Monday, June 1, 2020

White Supreamacy

I listen to NPR regularly, they do have some good programs, except when they slide into politics, where they have a definite left slant. Which appears to actually be unconscious, by and large.
But today I tuned in to a discussion of the ongoing riots, etc, and it was enough to put me in that state of mind where you are balanced on a razor blade between screaming in rage or sobbing in despair.
Speaker after speaker, all of them women somehow, commented on how awful the police are, how the violence is more their fault than the crowd's, how it's so horrible that they say they feel like they are in a war zone, looking at the "people" as the enemy. I keep thinking this has been a chicken vs egg argument for a long time now, Bull Connor is very long gone, do the cops see the community as the enemy because the community sees the cops as the enemy first? And it's not just the "community" out there throwing rocks, bottles, and bricks at the cops, there are all
these young White kids dressed in black wearing masks and various symbols doing a lot of it. There are also the people, some of them White, who show up at the boarded up stores with pry bars and hammers to get to the windows and smash them and get access for looting.
The final commentary that moved me to slam off the power switch to the radio was the woman who then declared that this is nothing new, this has been a White Supremacy culture from before the Founding and still is, and we are all of us conditioned to it.
Really? I need to understand how a "White Supremacy culture" elected a Black man to the White House not once but twice. I need to understand how over 50 years now of many major cities bei ng run by Black mayors, with Black Chiefs of Police, Black prosecutors, Black Superintendents of Education, etc, etc, are somehow still run by a White Supremacy culture, and all the problems of those cities are the fault of Whites somehow.
Do we live in a perfect colorblind society? No, and BTW, where is there one? Do we still have a residue of racism and does it affect Black Americans at times? Yes, as idiots with biases affect people with yellow or brown or red skin, and of course women a lot. But trying to paint the whole society as if it was always made up 100% of vicious racists and is still heavily affected by such people everywhere all the time now is just both insane and extremely counterproductive for everyone. The kind of stupid blathering I just heard from people who see everything through a
thick filter of another form of racism is just what keeps things getting worse.
At this point the tolerance of violent protest and in particular the
destruction of property has become a counterproductive policy that just encourages more such actions. It's more than time for sweeping up protesters who are at all violent, and responding to those who offer violence to the police with real vigor. And yes, they means rubber bullets at best, and if necessary, a step up from there. I don't want to see bodies in the street, but if that's what it takes to break the back of the movement that pushes violence, then so be it.
Others can differ, of course. But either this crap is stopped and

stopped definitively soon or we can kiss the rule of law goodbye and decide that living with violent mobs is the "new normal". --Del

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