Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Holding his nose

Not that I love Trump, but my portfolio has me leaning towards holding my nose and voting for him.

1. How is this whole withholding aid different from, say, a signing statement, where the president signs a bill and then says not to execute it?

2. How many signing statements has Trump issued?  In the same period of time, Obama?  Bush II?

3. Do we really not need an investigation into Hunter Biden’s appointment and activities?  How was his father engaged in this?  Was it really legitimate?  Why are we not asking?

4. Why has Congress never investigated how the Iran treaty was instituted, without their ratification?  I think that’s a huge violation of the Constitution.

5. What investigation into Pence is being conducted?  Is this the April surprise?

6. I still don’t see how the Trump campaign conspired with the Russians in 2016.  What was Obama’s administration doing to prevent this?

7. Do you think the next Democrat president will be able to stand up to this level of scrutiny and hand-tying?

In other words, Congress has been emasculating itself for 40 years.  Now we see the fruits of that, except it seems to be ok if a democrat does it.

No...I don’t see him acting ‘presidential’, at least not in the way I’ve become accustomed...although I can see him getting things done.  Economy is great, inflation is low, unemployment is low.  I can see Democrats having a problem with putting their base to work...hence the anger.  And for Christ’s sake, quit tweeting...not a way to communicate, not a way to govern.  It’s just a huge bunch of noise.  I blame a whole lot of this on Obama’s divisiveness, and we’re seeing backlash from the folks who ‘did build that’.

Last, I said it in 2016, Republican Congress needed to at least give the appearance of reining him in.  That didn’t happen, so 201​8. -GS​

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