’ attorney arrested for gun at airport
Excerpt: A leading local civil rights attorney was arrested over the weekend at Cleveland  Hopkins Airport for having a concealed handgun in his carry-on bag, The Plain Dealer reported Sunday. David Malik, the original attorney for the family of 12-year-old Tamir Rice who was slain by police in November, spent the night in jail after a .22 caliber handgun and a box of ammunition were discovered by airport security. "What's interesting about David is he is such an anti-gun person," Steve Loomis, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association, told the press. "He's such an anti-violence person, and of all the things for him to get arrested for, that really surprises me."

Left My Gun Alone Today; It Didn't Kill Anyone. (I took mine with me to keep an eye on it. ~Bob)

Race Card News

Reflections during Black History Month: Welfare Policy and Marriage
Excerpt: February is Black History Month, so the NCPA has compiled a new report detailing the many government policies that are actually hurting black Americans. For example, marriage and stable families are key to keeping people out of poverty, yet government welfare policies lack incentives to encourage two-parent families. Consider:  Out-of-wedlock births are the second key cause of poverty (next to lack of employment), but the structure of welfare benefits encourages single parenthood and family breakups. The poverty rate for female-headed households with children is 44.5 percent, compared to 7.8 percent for married couples with children. The poverty rate for married black Americans is only 11.4 percent, while the rate for black female-headed households is 53.9 percent. African-American children comprise about 25 percent of children who end up in foster care. As the report notes, most welfare benefits are restricted to families with children -- thus, having a baby offers a gateway to a generous package of government benefits. On the other hand, if that mother marries a man who earns a significant income, those benefits are lost. (The NCPA.org has a free policy digest newsletter. It is worth getting and they are worth supporting. ~Bob)

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

Live by the lie, die by the lie: Democrats are bracing for another Obamacare backlash. By Jason Millman, Washington Post
Excerpt: The Obamacare window technically just closed this weekend, but a new round of political headaches could just be beginning for the administration.
That's because it's tax season, and many Americans could soon be getting an unwelcome surprise that they owe the government a penalty for skipping health insurance coverage.
Up to 6 million Americans are expected to pay a penalty for not having coverage in 2014, according to recent Obama administration projections. 

Look Who Wants to Avoid ObamaCare Penalties
Excerpt: About four million Americans are going to get hit with IRS fines for not having health insurance this tax season, and congressional Democrats have taken it upon themselves to stop such a travesty. Democrat representatives Sander Levin, Jim McDermott and Lloyd Doggett told the Associated Press they are concerned about the law they passed in 2009 because their constituents may have their tax returns gouged hundreds of dollars by the IRS. Furthermore, nine senators sent a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services advocating the department to open a special enrollment period. 

'Success:' Obamacare Website Falters Again, Dems Demand Enrollment Extension. By Guy Benson 
Excerpt: A technical problem that had been interfering with sign-ups for President Barack Obama's health care law has been fixed, officials say. Any consumer whose enrollment was hampered by the glitch will be provided with a special enrollment period. The problem popped up the day before a Sunday deadline to sign up for subsidized private health insurance. 

Undocumented Democrat News

Important: Federal judge in Texas blocks Obama immigration orders
Excerpt: A federal judge in Texas last night temporarily blocked the Obama administration’s executive actions on immigration. The judge, responding to a suit filed by 26 Republican-run states, did not rule on the legality of immigration orders but said there was sufficient merit to the challenge to warrant a suspension while the case goes forward. No law gave the administration the power “to give 4.3 million removable aliens what the Department of Homeland Security itself labels as ‘legal presence,’” the judge said in a memorandum opinion. “In fact the law mandates that these illegally-present individuals be removed.” The Department of Homeland Security “has adopted a new rule that substantially changes both the status and employability of millions.” (Why the judiciary is so important. Had we elected five or six more RINO senators in 2010, we would have blocked Obamacare and a LOT of bad judges who will trouble us for years. I fear this will be over-turned. ~Bob)

Interesting: What You Need To Know About The Injunction Stopping Obama's Amnesty. By Conn Carroll
Excerpt: What happens next? The White House issued a statement early Tuesday morning indicating that the Department of Justice "will appeal" Judge Hanen's order. That appeal will be heard a three-judge panel of the 5th Circuit who could issue a decision around July or August of this year. If the Obama administration lost that ruling, it could then appeal for an en banc ruling from the 5th Circuit before then appealing to the Supreme Court. 
But the earliest the Supreme Court might here the case is March of 2016 and the earliest they could issue a decision would be June 2016, which is a huge problem for Obama since USCIS was expected to begin accepting DAPA application fees to pay for their new Crystal City office in May 2015.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott: ‘Federal Judge Just Granted My Request to Halt Obama’s Executive Amnesty Order Nationwide’
Excerpt: The order of temporary injunction states: “The reasons for this injunction are set out in detail in the accompanying Memorandum Opinion and Order, but, to summarize, it is due to the failure of the Defendants to comply with the Administrative Procedure Act.”

Voters Weigh Costs of Obama’s Amnesty Plan
Excerpt: Voters still view President Obama’s order exempting up to five million illegal immigrants from deportation as illegal and tend to think Congress should try to stop it. But they’re evenly divided over whether a partial shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security is the way to do it.

"You're Greener than Gore" News

Pipelines are safer: West Virginia oil train derailment: Fires for hours, smoke
Excerpt: Fires burned for hours Tuesday after a train carrying 109 tankers of crude oil derailed in a snowstorm alongside a West Virginia creek, sending fireballs into the sky and threatening the nearby water supply. ... The train was carrying volatile Bakken crude from North Dakota's shale fields to an oil shipping depot in Yorktown, Virginia, using model 1232 tank cars, which include safety upgrades voluntarily adopted by the industry four years ago, the Federal Railroad Administration confirmed. However, a series of ruptures and fires in recent derailments involving model 1232s has the National Transportation Safety Board questioning their safety as well, and the Department of Transportation has drafted new standards being reviewed by the White House budget office.

New paper demonstrates East Antarctica was ~3.5-4°C warmer than the present during the last interglacial
Excerpt: A new paper in Climate of the Past Discussions finds from high-resolution ice core data from East Antarctica that temperatures were 3.5-4°C warmer during the last interglacial (~130,000 years ago) than during the present interglacial (the past ~18,000 years).

My personal path to Catastrophic AGW skepticism. By Jonathan Abbott
Excerpt: My own story begins at school in England in the early 80s. Between playing with Bunsen burners and iron filings, I remember being told that some scientists predicted that we would soon enter a new ice age. This sounded quite exciting but I never really thought it would happen; I was too young then to have seen any significant change in the world around me and it all seemed rather far-fetched. A nuclear war seemed far more likely. Soon enough the whole scare melted away.

Excerpt The main driver of all weather and climate, the entity which occupies 99.86% of all of the mass in our solar system, the great ball of fire in the sky – has gone quiet again during what is likely to be the weakest sunspot cycle in more than a century. For the past 5 days, solar activity has been very low and one measure of solar activity – its X-ray output – has basically flatlined in recent days (plot below courtesy NOAA/Space Weather Prediction Center). Not since cycle 14 peaked in February 1906 has there been a solar cycle with fewer sunspots. We are currently more than six years into Solar Cycle 24 and today the sun is virtually spotless despite the fact that we are still in what is considered to be its solar maximum phase. Solar cycle 24 began after an unusually deep solar minimum that lasted from 2007 to 2009 which included more spotless days on the sun compared to any minimum in almost a century.

Religion of Peace News

Consistently Worth Reading: While Heads Roll, President Obama Rolls - Golf Balls. By Andy Weddington
Excerpt: Today the conclusion of those informing the rest of us (and why, in light of Brian Williams, and surely others of like conduct, should they enjoy public trust?) is that President Obama either will not or cannot see the threat of radical Islam. 

Consistently Worth Reading: Five Middle East Blunders: The underlying causes of chaos in the Middle East are indigenous. But Obama hasn’t helped. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: President Obama claims he inherited a mess in the Middle East. Not so.
Fracking and horizontal drilling on private lands in the U.S. had taken off in the last years of the Bush administration and by 2009 were set to revolutionize America’s energy future. By 2011, the U.S. had cut way back its dependence on Middle Eastern gas and oil imports, which in turn gave American diplomats a measure of immunity from petro-blackmail, and therefore far more clout in the region. Iraq was mostly stable; in Anbar Province tens of thousands of jihadists had been killed by U.S. troops and their tribal allies. 

Worth Reading: What ISIS Really Wants: The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse. Here’s what that means for its strategy—and for how to stop it.. By Graeme Wood
Excerpt:  Where did it come from, and what are its intentions? The simplicity of these questions can be deceiving, and few Western leaders seem to know the answers. In December, The New York Times published confidential comments by Major General Michael K. Nagata, the Special Operations commander for the United States in the Middle East, admitting that he had hardly begun figuring out the Islamic State’s appeal. “We have not defeated the idea,” he said. “We do not even understand the idea.” In the past year, President Obama has referred to the Islamic State, variously, as “not Islamic” and as al-Qaeda’s “jayvee team,” statements that reflected confusion about the group, and may have contributed to significant strategic errors. ... The reality is that the Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic. Yes, it has attracted psychopaths and adventure seekers, drawn largely from the disaffected populations of the Middle East and Europe. But the religion preached by its most ardent followers derives from coherent and even learned interpretations of Islam.

Religion's week from hell. By Daniel Burke, CNN Religion Editor
Excerpt: Whether you believe that religious violence is fueled by faith or is a symptom of larger factors -- political instability, poverty, cultural chaos -- one thing seems clear: Last week was hellish for religion. Across several continents, including North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, scores of religious believers suffered and died in brutal attacks over the past seven days. The causes of violence are complex, and reducing them to talking points only adds to the problem, scholars say. But if you want to rally troops to your side, few tools are more powerful than religion, said Michael Jerryson, co-editor of "The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Violence." (From that painfully generic description, you could easily conclude the violence is perpetrated by Buddhists and Mennonites. Deeper in the story, we see the perpetrators identified: Boko Haram (twice), the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, that North Carolina atheist, and the Denmark shooters. -- Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt)

ISIS reportedly burns alive 45 people in western Iraqi town
Muslims slaughtering Muslims for Allah--a centuries old story. ~Bob

Consistently Worth Reading: Glib 'Happy Talk.' By Thomas Sowell 
Excerpt: In a musical comedy, it would be hilarious to have the president send out his "happy talk" message by someone whose credibility was already thoroughly discredited by her serial lies on television about the Benghazi terrorist attack in 2012. Unfortunately -- indeed, tragically -- the world today is about as far from a musical comedy as you can get, with terrorists rampaging across the Middle East, leaving a trail of unspeakable atrocities in their wake, and with Iran moving closer to producing a nuclear bomb, with an intercontinental missile on the horizon. We will be lucky to get through the remainder of President Obama's term in office without a major catastrophe, from which we may or may not recover.

Israeli captures 10 hours of harassment in Paris
Reporter dons kippa, documents insults as he walks through the streets of the French capital
Many anti-Semitic incidents occurred while Klein was walking in the suburb of Sarcelles, which sports a large Muslim population, whereas his wandering through Paris’ center was considerably calmer by comparison, he told JTA last week. (The impunity with which Europeans terrorized, demonize, beat and kill Jews must not go unpunished. We can learn a lesson from Meyer Lansky in the 1930s. --LG)

Excerpt: Concerned about "what the gentiles thought" and fearful of stirring up even more anti-Jewish sentiment, the American Jewish establishment's response was often tentative and disorganized. One group of American Jews which did not trouble themselves about what the gentiles thought and had no compunctions about meeting the anti-Semites head-on were Jewish gangsters.   Nazi Bund rallies in New York during the 1930's created a terrible dilemma for the city's Jewish leaders. They wanted the meetings stopped, but could not do so legally. Nathan Perlman, a New York judge and former Republican congressman, was one Jewish leader who believed that Jews "have to demonstrate a little more militancy." Perlman surreptitiously contacted Meyer Lanksy and asked him to help. He assured Lansky that money and legal assistance would be put at his disposal. The only stipulation was that no Nazi Bundists were to be killed. Beaten up, yes. Terminated, no. Lansky reluctantly agreed. No killing.

Blind Hate Drives Islamists to Absurdity
Excerpt: One is a jihadist movement that seeks global dominance, beheading, throwing off of rooftops and massacring any perceived which crosses its path on the way to restoring a grand Islamic state. The other is a sovereign state, a refuge for a people repeatedly targeted for annihilation throughout history. It also provides medical treatment for Syrians who have been victims of attacks from Islamic State terrorists and the Assad regime. Fighting for each apparently poses an equal threat. So says Hussam Ayloush, the Council on American-Islamic Relations' (CAIR) Los Angeles director.

African allies claim gains against Boko Haram
Excerpt: Nigerian troops, backed by air strikes, have reclaimed the towns of Monguno and Marte from Boko Haram, according to a military statement. Meanwhile, Cameroon says its army has killed more than 80 Boko Haram soldiers and arrested 1,000 of their supporters. Niger also claimed on Monday to have arrested 160 people with links to Boko Haram since 6 February. (Where is Mad Mike Hoare when they need him? ~Bob)

Yemen--Obama's Success Story: Houthi rebels in Yemen eye oil-rich province, sparking fears of all-out civil war
Excerpt: The Shiite insurgents who have toppled Yemen’s government are threatening to take over a key oil-producing province to the east of the capital, triggering fears that the country could explode in all-out civil war.

Yemen’s last Jews may leave: Houthis’ motto “curse Jews, victory to Islam.” By Robert Spencer, JihadWatch.org
Excerpt: This Reuters article is deeply anti-Israel: “Yemen’s Jewish community numbered over 40,000 until 1949, when Israel organised their mass transfer to the newly-established state. Those who stayed say they had lived in peace with their neighbours in the Muslim Arab country.” This is not the whole story by any means. Professor Shmuel Trigano fills in some of the gaps: “In Yemen, sharia law was instated in 1913, worsening the situation of the dhimmi. Decrees specifying forced conversion for orphans were issued between 1922 and 1928, while Jews were excluded from public service positions and the army….In Yemen, a series of riots and lootings took place in 1931 and 1947 (with eighty people killed). An accusation of ritual crime was leveled against the Jews in Sana’a in 1948….Yemen prohibited Jews from leaving the country in 1949.”

Bob Corker’s War. By Molly O'Toole
Excerpt: The soft-spoken businessman who was once seen as too moderate and independent is now one of the most important figures in Washington for the war against the Islamic State as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. From this perch, Corker will preside over the first full debate on war powers and U.S. military intervention in more than a decade. It’s a policy fight that could shape U.S. national security strategy beyond Obama’s last two years in office, for years to come.

I suggest sending her as the envoy to ISIS to explain her jobs idea.

Make the ISIS Caliphate a Jihadist Kill Zone. By Bruce Thornton
Excerpt: President Obama’s proposed Authorization for the Use of Military Force against ISIS comes at a time when Iran and ISIS are fomenting disorder and destruction throughout the Middle East. Despite the enmity between these two species of jihadism, both pose serious threats to our interests and security and those of our allies in the region. The president’s stubborn refusal to strengthen his dubious negotiations with Iran by approving Congress’s more punishing sanctions, along with his pledge not to use force against the mullahs, is guaranteed to make Iran a nuclear power that will dominate the region. And nothing in the AUMF will achieve his alleged “core objective” to destroy ISIS. Quite the contrary–– it will squander an opportunity to concentrate and eliminate tens of thousands of jihadists.

Consistently Worth Reading: Is Criticism of Islam a Hate Crime? By Daniel Greenfield 
Excerpt: After every terrorist attack, the news goes through the usual checklist of excuses. Muslims aren’t responsible. It had nothing to do with Islam. Asking Muslims to condemn or disassociate themselves from the attack is racist and you should be ashamed of yourself for even asking them to do it. The Chapel Hill shootings reversed the spin. The media switched from warning us that we shouldn’t blame Muslims for Muslim terrorism, to blaming atheists for a parking dispute turned violent. Their evidence was Craig Hicks’ Facebook page quoting prominent atheists attacking, mainly, Christianity.

True, this: None Dare Call it Islam. By Leon H. Wolf 
Excerpt: By now the refrain is familiar. A violent man, usually in his 20s, is motivated by his belief system to commit murder in such a way as to deliberately inspire fear and terror in a certain segment of the population – frequently institutions that symbolize Western liberalism and/or Jewish culture. The media, reporting on the violence, curiously refuses to mention his religious affiliation – or buries it in the 12th paragraph. If the terrorist in question converted to Islam after his birth, refuse to use his adopted Muslim name, even if this is now his legal name. Spend most of the story explaining the terrorist’s behavior in terms of his own personal problems, dissatisfaction with society – anything but his religion. It almost is not worth commenting on the phenomenon at this point, which is set forth in this Washington Post story on the Danish attacks on a free speech meeting and a synagogue. The suspect’s name, “Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein” is not given until paragraph 13.

Worth Reading: The True History of Christendom and Islam. By Raymond Ibrahim
Excerpt: U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama’s recent condemnation of medieval Christian history to exonerate modern Islam is a reminder of how woefully ignorant (or intentionally deceptive) a good many people in the West are concerning the true history of Christian Europe and Islam. The problem is that those who condemn things like the Crusades—including “mainstream” academics, journalists, movie-makers, and politicians—do so without mention of historical context.  Worse, they imply “we” already know the context: evil popes and greedy knights exploiting Christianity to seize Muslim lands and wealth.  Or as Karen Armstrong put it, “the idea that Islam imposed itself by the sword is a Western fiction, fabricated during the time of the Crusades when, in fact, it was Western Christians who were fighting brutal holy wars against Islam.” The true story of Christendom and Islam is the antithesis of such claims.  Consider some facts for a moment:

Islamic State: “Great reward” for killing Coptic Christians. By Raymond Ibrahim
Excerpt: The following excerpt from the Islamic State captures well the perverse logic that its many members and even more sympathizers operate under.  It recently appeared in an Islamic State report explaining why the jihadis executed 21 Coptic Christian workers abducted in (post- “Arab Spring”) Libya.   The justification begins by positioning the 2010 Islamic raid on the Our Lady of Salvation Church in Iraq — where nearly 60 Christian worshippers were slaughtered (graphic pictures here) — as a response to the absurd allegations (based on Muslim projection) that the Coptic Church of Egypt was forcing — and killing — Muslim women to convert to Christianity.   In short, the Islamic State justifies the killing, not only of Coptic Christians, but all Christians anywhere, in the context of, yet again, “collective punishment.”  The excerpt follows, interspersed with my observations (emphases mine):

UK: “A man from Liverpool” charged with attempting to obtain a chemical weapon. By Robert Spencer, JihadWatch.org
Excerpt: The BBC deigns to tell us his name, Mohammed Ammer Ali, but other than that tells us only that he is “a man from Liverpool.” As is typical of the mainstream media, it makes no mention whatsoever of the fact that there is a jihad against the West, and that Mohammed Ammer Ali likely considers himself to be a soldier of that jihad. This kind of coverage would be like reporting that on December 7, 1941, a group of men from Japan destroyed some ships at Pearl Harbor, with no hint that it was an act of war or that the Japanese Empire was behind it.

Bahrain deploys fighter jets to Jordan to strike ISIL
Excerpt: The Bahraini regime has deployed an unspecified number of fighter jets to Jordan to aid Amman in the fight against the ISIL Takfiri group days after the immolation of a Jordanian pilot held hostage by the terrorist group. 'This move highlights the brotherly ties between Jordan and Bahrain," AFP quoted Jordan's Information Minister Mohammad al-Momani as saying on Monday.

"Delta Flight 15 - A 9.11 Story"
Great story. Snopes says true. ~Bob

Worth Seeing: The Truth About the West Bank

Not Leading from Behind: Italy Mobilizes 5,000-Strong Military Force To Fight Isis In Libya
Excerpt: The government of Italy appears to be taking seriously the threats posed by the Islamic State (ISIS) to its nation. Italian officials said on Monday that they are considering sending 5,000 troops into Libya to combat the country’s burgeoning jihadist presence.

Kurdish Teenager Explains Why U.S. & Coalition Air Strikes Against ISIS Are Doing Next To Nothing!
Excerpt: This is my picture and shows our weapon power. As you can see, ISIS terrorist organization they got tanks and we only got Kalashnikoff, so please send us anti-tank weapons so we can remove ISIS. Please act now, tomorrow will be too late.

Police: Muslim man stabs two after discussion about religious beliefs
Excerpt: A Detroit man stabbed two people at a suburban bus stop after asking his victims whether or not they were Muslim, according to police. Federal authorities are now looking at the case as a potential hate crime, police said on Tuesday.

The WH policy is to specifically use "CHRISTIAN" in the context of the Crusades, but never when they are 'victims' of Islamic attacks.

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