Saturday, June 6, 2020


DAN HENNINGER’S GRAND SLAM real blame here does not lie with the mobs who fought bloody battles with the hysterical Chicago police. The larger responsibility falls on the intellectuals—university professors, politicians and journalistic commentators—who said then that the acts committed by the protesters were justified or explainable. That was the beginning. America had a new culture for political action and for personal living. (Excellent input.  It's not complicated, when people feel they can resort to violence and destruction freely as a kind of entitlement when they are upset, and it happens and there are very little consequences, it tends to keep happening.  And those who have an agenda, whether it's just anarchy for anarchy's sake or has a political intent, will jump all over such situations to exploit them for their purposes. I hate to sound harsh and overreactive but at some point there has to be the kind of police action that delivers the message very, very clearly that this will not be tolerated.  If that means snipers on the roofs who shoot the first guy who throws a brick through a store window or lights up any kind of fire, then so be it.  If it takes bodies in the street to get people to understand that we cannot have mob violence in this country, that's awful, but that lesson has to be brought home at some point.  We cannot exist with a "new normal" of routine violence and destruction. Just my opinion, of course.  Others are 100% free to disagree.  (But I'd like to hear other solutions.) --Del)

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