Saturday, January 18, 2020

Jane Fonda Saves the Planet From Herself

Jane Fonda Saves the Planet From Herself by Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: Last year, Jane Fonda sold her “eco-conscious” Beverly Hills mansion, with its 7,102 square feet on a 36,000 square foot lot enclosing a his and her master suite, a glass elevator, 5 bathrooms, glass walls, fireplaces, a fountain, a meditation garden, a fully stocked gym, a pavilion with heat lamps, and a huge pool for $8.5 million after she found no takers at its original $13 million sale price. “This was the first time in my 79 years,” Fonda enunciates with the deep pathos of an orphan finally getting a full meal as the camera zooms through the cavernous interior of a walk-in closet the size of some people’s homes , “that I have had a closet that you could walk in and see everything you have.” (Giving total stupidity, arrogance, hypocrisy, that is. I am SO TIRED of this woman, I just want her to move to Pyongyang or maybe Venezuela and never be heard from again. She's 79 and I keep wondering when her huge load of selfrighteousness will finally overload her heart and she can go join Tom Hayden and Ho Chi Minh in the warmer regions of the afterlife. --Del)

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