Saturday, January 18, 2020

Medal of Honor--a true American

160 years ago we had this kind of man fighting for this country. Even though he was not paid the same as White soldiers, and would be executed if ever taken prisoner, he still was there, as a volunteer, to give his all for his country. Now we have Colin Kaepernick..... I wonder what Mr. Carney would say to him. But Colin does not speak for every American of color, far from it. We still have plenty of non White Americans who see themselves as Americans more than anything else. They have sacrificed themselves for this country throughout its history, and still do every day. I thank heaven for them, for everyone who is my brother as an American who loves this country even with the blemishes of its past and present. --Del


  1. At the POW camp for confederate prisoners in Chicago black confederates were executed as soon as they entered the camp

    1. I have an MEd in history, had two grad level courses in the Civil War, have read extensively about the war, and never heard this, there were very few blacks in the Confederate Army. What is your source?