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Random Thoughts for January 2020

Random Thoughts for January 2020
By Robert A. Hall
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The bad news is that I have severe osteo-arthritis in my right hip. It has been painful for several months. I walk with a cane, which helps. There is pain on the outside of the hip, but the sharp pain comes on the crease between thigh and groin. I assumed this was a pulled or inflamed tendon. Nope. The VA rates pain on a 1-10 scale. When I’m sitting around, it’s about a one. When I walk, maybe a two, or three if I hit it wrong. When I get in and out of a car, climb stairs, or bend over, I tend to hit it wrong, and it barks at me, maybe a 4 or 5. I had a hip X-ray last week before my six-month lung review, then a PT appointment at 3:00 pm on Thursday, 12/19. The physical therapist says that the pain on the crease isn’t a tendon, it’s from the hip joint. The cartilage is mostly shot. It is much worse than my X-ray in 2018, about 18 months ago. A hip replacement is not an option as I’m a transplant patient and immune suppressed. So, if one of those nasty infections developed, it would be Bad Day at Black Rock. The PT gave me some exercises and exercise options. Exercise lubricates it, which is why I hurt less at the end of my workday (M-W) at the VA than at the start. I bought a stationary bike (just peddles on a four-point stand I can put in front of my computer) Water steps in a warm pool (if one can be found) should help. I will continue to march. Limping with a cane. “Motion is lotion.”

Putting on my right sock in the morning has become a major challenge.

The irony is that my last association management job before pulmonary fibrosis forced my retirement to get a lung transplant was as Executive Director of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons. Now that I need a hip replacement the lung transplant rules me out!

I talked to an IT professional, who told me he didn’t like Trump, didn’t vote for him last time. But he said both his pay and his investments are way up compared to under Obama. He’s afraid any of the Democrats will make that go away, so he’s going to hold his nose and vote for Trump this time.

January is a good month to go thrift shop shopping as folks donate their old stuff after getting new on Christmas.

Prince Andrew has been expelled from the Royal Family for his relationship with Jeffery Epstein. But Bill Clinton. who reportedly made 26 trips on Epstein's "Orgy Express" to the Island of Underage Sex Slaves, remains a beloved prince of the Democratic Party. "Stain Sans peur et sans reproche."

I read that heroin kills far more people than guns. But druggies are in the leftist base, so hands off.

The “new normal” is not normal.

Jerks have manufactured “traditions” around important life events (marriage, promotion, birthday, graduation) that allow other jerks to be jerky.

If you want to make your employees less productive, update their computer programs every chance you get.

Some people think that after they die, then can still control what people do, even though they can’t control them now.

If a big hand slapped every bureaucrat upside the head when they made a decision based on process and rules that produced a worse a worse outcome for people, the government would be 500% more responsive in a year.

One of the drawbacks of buying clothing at a thrift store is that if the garment needs to be dry cleaned, it costs more than the original investment.

I loath white supremacists as much as I loath those people who are trying to make “white” an ethnic slur. Just as I loath black supremacists, Muslim supremacists and any other group supremacists.

People say they are proud of being gay. If gay is not a choice, and I think it isn’t, then they should be neither proud nor ashamed. The same with being white, black, etc. Or tall, short or having blue eyes. These are things you didn’t choose, nothing to be proud or ashamed of. You should be proud of the things you have accomplished through your own efforts, tenacity, intellect, and resiliency. I suppose people who are proud of their race or ethnic group haven’t accomplished anything on their own to be proud of.

License plate in Madison, WI: DISTURBD

Bumper sticker in Madison, “What Would Scooby Doo?

At the VA, I saw a Marine vet wearing a USMC cap, while sitting at table eating with his wife. That maggot needed more time with his DI!

Since they say that money is the mother’s milk of politics, it didn’t surprise me to find out when I was elected to the Massachusetts senate that legislators could be bought. But I was surprised at how cheaply. (Of course, there were many good ones I don’t think touched a bad penny.) The joke around the state house was, “I can’t be bought. But I can be rented for the afternoon at favorable rates!” If a lobbyist gave a legislator money to vote a certain way, it’s a bribe. But if they put money in the legislator’s campaign fund, it’s smart politics and legal. Or now, in the politician’s ‘charitable foundation,’ which can be used as a slush fund.

I keep forgetting to buy Prevagen.

Our friend Alison was telling me she read an article that suggested slavery, with an elite giving the workers their orders and providing subsistence food, housing and clothing, was a perfect example of socialism.

Nasty is called for when nice only allows and evil person to get close enough to hit you again.

The inevitable will happen. So, eventually will much of the impossible.

Smokers and alcoholics are drug addicts.

Many people are able to convince themselves that God wants what they want.

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