Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Fake Atomic Scientists Warn Not Believing the Media Will Destroy the World

Fake Atomic Scientists Warn Not Believing the Media Will Destroy the World by Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: Every year, Rachel Bronson, President and CEO of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, who has a degree in political science from Columbia, gets up in front of a fake clock to announce that the world is doomed. And the media eagerly covers the annual imminent warning of doom as if it came with an open bar. Bronson is not an atomic scientist. Or any kind of scientist. Unless you believe politics is a science. And if politics is a science, then Bronson is the Lysenko of the field, predicting doom out of bias and ignorance. (Ah yes, there are so many "scientists" out there eagerly telling all the rest of us what to believe, what to do. This is not the only organization with "Scientists" in the name, the Union of Concerned Scientists has been around for a long time as well, originally an anti-atomic bombs/power group, that did have at least a few degreed scientists in it. Not that it matters all that much, there are enough people with degrees in Science and Technology who have drifted into extremist views that everyone must understand that such exist and are just as crazy in their way as anyone else. The bulk of people really trained and working in Science and Engineering and such fields have to be reality based in their thinking, because that's what works, and most have been trained to at least some extent in cultivating objectivity. So as a group they (I can say "we" since my degrees are in Science and I've worked at it for many years) tend to stick with facts and logic, and not let emotions dictate how they look at and analyze the world. Others with agendas jump on using "Science" to strengthen their claim that everyone should believe them. We all have to watch out for that manipulation. --Del

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